How to Study the Bible for Yourself and Ignite Your Spiritual Growth

As a young Christian woman, I had often heard the charge to study the Bible on my own. It seemed that studying the Bible was a way to experience a deeper connection with God and learn His promises for myself.

However, there was just one big obstacle that stood in my way.  I had no idea how to study the Bible on my own.  At all. And every time I tried to read the Bible for myself, I would walk away confused and honestly, a little bored.

It wasn’t until one morning I sat on my couch a frazzled and exhausted special needs mom.  Even at 7:00 am, I had already reached my limit and was reduced to a puddle of tears.

Spiritually I was dry and craving the hope of the Lord. Overwhelmed but determined, I opened God’s Word and started to study the Bible for myself for the first time ever.

That day I learned an important lesson: Bible study doesn’t have to hard, overwhelming, or complex.  Instead, I found that immersing my soul in biblical truths is the key to a full, abundant life in Christ.  And you can experience it for yourself, too!


5 Keys to a thriving quiet time routine

I used to stumble out of bed, throw open my Bible to a random verse, and call it a day. Yet a thriving Bible study isn’t based on reading a quick Scripture passage just to check Bible study off your to do list.

Instead, to have a deep Bible study and fill the voids in your soul with the words of God, you need a quiet time routine to make it happen.  And I promise, once you find your rhythm and a routine that works for you, you’ll meet God with excitement each day.

Create a plan

Not knowing where to start or exactly what I should do in a Bible study routine held me back for years.  I had often heard the importance of starting your day with Jesus, yet I wasn’t a morning person until I had kids, so I just didn’t have a quiet time at all.

Once I processed through the following questions, it helped me create a quiet time routine that worked for me and I looked forward to it each day.

  • When will you study the Bible?  Look at your schedule and determine when is a practical time each day to meet with God.
  • How long do you have to read the Bible and pray? If you’re a mom who wants to get up before her kids to meet with God (which I highly recommend), how long will you have to read before the kids are up? Expect interruptions and have a back up study-time just in case chaos ensues!
  • What supplies do you need? While you certainly don’t need fancy supplies or anything extraordinary to study the Bible, look at what you have and see if there’s anything you need to stock up on (notebooks, pens, a journaling Bible). Then, gather all your materials in one place so you’ll have easy access to them each day.

The easier you make your Bible study routine fit into your life, the easier it will be to stay on track!

Choose what you will study

When I first started to study the Bible, I was clueless on where to start.  Here’s a hint: don’t start at the beginning.  Instead, I love to start with the Gospels: Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John, which outline and describe the life of Jesus.  It’s a great way to explore His life, His sacrifice, and what His free gift of grace means to all mankind.

Another great place to start is using a free Bible reading plan.  These Bible study guides will help you study a topic and are usually short enough for either a beginner or Bible study veteran to use with ease.

If you’d like to receive a free monthly Bible reading plan in your inbox each month, join our Proverbs 31 Scripture Sisterhood. It’s an email community for women who long to honor God in everyday life and to live on mission for the glory of God.  Join above for instant access to our vault of free Bible reading plans to jump start your quiet time.

Determine the Bible study method you’ll use

If you search for Bible study methods, you’ll be surprised at how many ways there are to study the Bible. (I’ve shared my favorite examples below!)  No matter which you choose, make sure it’s a method that at least invites you to read Scripture and think through it.

There’s a proven correlation between remembering what you read and writing it out, so make sure regular Scripture writing is a part of your favorite Bible study routine.

Pray through the Scripture

Once you’re done with your Scripture reading, end your time with the Lord in prayer.  While there’s no best prayer strategy that’s right or wrong, consider:

  • Praise God for His flawless character and for the gift of salvation
  • Confess your sins and ask forgiveness for your missteps
  • Lift up prayer requests for others, family, and self
  • Worship the Lord and spend a few minutes exalting Him for being King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Live it out

Your life wasn’t meant to be segmented and what you learned in your Bible study should go with you throughout the day.  As you conclude your quiet time, think through how you can live the verses you read in everyday life. Throughout the day, look for an opportunity to love others like Jesus and to put your faith into action.

5 Best Ways to Study the Bible as a Busy Woman

SWEET Bible Study Method

This Bible study is a great way to help you process what you read and jump start your spiritual growth.  This simple acronym helps reminds us of Psalm 34:8.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”

S- Scripture

Read the Scripture verse(s) twice. The more times you slowly read a verse or passage, the more you’ll notice about the verse.

W- Write it out

Write out the verse(s) word for word.

E- Examine the text

Search the Scripture for actions of God, commands of God, truths about God’s character, how we’re to live, or other important components of these verses.

E- Exalt God through prayer

Spend time in prayer praising God for who He is and His rock solid character. Also, bring your requests before the Lord and humbly lay them before His throne.

T-Take action

Spend time processing how you can live these Scriptures in action or make a plan to be the hands and feet of Jesus through acts of service.

Read and Respond

This simple Bible study method is perfect for when you’re short on time. It takes about 10 minutes a day, and is perfect for the busy woman who wants to grow in faith, but is short on time.

How it works:

  • Summarize the verse(s)
  • What are your thoughts about this verse and how can you apply it to your life
  • Write a quick prayer about this Scripture and how it impacted your life
  • Illustrate the verse (even if you’re short on time and not an artist!)

Write the Word

As you’re studying Scripture, it’s important to write it out, too. This helps you remember what you read, meditate on it throughout the day, and dive deep into the character of God.

How it works:

  • Write the passage
  • What are God’s promises to us?
  • Describe the character of God.
  • What are the actions of God?
  • How does God command us to live?
  • Notes words and phrases that are repeated
  • Apply it to your life.

This practical Bible study method is perfect for learning about God’s character and what He commands of His children in the process.

Topical Bible Study

This is one of my favorite ways to study the Bible and one I use often in my own life. Plus, it works well with our free monthly Bible reading plan, and helps you really process what you read.

  • Read the verses (if you’re using a Bible reading plan, they often have just one verse listed for the day. Read more than one at a time for maximum impact!)
  • What is the common theme of the verses?
  • Then, what is revealed about this topic in these Scriptures?
  • How are we to live in light of these Scriptures?
  • What are the repeated words or phrases about this topic?
  • Summarize or write the verses.
  • How can we apply these verses to our life?

Verse Mapping

Are you ready to study the Bible in a deep way?  Verse mapping is a great way to dissect a passage of Scripture.  It helps you note similarities in verses and dive deep into the meaning of that Bible verses.

How it works:

  • Write the verse and translation
  • Look up the meaning of unfamiliar words or to see how it’s used in context
  • What are synonyms for important words in Scripture?
  • What are the verses before and after your original verse.
  • Note the similarities and differences between the verses.
  • How can you apply these verses to your life?

Make Bible study simple

No matter what, strive to study the Bible in a way that’s simple and meaningful for you.  Don’t be afraid to try a new Bible study method or look up commentaries for further understanding.

In fact, streamlining my quiet time with Bible study templates was one the best ways I ignited my spiritual growth.  With ready made templates, it took the guess work out of how I would study, and led me to explore Scripture in a fresh way.

The Family Bible Study Toolkit is the perfect quiet time resource to help women (and families), learn to study the Bible for themselves and jump start their spiritual growth.

the family Bible study toolkit

Learn more about The Family Bible Study Toolkit

What are your favorite ways to study the Bible and ignite your spiritual growth?

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