How to Praise God When Life is Falling Apart

Have you had those seasons of life where everything falls apart and you wrestle with God through dark, uncertain times? Those seasons can be all consuming and difficult to find joy, let alone praise God through heartache.

Maybe it was the diagnosis that came and left you grappling with a new reality.

Maybe it was the affair that cut you to the core and left your family in shambles.

Maybe it was relentless depression that bound you in chains and wouldn’t let go.

In those times of suffering and pain, it’s all you can do to keep going and keep breathing.

Friend, you’re not alone. I’ve stared cancer, infertility, a messy adoption, and special needs parenting in the face and I’m still standing.

It’s not because of who I am or what I’ve done to press on and keep going. It’s because of who God is and His unwavering strength that held me together.

But how do you pray and connect with God when your world has been shattered?

How do you trust God through the storms when your path is unclear and your future hangs by a thread?


How to Praise God When Life is Falling Apart

In moments of struggle and strife, it may not be easy to pray. In a numb state of mind, the words fail to come and you struggle to connect with God in your suffering.

Or maybe you’re filled with fear and doubting God’s goodness. You question, “Are you really listening, God?”

That’s ok, friend.

God invites you to experience freedom in His presence and lay down your rage, bitterness, fear, and overwhelm at the foot of the cross.

In Psalm 145:18, God promises to hear the cries of His children and welcomes your brokenness. He invites you on Holy Ground to hear your heart and listen to your pleas for peace.

Yet, there’s one tangible thing you can do to discover hope on your journey: Praise the Lord.

Sure, when life hits you hard, praise may not be your natural response to suffering.

Yet no matter the chaos of your situation, God IS worthy to be praised. And when we praise Him through brokenness and heartache, it’s the ultimate sign of surrendering your will to His.

In the surrender, God can use your pain for His glory and mold you in His image during this season of suffering.


How to praise God in the darkness and live grateful

Praise Him for His attributes and flawless character

When you reflect on God’s flawless character and ultimate goodness, it takes your eyes off your storm and focuses them back on the Lord.

In tough moments I will whisper to myself, “God, you are… holy, just, faithful, merciful, gracious….” and so on. In an instant, my mind is drawn back to truth and filled with Scripture promises.

In doing so, my mind is renewed in Christ and I am reminded that God has already conquered all. Plus, this simple way to praise is a sign of trust to a holy and just God.

Pray through God’s many names

It’s empowering to read and pray through the names of God. He is so glorious and mighty, and it puts life in perspective when you pray through His holy names!

In my own quiet time, I love to use the 25 Names of God to Pray cheat sheet. It’s the perfect tool to cultivate a heart of praise, even when times are tough.

Make daily gratitude a regular habit

When you practice giving thanks to God on a regular basis, His joy fills the aches and emptiness within. It’s comforting to reflect on God’s goodness and provision in seasons of hardship.

Use a gratitude tracker to keep track of God’s blessings and develop a grateful heart. Then, when the hard days come, look back on God’s small blessings and rejoice in His provision.

Keep stones of remembrance

In Joshua 4, God commanded the Israelites to build an altar of “memorial stones” for God’s faithfulness.  He called the Israelites create a physical memorial of His provision and to trigger praise no matter what they face.

When I tangibly keep a record of God’s faithfulness and revisit them in tough moments, it reminds me how God lovingly cares for His children.

In the past I’ve used a jar of stones and written God’s major miracles in my life on each one.  Recently, I use the Stones of Remembrance tracker and reflect on the many ways God came through for me in the past.

Like the Israelites wandering in the desert, our hearts and minds are prone to wander.  When we renew our mind in Christ and focus our heart on God’s faithfulness, it helps us whether the storms of life because we know God has provided in the past.

No matter what you face or the trials that come your way, praising God can be a weapon that slays the enemy and ignites hope in your heart.

The next time you face the storms of life, pause and praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow. He is worthy!

Let’s connect: How do you praise and worship God in the storms of life?

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