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5 Daily Routines Every Christian Woman Needs to Conquer Overwhelm

Does your life feel a little chaotic and frantic? I felt stuck and trapped by overwhelm for years until I discovered the power of simple daily routines. Daily habits and routines are a practical way to overcome stumbling blocks that keep you stuck and feeling frenzied.

In times when life feels out of control and spinning at a frantic pace, a simple daily routine can help you operate on autopilot. Solid habits can help you live with intention and make room for what matters most.

And since I have a hunch you want more time for what matters most, let’s explore practical ways to thrive with flexible daily routines.


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Does God care about my routines and habits?

Just like the individual hairs on your head, even your minutes matter to God. Minutes matter because they quickly add up to how you spend your days, time, and overall life.

While God isn’t a micromanager, He does care how you spend your days and time because He’s created you with a purpose.

God calls you to steward your life well and to be mindful of the gifts He’s given you (including your time!)

Time management is another area of stewardship in which you honor God by wisely using the time He’s given you.

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Bible verses on managing your time and life well

Ephesians 5:15-17

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.

Matthew 6:33

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Psalm 90:12

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 39:4

O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am!


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How daily routines can help you live your identity in Christ

You were created by God with a purpose. As a Christian woman, your calling is to shine God’s love and message of redemption to those around you. You’re to share the Good News of Jesus and be His hands and feet here on Earth.

But when you’re stuck in a cycle of struggle or not managing your life well, that calling can seem impossible and overwhelming.

It takes intentional time management and aligning your priorities to God’s to have the time and energy to minister to others.

If you have solid routines and habits in place, that will help you have margin to live on purpose. As a result, you’ll have room in your life for ministry and to disciple others.

You’ll be freer to open your home because the laundry is done and your home is “cleanish”, than if you were struggling to keep up with life.

With good routines and habits, you are more able to drop everything for a friend in need because you aren’t up to your eyeballs in chores, let alone feeling overwhelmed. You can volunteer at a ministry or even consider starting a ministry because you’ve managed the tasks and responsibilities you’ve already been given.

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5 daily routines to help you live an abundant life in Christ 

Quiet time routine

Benefits of a quiet time routine:

A quiet-time routine is essential for a woman who longs to seek the Lord and have a meaningful relationship with God.

During this time, spend time reading the Bible, praying, and memorizing Scripture.

Once you start a quiet time with God, you’ll see how just a few minutes a day anchors your soul to Jesus and keeps you focused on living biblical truths throughout your days.

A quiet time routine also helps you trust God and press into Him when messy moments occur. Once this becomes a daily habit, you’ll know God’s Word and start to apply it to all areas of your life. That’s where true spiritual growth and a meaningful relationship with God occurs!

How to create a quiet time routine:

Starting a quiet time with God doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. Simply:

  • Humble your heart in prayer and ask God to meet you in your quiet time.
  • Then, read the Bible (yes, you can!) and spend time getting to know God’s Word. To help you create a Bible reading habit, consider using a free Bible reading plan and Bible study templates as a road map for how to understand the Bible.
  • End by spending time in prayer. Start by praising God and then raying through your prayer requests. Enhance your prayer time by using a prayer journal to reflect on God’s faithfulness.

That’s it! Just a simple quiet time routine can help you stay rooted in God’s Word and stand firm in faith when the hard times come your way.

Picure of the Be Still: Daily Prayer Journal

Resources for your quiet time routine:

Learn more and go deeper for how to create a thriving quiet time routine: While I briefly shared the basics of a quiet time routine, explore more about having a regular quiet time with God and simple ways to make it work for your busy life.

Explore how to study the Bible: There’s more to spiritual growth than randomly reading a daily Bible verse. Explore how to really study Scripture and understand the Bible as a beginner. I promise, you CAN do it!

Discover how to use a prayer journal and get free prayer journaling pages: Prayer is your daily fellowship and communication with God. Learn how prayer journaling can enhance your conversation with God and keep your soul anchored to the Good News of Jesus. Plus, grab free prayer journaling pages to get you started!

Homemaking routines

Benefits of a homemaking routine:

Home routines help your home run on autopilot so you’re not overwhelmed and are always prepared.

The overall idea of a flexible homemaking routine is to live without chaos and disorder. Routines help you manage your home in minutes per day and make cleaning your home a simple part of everyday life.

Plus, a cleaning schedule and home routine trains your family so they know how to pick up after themselves and help keep the house clean. This helps each family member be accountable for their own belongings and frees you from the burden of doing it all.

And when your chores are done and your home is “cleanish”, you’ve freed up space in your schedule and life to make time for what matters most. (And all the tired women said, “Amen!”)

A few homemaking routines to consider creating are:

  • Laundry– know when you’ll do laundry and put it away each week.
  • Grocery shopping– know when you’ll shop for food, where you keep your grocery list, and how the family will add their needs to the list.
  • Meal prep– what nights of the week will you cook, when will you prep your materials, when will you make your lunches, etc…
  • Dishes / kitchen cleaning- what does your kitchen clean-up routine look like and who helps with what parts of this process. (Yes, do recruit help from the family!)
  • Deep cleaning- when will you deep clean and how will you divide up the deep cleaning in your house with the family.
  • Organization– how will you organize your home and when will you provide touch-ups when clutter starts to pile up.

