How to Start Reading Scripture and Praying as a Couple

You’ve probably heard the saying, “A couple that prays together stays together.” So, then, why does it seem that praying and reading Scripture together seem to be such a struggle?

There are many reasons, with the most common being vulnerability and lack of knowing the how to study the Bible. To help you cultivate your relationship with your spouse and grow in faith as a couple, explore five practical ways to start reading the Bible and praying together. I promise, you CAN do it!


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How to Start Reading Scripture and Praying Together as a Couple

Create an environment of transparency and trust.

Trust plays such a major role in marriage, especially when it comes to communication. Three ways you can cultivate a healthy level of trust is by being honest, open, and willing to listen.

This can be accomplished by asking one another if there is something that you can pray for specifically, or by slowly opening up about things you would usually not talk about.  While it may not be automatic, over time, you’ll see how you open yourself up to more vulnerable conversations (and how your marriage will benefit from it!)

Let go of expectations and make it a no-pressure environment.

Holding expectations over your spouse, or situations, is the number one way to have something meant for good turn bad. Let go of any expectations you have and embrace how the journey of exploring God’s Word unfolds.

Don’t expect it to be smooth, or even deep, at first. Instead, go into it with a “keep trying” attitude. Then, celebrate  how you’re both growing in faith and strengthening your marriage. 


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Decide on a frequency and format.

Having a plan can help lead you and your spouse to being consistent with your time of study together. Consider starting out once a week or several times a week. As time goes on and your couple’s quiet time becomes more consistent, you may wish to increase the frequency.

Then, choose a time that naturally works well with what you already have going on (like work). This will make for a smoother transition and more chance of actually following through. 

However, give yourselves grace as it takes some time for this new habit to become routine and feel natural.

Whatever you do, don’t quit if you have to reschedule or miss a day. Simply start again, even if it’s been awhile or you’re feeling out of practice. 

Choose a common study.

As you decide on what to study, consider a topic or subject that you both have been wanting to study more in depth.

For some, choosing the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) is a good starting point. You may also consider using a Bible reading plan, such as the ones in our Free Spiritual Growth Library. This takes the guess work out of what you will study and offers a simple guideline to follow. 

Regardless of what you choose, studying something that interests you both can make some great discussions; hence, growing your trust and communication with one another. 

Choose how you will study.

Decide with your spouse on your study method. You may wish to study together, or do it separately and come back together to talk about it.

If you choose to the second option, decide on a time discuss your Scripture reading and what you learned. Be sure to put your next session on the calendar to spark accountability and set a realistic goal you can both achieve.

While you are choosing how you will study, explore different Bible study methods. Consider using a Bible study template to help you process what you read and understand God’s Word in a fresh way.

It’s a great way to spark deep conversations about Scripture and lead you to a greater understanding of God’s promises.

The templates in The Family Bible Study Toolkit were designed to encourage couples and families to study God’s Word together and ignite a passion for Scripture study in their soul.

Discover how these Bible study templates can be your road map to a deep and meaningful study of Scripture.

The Deep Side of Bible Study and Prayer as a Couple

You may have heard of spiritual intimacy, but maybe you’ve never quite experienced it in your marriage.

Choosing to spend time in the Word and praying together is one sure way that can grow your spiritual intimacy and togetherness.

This type of spiritual intimacy also fuels marital satisfaction that is directly connected to each other and God. This sense of surrender fuels all other important aspects of marriage as well.

Watch how studying God’s Word together can help you grow a stronger and more satisfied relationship. 

CHIME IN: What are some ways you started reading Scripture and praying with your spouse? Share your story (and tips) in the comments below.

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