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How to Start a Prayer Journal: Best Prayer Journaling Tips for Beginners

Are you thinking of starting a faith journal and wondering how to start a prayer journal? Explore this complete guide to prayer journaling for beginners and how to start a journaling habit you love and that deepens your relationship with God.

As you start journaling, know there’s no specific rules or guidelines to follow. Letting go of expectations will help you focus on why to start a daily journaling habit and leave you free to focus your heart on meeting with God in this special way.

Since your faith journal is filled with your personal prayers and a reflection on your relationship with God, expect that it will be unique to you. However, these practical journaling tips will help you start a journal with ease and help you grow in faith along the way.


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How to Start a Prayer Journal as a Beginner

Determine your WHY

It’s a good idea to have a reason for journaling before you begin. This way, you will stay motivated to create a journaling habit instead of just adding something more to your to do list.

Even with prayer journals, it is common for people to decide to start, then give up after the first few days or as they re-read it (guilty!).

If you have determined why you want to start a journal, you are more likely to make it a priority.

Reasons you may want to journal include:

  • Have a record of God’s faithfulness
  • Track your prayer requests
  • Release your burdens and troubles to the Lord
  • Celebrate God’s blessings and provisions
  • Help you cope with stress as a woman who loves God

You may very well have more than one reason to begin a journal – the more the better!

Decide on the type of journal that works best for you

Traditionally, a journal is a paper notebook. In fact, I first started prayer journaling in an old notebook that was collecting dust on my shelf.

However, we live in a modern world and there are lots of journal types to choose from, including a variety of digital faith journals.

Types of prayer journals:

  • Create a DIY prayer journal: Creating your own DIY prayer journal is a great way to start journaling as a beginner! Simply choose a notebook, add the sections of your choice, and start writing. It’s that simple!
  • Use a premade journal for women: Another option is to use a premade prayer journal, such as this one from Amazon. (affiliate link) The benefit is the organization and structure it provides in your prayer time. 
  • Use a digital prayer journal: While this type of journaling is relatively new, you’ll love the flexibility of digital journaling! You can journal on the go and have access to all your requests and needs at your fingertips. 

Whichever type of journal is for you, choose something you can stick with and you’ll use consistently in your daily prayer time.

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Set up your prayer journal sections

As you start a prayer journal, first include the sections that work best for you. However, popular faith journal sections include:

  • Daily prayers- have a place where you daily record your prayers, praise God for His faithfulness, and record daily gratitude.
  • Prayer requests– keep a running list of the prayer requests you have and take note when God answers the prayer.
  • Praises– celebrate God’s provision and how He worked on behalf your requests.
  • Worship-keep a list of reasons why you worship God (His salvation, grace at the cross, His faithful love of His children, His attributes, etc…)
  • Encouraging Scriptures-having a list of your favorite Scriptures will help you renew your mind with God’s truth and cling to God’s promises when the hard times come.

You may also wish to add monthly calendars to write in important dates that need prayer or record God’s blessings on the day they happen.

Feel free to add the sections that help you grow in faith and trust God no matter what you face.

For a complete guide to prayer journal sections, start here!

Choose when you’ll do your daily journaling

Many Christian women start journaling as a natural extension of their daily quiet time. Since you’re already sitting and focusing on the Lord, adding a prayer journal is a natural next step in your quiet time with God.

For many, starting the day with God centers your heart on God’s promises and releases your burdens at the foot of the cross. It’s the perfect way to stay rooted in faith as your day unfolds, too.

If you don’t have time to write in the morning, no worries!!

Prayer journaling is a perfect way to renew your mind with God’s truths on your lunch break or to help you praise God for His faithfulness at night before bed.

Plus, while you may aim to write everyday, sometimes you’ll find it’s simply not possible. While overwhelm and exhaustion are real, yet many find journaling invigorating and refreshing for a weary soul.

So, give yourself grace when you put down the journal for longer than you like and simply start again. God’s grace is powerful and there’s no room for shame and guilt in His presence!


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5 Ways to Enhance Your Daily Journaling

Use prayer journal prompts

Some days, the words may fail to flow or you feel uninspired to write. That’s where prayer journal prompts come in handy.

If you feel stuck or want some guidance, try these Christian prayer prompts:

  • Lord, I praise you because….
  • Give me strength, Father, especially in the area of…
  • God, I release the burden of _____ to you…
  • Help me overcome temptation and stand firm in faith in the area of___…
  • Thank you for your blessings, especially….

Sometimes a prayer prompt will trigger a thought or inspire pages of prayers and reflections in a way that staring at a blank page never could!

Journal your worship and praise of God

Journaling is a powerful way to reflect on God’s blessings and cultivate a heart of gratitude. When you focus on God’s goodness and perfection, it reminds you that this world is not your home and God has a plan for you beyond this Earth.

When you reflect on God’s attributes and faithfulness, it removes the focus of your life from your own troubles and points them at the one who saved your wandering soul.

He alone is worthy of honor and praise, and your prayer journal is the perfect way to regularly praise God.

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Journal Scripture- Write the Word regularly

Writing Scripture in your journal is a powerful way to explore and get to know God’s Word.

It helps you renew your mind with biblical truths, have a list of God’s promises at your fingertips, and is a simple Bible study method that helps you understand the Bible.

Plus, writing Scripture in your journal is the perfect place to try color coding Scripture to help you understand the Bible and be able to grasp the big picture of God’s Word.

Journal to worship music

One of my favorite ways to journal is to put on worship music while I write. This helps me cultivate an attitude of gratitude as I celebrate God’s unwavering faithfulness and reminds me that God walks with me on this journey through life.

Change your surroundings

Sometimes a change in scenery can make it easier for the words to flow or inspire your prayers in a powerful way. Step outside your home and give journaling in the park or at a coffee shop a try.

I love spending time with God in His beautiful creation and find it cathartic to prayer journal outside in nature. Give it a try if you haven’t already!

Prayer journaling as a beginner can be simple and practical! Use these journaling tips to help you connect with God, grow in faith, and deepen your understanding of Scripture. Once you start journaling, you’ll see how it quickly becomes a cornerstone in your quiet time routine.

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