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25 Ways to Meditate on God’s Word Throughout the Day

In the hustle and bustle of life, it can be a struggle to carve out time to meditate on God’s Word. As a busy woman who wear many hats and is constantly juggling life, if I’m not intentional with focusing on God, it won’t happen.

Yet I’ve found that when I quiet my mind and focus my heart on God’s truth, it renews my mind with the hope of God (even in hectic moments).  May I encourage you with some practical ways to meditate on God throughout your day? Just a few minutes per day will help you learn and know what it’s like to live an abundant life in Christ. 

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What does it mean to meditate on God’s Word?

Meditation in its most simplified meaning is to think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time. All throughout Psalms we can read about the importance of quieting one’s mind and meditating on the Father, His creation, His ways, and the like.

To help get into a position of meditating on God’s Word, think about and focus your mind on biblical truth. This is much deeper than just reading the Bible. On the contrary, it’s taking what you have read and focusing on it’s truth. 

Christian meditation means you’re savoring God’s Word and focusing your heart on biblical truths in all seasons of life. It means you’re reflecting on Scripture, applying it to your life, and making God is cornerstone of your life.

In the good times, you’re whispering verses of praise and recognizing God as the author of all things.

When life is hard, you’re focusing on Scriptures of hope and strength as you press into God for peace.


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How can meditating on Scripture lead you to an abundant life?

Living an abundant life is rooted in God’s promises to give you hope in hardship and following God no matter your circumstances. Christian meditation keeps you grounded in truth and helps you follow God in a way that is glorying to Him and good for you.

It also keeps you seeking the Lord and relying on His strength, not yours. Focusing on Scripture gives you joy in Jesus no matter what you face and helps you walk with God all the days of your life.

25 Ways to Meditate on God’s Word Throughout the Day

Meditating on God’s Word doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming, either! Use these Christian living tips below to focus your heart on truth all day long.

  1. Audio Bible- choose a section of Scripture to play during a certain time (while taking a bath/shower, driving in the car, etc.).
  2. Write Scripture in your planner to meditate on truth all day long.
  3. Use Scripture cards and keep them in your purse to look at as your day unfolds.
  4. Write a Scripture on a post-it and put it in a prominent place to reflect on throughout the day.
  5. Keep an Anchor Verse Log- a list of your favorite Scriptures and pray through them in hard times.
  6. Read the Bible aloud to your kids (during breakfast, lunch, dinner, or at bedtime). 
  7. Have a quiet time with your spouse.
  8. Use a Bible app to help have Scripture always close by.
  9. Put a Scripture screensaver on your phone.
  10. Listen to worship music whenever you can.
  11. Make a Grateful for God list, where you celebrate His attributes and character.
  12. Keep your favorite Scripture on your refrigerator and pray through it as you pass by it.
  13. Try Bible journaling or prayer journaling– even if you’re not an artist or a writer.
  14. Memorize Scripture and quote it out loud to banish fear, worry, anxiety and to harness God’s peace.
  15. Keep a Scripture art print in a prominent place in your home. 
  16. Pray Scripture as you clean your home.
  17. Notice God’s blessings in the world around you as a family and reflect on God’s marvelous creation.
  18. Color Scripture coloring pages as a family.
  19. Journal your reflections and thoughts on a particular Scripture.
  20. Read a Christian book to spur you on in faith.
  21. Have an accountability partner.
  22. Start a Scripture reading (or study) group.
  23. Play Scripture reciting videos while you take a bath (there are some good ones on YouTube).
  24. Recite biblical affirmations in tough moments and in times of overwhelm.
  25. Intentionally plan meditation breaks throughout your day.

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To help you get started with meditating on God’s Word throughout the day, start by picking just one or two things from the list above.

Keep this list handy in your quiet time with this free printable of Christian meditation ideas.

Look for ways to naturally plug them into your day. Make any adjustments or tweaks as necessary. At the head of each new week, choose one or two new suggestions to try that week. Keep them rotating as the weeks past.

Before you know it, you’ll be meditating by habit! 

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