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Sometimes our greatest intentions, such as consistently using a faith journal, can fall by the wayside if we’re not careful.  While we may feel inspired and excited as we try a new faith habit, it’s easy to put daily journaling aside when you feel overwhelmed. (Ask me how I know…) These simple prayer journal ideas will leave you inspired and help you foster a meaningful prayer life in no time. They’ve helped me tremendously in my own walk with God, and I know they’ll bless you, too!


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6 Prayer Journal Ideas You’ll Love

Whether your wondering how to start a prayer journal or are already a big fan, these simple prayer journal ideas are a powerful way to help you create a journaling habit you love!

Reflect on Biblical affirmations 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the weight of the world and swayed by temptation if you’re not renewing your mind with the promises of God. 

Use your prayer journal as a truth journal to help you cling to God’s promises and stand firm in faith when the hard times come. 

A Christian affirmation is a phrase that’s rooted in biblical truths, not in the world around you. When repeated, a biblical affirmation will help you draw near to the heart of God and press into Him for strength instead of relying on your own understanding.

For example, “God’s grace covers all my failures and in His strength, I am able to complete the tasks He has for me.”

This encouraging affirmation reminds us that the weight of the world doesn’t rest on our shoulders, but God supplies us with what we need to live on purpose.

By writing affirmations in our daily journaling habit, we’re remembering that God is in control and worthy to be praised. We don’t have to do life alone or in our own strength. 

Instead, Christian affirmations remind us that in Christ alone we are able to live the abundant life God has planned for us. 

Personally, I love to use biblical affirmations when I’m wrestling with life and struggling to see God’s provision. These affirmations point me back to truth and help me release my burdens to the Lord once again.

Worship music reflection

Recently I incorporated worship music into my daily prayer time and it’s been a powerful way to connect with God. (I sit in the dark of the morning with my cell phone flashlight, Bible study supplies, and headphones on! I’m sure it’s a sight!)

Typically I will do my prayer and Bible study first, and then be inspired to pray more as I listen to a few worship songs. This simple quiet time routine helps me:

  • Focus on God’s blessings and stand on the promises of God
  • Renew my mind with biblical truths
  • Reflect on God’s faithfulness in the past and remember the miracles He’s worked in my life

As I listen, I keep my faith journal close by. I’m often captivated by a phrase or two in the song and find it’s a meaningful prayer journal prompt that helps me draw near to the Lord.

(Need more prayer journal prompts? Here’s 50 Christian journal prompts you’ll love!)

Often I’ll be inspired to write a prayer to God or even use it as an inspiration for Bible journaling. Reflecting on a worship song is a great way to praise God in the midst of the storm and follow God’s plan, even when life feels uncertain.

Journal through goals and projects

While I love using the Pray, Plan, Do Goal Setting Planner as a way to pray through my goals, I can’t help but use my prayer journal as a way to pray through where God is leading me.

As you’re still before God, then you can listen for God’s voice and pray through where He’s leading you. Then, as you use your prayer journal, God may place a new idea or direction in your heart. Use your faith journal to pray through and work through the steps it will take to complete a project or reach your goal.

Then, pray through your goals with confidence. Use your prayer journal as a tangible way to trust God to lead the way and supply you with the strength you need to keep going until completion.

Take a prayer walk

As you write your prayer requests in your faith journal, consider taking your journal with you on a prayer walk through your house and community.

How to take a prayer walk:

  • Walk to an area (either a room in your house or in your community) that’s heavy on your heart and you’re praying for.
  • Go to that area and pray Scripture or pray through prayer prompts for a person or group of people in that area. For example, head to your child’s bedroom and pray the specific prayers for that child.
  • Ask God to move on behalf of this prayer request and in the life of this person or group of people.
  • Praise God for the way He will already move on behalf of this request and trust that God is faithful to hear your heart.

Pray meaningful prayers with the Be Still Prayer Journal Picture: the Be Still Digital Prayer Journal

Prayer doodles

Regardless of the beautiful Bible journaling or Scripture journaling you may have seen on social media, your personal prayer doodles don’t have to be fancy.

Prayer doodles are usually hand drawn or traced words or phrases you’re praying to God. Or, you can do them in a digital prayer journal, such as my example below.

Usually, there’s a main keyword or topic in the middle of your paper. Then it’s surrounded by doodles or drawings regarding what you’re praying for that person.

For example, here is the prayer doodle I am praying through about my son, Grant.

example of a prayer doodle for my child

I have his name in the middle, with words, phrases, and Scriptures I am claiming over His life.

One can use prayer doodles as a visual way to pray through requests or worship the Lord by creative expression by doodling further on the page.



Write a letter to God

In dark seasons of my life, some of my best therapy was writing letters to God. Those simple letters were honest, raw, and 100% transparent. I shared every hurt, heartache, and burden with the Lord and it was powerful!

It was so freeing to pour out my sorrows to the Lord and trust that He held the pieces of my shattered heart in His hands.  

Then, as God worked in my life and moved in these situations, soon my sufferings turned to praise.

It was in those still, quiet moments with God where I finally learned to praise God in the storm and trust Him wholeheartedly. 

How to write letters to God:

  • Always date your letters so you can look back and reflect on them later.
  • Be completely honest and trust God can shoulder the weight of your burdens.
  • Pause to listen for God and allow the Holy Spirit to lead. Don’t be pressured to make your words flow or be fancy. Just be you, right as you are, and make this a special time of surrender as you release your burdens to the Lord.

Free Prayer Journal Pages

As you start a daily journaling habit of your own, use these free journal pages to start connecting with God in no time. Simply download the pages, print, and you’re ready to start using these simple prayer journal ideas in your daily quiet time with God. Enjoy!

Download your free prayer journal pages here

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