Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

It's the end of a long day and the kids are finally nestled in their beds.  I take a deep breath as I head back down stairs, just to remember that ...

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Best Faith Gifts for Women Under $30

As a Christian woman, I am always on the hunt for wonderful faith-based gifts to give to my lovely friends and family. Personally, I love to look for ...

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5 Best Ways to Cultivate Spiritual Growth in Your Child

Before you became a mom, you dreamed of leading your child to a personal relationship with the Lord. It's been your vision to shepherd your child's ...

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These 20 service projects will help your kids learn that life isn't all about them.

20 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids and Families

In a culture of more give than take, kids can be used to having every whim indulged and every wish granted. Yet it's important that we help children ...

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Even when the school year is busy, here's how you can easily help your family focus on faith. These tips will help you create a Christ-centered home. | back to school | raising Christian children | focus on faith | teaching kids to love God | Christian parenting | motherhood || Faith Along the Way #parenting #motherhood #faith

How to Help Your Kids Focus on Faith During the School Year

For me, as a teacher, August is like the beginning of the year.  I try to set New School Year’s Resolutions, create new habits, and set myself up ...

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7 Ways to Empower Your Anxious Child in School

“I don’t want to go to school!” It was the third time in a week that I heard this broken record. Every morning started the same, I woke up ...

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How to Connect With Teens and Tweens

  One of the biggest changes we face as parents of tweens and teens is the shift from having little kids to big ones, from parenting children ...

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Do you find yourself needing an attitude adjustment in your motherhood journey? Here's how you can thrive and conquer big emotions for good! | attitude adjustment | stress relief | christian motherhood | parenting | self care || Faith Along the Way #momlife #selfcare #stress

When Mom Needs an Attitude Adjustment

Hanging by the back door of my childhood home was the embroidered sign reading, "If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!" Now as a mom myself, ...

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Simple Ways to Save Your Sanity this Summer

So I don’t know about you, but as a teacher, I am counting down my days until the summer.  Sure, I love my job but I also love not having to set ...

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The 10 BEST Ways to Create a Christ-Centered Family

Being a Christian for 40 years should mean I know what I’m doing. You would think God is a huge part of my life and my every day, but can I admit ...

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As Christians, we are called to love and do acts of service for all people, including the elderly. Here's some simple ways to show the love of Jesus. take care of the elderly I elderly activities I elderly care I random acts of kindness I kindness printables II Faith Along the Way #elderly #kindnessrocks #randomactsofkindness

Simple Ways Christians Can Take Care of the Elderly

Last spring my Grandfather celebrated his 90th birthday and a few months later, took his last breath.  His passing left hole in my heart, yet ...

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