You can live an

abundant life 

and be a woman

who lives on


We believe that living an abundant life starts with a deep and personal relationship with God.

We know that when you're intentional about seeking the Lord, you're able to

step into your full identity in Christ and bloom where God plants you.

Then, watch as the joy of Jesus overflows into every area of your life

and impacts your home, family, and community for the glory of God.

And you don’t have to go at it alone!

We're here to help you thrive and spur you on to...

Read the Bible on your own

You can study the Bible on your own, even as a beginner! 

We'll show you how to have a thriving quiet time and practical ways to understand the Bible, even if you never have before. 

Discover how to read the Bible as a beginner and develop a love for God's Word that impacts every area of your life.

Become a prayer warrior

You can have a thriving prayer life and be the prayer warrior you long to be!

Explore practical ways for how to pray as a beginner, how to have a powerful morning prayer time, and how to deepen your prayer life when the words just won't flow.

Let our free prayer challenge help you cultivate a daily prayer habit with confidence!

Create life-giving routines and habits

We've experienced first-hand how daily routines and habits help you live on purpose for the glory of God. 

And we want to help you experience the freedom of life-giving routines in your own life! (Without a hint of perfectionism!)

Get a free time-management toolkit to help you make your minutes matter and make room for what matters most.

We'll help you create life-giving routines that help you thrive as a woman of God (and leaves room for what really matters to you!)

Nurture your home and relationships

Cultivate a life-giving home and foster deep family relationships.

Explore practical ways to make your home a haven and how keeping a clean(ish) home can impact your family in a profound way!

Then, discover how to share the love of Jesus through simple hospitality and practical ways to shine God's hope to a world in need.

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abundant life & make your days matter

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Explore God's calling to be a godly woman

in a corrupt world. 

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