5 Toxic Things Eroding the Family Unit

Rush, rush, and hurry, hurry; those are the sounds of the modern family. Long gone are the days where the family is first and an obvious priority ...

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Finally, the chance to glimpse into the hearts of men and see what they secretly wished their wives knew! Don't miss the chance to know what your husband is really thinking!

What Husbands Wished Their Wives Knew

Last week I shared What Wives Wished Their Husband's Knew and it was refreshing to have women open up about their needs.  I love when you share your ...

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Husbands, don't miss this chance to see what your wife is REALLY thinking!

What Wives Wished Their Husbands Knew

It was the end of a long day. Through toddler tantrums, potty training, and a bowl full of dinner thrown on the floor, and Hubs and I both had ...

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This one word could change your relationship for good!

One Word That Will Change Your Marriage

I first heard the phrase, "serving your spouse" as a newly engaged young woman, ready to plan our wedding and start my life with the man of my ...

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20 Ways to Have FUN at Home on New Year’s Eve

I have a confession.  Last New Year's Eve, I didn't stay up until midnight. Pathetic, I know. With little kids, it's just too hard for us to go ...

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Non-Clutter Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

It's the end of a long day and the kids are finally nestled in their beds.  I take a deep breath as I head back down stairs, just to remember that ...

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