As you begin creating your routines, keep in mind that it’s not about perfection or getting/keeping your home spotless.

The overall idea is allowing yourself freedom to live without chaos and disorder. Routines help train your family so they know what to do at all times, as well as helps you steward your home and possessions for the glory of God.

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Resources for your homemaking routine:

I love making daily routines simple and to fit seamlessly in my life. Life doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming!

Explore how to create a flexible cleaning schedule that helps you keep the laundry piles and clutter at bay.


How daily routines can help you live your identity in Christ

Morning and evening routines

Benefits of morning and evening routines:

Having a morning and evening routine will help you start and end the day with simple habits that help you get ready for the days ahead.

They are arguably some of the most important routines a girl can have because they keep family life running well even when things are hectic and busy.

These routines will anchor your busy life and put your habits on autopilot, so you’ll know what to do and when to do your tasks.

When you’ve established these routines, you aren’t overwhelmed by your to-do list and will notice that chores are getting done (even if it’s in small increments). Not only will you feel productive, but you’ll be motivated by being prepared.

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How to create morning and evening routines:

  • Make a list of your morning and evening essential tasks (tackle one area at a time)
  • Decide what order the tasks need to be completed
  • Create a rough timeline of when the tasks need to be completed (when you need to be out the door in the morning and when everyone needs to be in bed)
  • Look for shortcuts or things you can prep in advance to make the routine smoother (for example, I do many of our morning must-dos the night before, such as make lunches and set out clothes)
  • Delegate the tasks you can to a family member- once the kids are old enough, they can prep their own lunches and set out their own clothes.

Resources for morning and evening routines:

Want help creating a morning routine that helps you thrive? This morning routine tutorial is the perfect place to start.

Keep your morning and evening routines in front of you with this free routine tracker! It’s a lifesaver to help you remember all that needs to be done each day.

Pro tip: laminate it and put it in a prominent place for ease of use or to have the kids check off their own to do list.

Planning routine

Benefit of having a planning routine

While I had never heard of a planning routine until a few years ago, it’s been a lifesaver for me!

A planning session is where you sit with your planner and list out what needs to happen in the month, week, or day ahead.

This doesn’t need to be long or fancy, but it will help you plan your life so you’re ready for what comes next. It especially comes in handy for holidays, special occasions, and major changes in your schedule/routine because you’ve thought through what you need to do and what things you need for it.

How to have a planning session:

Take your planner and look through the month ahead.

  • What events do you have coming up?
  • Is there anything special you need for the events? Make a list of what you need to buy.
  • What family deadlines or special events do you have?
  • Are there any birthdays or holidays you need to prep for?

Then, make a list of all you need to do, buy, or prep for those events. Plan when you’ll shop for those items or order what you need for them.

This will help you stay organized and on top of the calendar clutter that keeps you overwhelmed. You’ll be on top of what needs to be done and not be frantically shopping or planning at the last minute.


Resources for your planning routine:

A Christian planner that helps you stay rooted in God’s promises: Once I found a Christian planner that helps me organize my life and live on purpose for the glory of God, it was a game-changer for me!

I love the Abundant Life Planner as a practical way to help me manage my life and stay grounded in biblical truths at the same time.

Gratitude routine

Benefits of a gratitude routine:

One routine you may have never considered adding to your life is a gratitude routine. These are more common during the months of October and November due to the season of Thanksgiving; however, this is a routine worth incorporating year-round.

A gratitude routine allows you to be still before the Lord and continually thank Him for His many blessings. It will help you be intentional about recognizing God moments throughout the day.

Not to mention, it points you to the joy of the Lord and reminds you of biblical promises, even in hard times. Cultivating a spirit of gratitude gives you hope of eternal life with God as you remember Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross.

How to start a gratitude routine:

  • Decide when you’ll spend a few moments each day reflecting on your daily gratitude.
  • Then, decide where you’ll write your gratitude reflections. A common place to track your gratitude is in your Christian planner or in your prayer journal.
  • Spend a few minutes praising God for His blessings and provision. Choose a few areas each day to reflect on and spend time being still before God thanking Him.

Resources for your gratitude routine:

20 Bible verses for Thanksgiving and praise: Use this Scripture guide to help you praise God for His blessings and start a daily gratitude habit that keep you celebrating God’s faithfulness.

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Getting started with routines and habits

As you begin planning daily routines always remember the end goal – to help you live an abundant life in Christ Jesus!

Let go of perfection and don’t let obsessive tendencies keep you from establishing solid routines that will help you alleviate stress and overwhelm.

Simply choose one area of your life where a routine is needed the most and start. Then, show up and do it the next day (and the next!). Over time, these simple daily routines will be second nature and a blessing to you and your family.

If you’re struggling with your current routines, stop and ask the Lord for help. Ask Him to give you diligence and perseverance in His name to follow through with these routines.

Then, use these preparation and planning journal prompts to help you think through simple tweaks you can make to reset your life and habits.

Remember, habits and routines put your one step closer to staying focused on what matters most – living for the glory of God.

Trust that God will meet you in your weakest moments and will help you live for Him in all areas of your life, including your daily habits. You can do it!

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