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Easter morning is a sacred celebration of redemption and restoration in our home.  During this special time, we reflect on Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for us and celebrate new life in Jesus.   As a mother, I welcome the opportunity to build a strong foundation of faith in my children by teaching them about the life-changing message of hope in Christ.

This year, I wanted to make the Gospel come alive and more meaningful for my children. I began a search for simple Christian Easter activities for families.  While I wanted to make their learning fun and engaging, I was also short on time to plan something elaborate of my own.

When I found the Christ-Centered Easter Family Resources, my search was over.  This printable bundle is a treasure trove of practical and beautiful Scripture-based activities we can explore as a family.  More importantly, these resources are engaging and will be memorable for all.  Plus, I knew these practical Easter activities for families would quickly become an Easter tradition.

Simple Easter Activities for Families

Faith-focused egg hunts

There’s something so sweet and special about brightly colored egg sprinkled throughout the landscape on a spring day!  And now, there’s a way to incorporate the true message of Easter with this fun, family tradition.

In some eggs, place a cards with words that describe the message of Easter. (Examples: hope, resurrection, sacrifice and love). When kids sort through their eggs, collect the cards and share how that word describes the Good News of Easter.

This precious activity can be made simple with the Christ-Centered Easter Family Resources bundle.  It provides the adorable cards needed, as well as a parent script to guide you through a faith-focused discussion.

Mini- Easter journal and devotional

As you read through the Bible and discuss the events leading up to the Easter Sunday, have the children record their thoughts in mini- Easter journal.

The story of redemption and restoration at the cross can be difficult for children to process and understand, so taking a few minutes to record their thoughts helps them process what they learn.

This year, we are going to dive into the mini-journal and devotional found in the Christ-Centered Easter Family Resources.  It includes a short devotional as well as a place for children to record or draw their responses to the Bible passage.  Personally, I plan to keep the children’s journal as a special Easter memento from year to year!

Teach kids about the true message of Easter with Christian Easter activities for the family. These simple and practical activities are filled with biblical truth and are little prep, too!

Resurrection Tree

The Resurrection Tree offers a simple, but fun way to discuss the days leading up to Easter.  Starting 12 days before Easter Sunday, we will read a Scripture about the last week of Jesus’ life and through His resurrection.  As we discuss each core concept of Easter, we will hang a card on the tree. By the time Easter Sunday comes, we’ll have an adorable, but meaningful decoration to grace our Easter festivities.

Celebrate the true meaning of Easter with a DIY Resurrection Tree. It's easy to teach kids about God and make the true meaning of Easter come alive!

To make this activity even easier, we will again follow the parent script in the Christ-Centered Easter Family Resource bundle.  This practical guide outlines which Scriptures to read, as well as provides the adorable cards to hang on the tree.

As a busy mom, I LOVE how easy this bundle makes Easter. More importantly,  it keeps my family rooted in God’s truth!

Acts of Kindness and coloring pages

One of our last Easter activities will be to put the Gospel in action!  I want my kids to learn that the message of Easter shouldn’t be kept for just one day a year.  The best part of Easter is that Jesus came to die for ALL of us and exchange our sinful lives for His perfect grace.

The Good News of the Gospel isn’t something we should keep to ourselves, but it’s something to live each day.  To share the hope of Jesus with our neighbors, we will make treats as an act of kindness.

Using the coloring pages in the Christ-Centered Easter Family Resource bundle, we will prepare a treat and an Easter card for our neighbors.  We will also use the the lined cards in the Christ-Centered Easter Family Resource Bundle (which also can be used as memory verse cards) to make an invitation to attend church with us that morning.

Make Easter SIMPLE with the Christ-Centered Easter Family Resources

Friend, I was THRILLED to stumble upon these Scripture based Easter activities the whole family will love.  Finally, there’s a practical resource that I can use to steer my children’s heart toward the Gospel and save myself time, too.

If you long to guide your children to a firm foundation of faith, investigate how this faith-filled bundle will benefit your family and save your mom sanity in the process.

Learn more about the Christ-Centered Easter Resources for Families here

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Plus, she’s offering a beautiful FREE printable that would be a perfect decoration for your Easter table.  Visit her post here to grab this printable.

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    Timberley March 22, 2017 (4:18 pm)

    Love the faith focus egg hunt! What a great idea for families with small children.

    • comment-avatar
      Sarah Ann April 1, 2017 (1:12 am)

      It IS a great idea! I know my kids will love it, too!

  • comment-avatar
    Rebekah March 22, 2017 (4:18 pm)

    Love these ideas, Sarah Ann! Thank you for sharing these ideas.
    Sharing on several different platforms.
    Blessings, sweet friend!

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