I see you, friend!

You long to grow deep roots of faith and live on purpose as a woman who

loves God.

And I'd love to mentor you on your journey!

I'll show you practical ways to strengthen your relationship with God and live an intentional, abundant life in Christ.


Have you ever wondered...

  • How do I start reading the Bible as a beginner, understand God's Word, and apply Scripture to my life?
  • How can I pray war room prayers and have a thriving prayer life (even when the words won't come)?
  • How can I live with a strong faith in all seasons of life (even in times of hardship)?
  • How do I live my identity in Christ and put God as the cornerstone of my life?
  • How can I live on purpose and organize my life so there's room for what matters most?
  • How can I live faith in action and overflow my love of God to my family and my community?

If so, you're in the right place!

I remember when I felt spiritually stuck and when God felt far away...

Hey, there! I'm Sarah Ann Goode.

In 2005, the storms of life threatened my care-free, newlywed bliss when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. 

Soon after, we battled infertility, a messy adoption, and now parent two special needs children (which keep me seeking the Lord like crazy)!

Through it all, I've learned how to press into the Lord for strength and find joy in Jesus, even when life is messy.

God grew me from a Sunday Christian, sitting on the side-lines of her faith, to a woman who tackles her problems on her knees and with the Word of God as her sword.

And He can do the same for you!

Let me help you...


You can read the Bible on your own, even as a beginner! Discover how to have a meaningful quiet time and practical ways to understand the Bible, even if you never have before.


You can be the prayer warrior you long to be! Explore practical ways to pray as a beginner, how to have a powerful morning prayer time, and how to pray when the words just won't flow.

woman writing as a daily journal habit


You can have an intentional life and live on purpose. Explore how to plan your life and create simple routines that help you thrive and make room for what matters most in all seasons of life.

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