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7 Practical Ways to Live Your Identity in Christ

Even for the most seasoned Christian, truly embracing our identity in Christ can be a genuine struggle. Some of us are coming into covenant with all sorts of baggage, regrets, shame and guilt. Oftentimes we don’t realize how this hinders us from being able to live in abundance. But all is not lost, friend. I want to share 7 practical ways to embrace your identity in Christ and begin to have life, and life more abundantly!


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As a child of God, what does it mean to have an identity in Christ? 

I believe this is one of the most important questions Christians should ask themselves. The answer to it alone can unlock our journey to having a full and abundant relationship with God. First and foremost, we have to understand how we currently see our identity. Is wrapped up in what the world says? The kind of house we live in? The type of car we drive? The clothes we wear?

Then, we can take how we currently see our identity and begin to align it with how God sees our identity. There are four key ways Scripture shows us about identity in Christ: 

  • Through our creation by God Himself and the fact that we were created in His image.
  • In rebellion through our sin nature and innate desire to crave things other than Christ.
  • By salvation and our need for a Savior who breaks the curse of sin.
  • Through restoration in a life lived on purpose and for the glory of God.

Within these components we can clearly see where our identity comes from and how it should be lived through Christ. When we embrace where we were, dead in our sin, and the transformation that happens once we accept God’s gift of grace, we should live free and filled with joy.

We should live fired-up by the reality of the gospel of Jesus, and how far God has brought us. In Him, we truly are a new creation and the old identity is gone! 

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Practical Ways to Embrace Your Identity in Christ and Live in Abundance

Release shame, guilt, and failures of the past

As you turn your new life towards Christ, you can begin to shed off shackles of the past. His grace and mercy give you the ability to accept that your slate has been washed clean and the power to believe you are truly FREE in Christ. You are not a slave to your failures or missteps, yet they can be used as a powerful testimony of God’s love and salvation in Jesus.

Start a regular Bible study and prayer time

Living an abundant life in Christ means He becomes the forefront of everything you do and say. To pursue a relationship with Him, you need to establish a regular time of fellowship. A daily quiet time with God should be the  cornerstone of your life and a time in your day to be still before God.

While Bible study can be intimidating, you can study the Bible on your own, even as a beginner. Choose a passage to read, use a simple Bible study method to help you understand what you read, and then, pray.

Trust me, you won’t “get it right” at first, but you can have a thriving relationship with God and learn to read the Bible, even if you never have before. And God will meet you in your imperfection and grow you as you seek Him!

Need some help getting started with Bible study? Discover how this Bible study road map can help!


The Quiet Time Toolkit

By spending time in God’s Word, you’ll discover joy, hope, strength, and learn to stand firm in faith when hard times or temptations come. Get to know the character and faithfulness of God so you can start walking in your identity in Christ.

Renew your mind with biblical truths

Renewing your mind involves meditating on God’s Word and refreshing your heart with His promises. First, seek the Lord daily and develop a quiet time routine. Then, as the day goes on, use Christian affirmations to keep the truth about your identity in Christ at the front of your life and mind. Use the affirmations as daily mantras, for journaling, or in prayer.

Consider memorizing Scripture and learning God’s Word. That’s a simple way to reflect and meditate on Truth throughout the day. You’ll also be equipping your spiritual armor to withstand the darts of the enemy.

Walk in the ways of God, not the world

Let go of the world’s standards for doing life. Scripture warns us time and time again about the world’s ways and how they lead to destruction. We should be renewed in the mind daily, always ready to combat the lies of the world with God’s truth. Don’t compare your life to those who are in the world but by God’s word alone. Make seeking to honor God in all areas of your life your top priority. 

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Seek the Lord’s will for your life

Pray about God’s will for your life and where He wants you to go. Pay close attention to what He speaks to you through His Word, prayer, and from other trusted believers (mentors, teachers, prayer warriors, etc.). Set goals that align with biblical principles and follow through with God-glorifying tasks. Know that your strength to achieve these goals comes from God alone and you don’t have to walk through this life alone.


Create daily habits that allow you to live on purpose for God

Live on purpose and manage your life for the glory of God. This can be accomplished by creating habits and routines that help you have breathing room in life. This breathing room then opens the door for helping others in need, ministering to others, and discipling. Create a daily schedule and set goals that will leave room for you to grow in faith and disciple your family well.

Also consider creating routines that help you get the necessary things in life (homemaking, chores, work) done well and efficiently so there’s time for things of God.

Embracing your identity in Christ doesn’t have to be a sprint, and quite honestly there is no finish line on this side of life. Go forward with the perspective of striving to glorify God and live like Jesus every single day. Then, friend, you will know and understand what it means to live in abundance. 

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