Are you ready to experience  
in everyday life? 

You CAN break free from messy emotions that weigh you down

If we’re honest, most of us struggle to reflect God’s character to those we love most. 

Between juggling chores and conquering our to-do-list, it’s easy to feel pressed for time and short on patience.

There are days when it seems impossible to love those around us well when the kids are fighting and the laundry is piled high.  

Before long, we hit a breaking point and react out of frustration and irritation, leaving a trail of messy emotions in the aftermath.

Yet God calls us to live the

Fruit of the Spirit and to shine His 

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control for the whole world to see.

So, how is it possible to live the Fruit of the Spirit in everyday life and learn to manage our emotions?

There is hope

Left to our own good intentions and natural abilities, living the Fruits of the Spirit isn’t a reality for most people. 

Sure, we may TRY to live out these things in our life, but on our own, we fall short from God’s commands.

However, God never intended us to stay stuck! With His help and the right tools, we CAN thrive and break free from our struggles!

How is victory possible?

As an exhausted special needs mom, I found myself struggling to minister to my family well.

My attitude was suffering and I simply was not reflecting God’s love to those around me. I grumbled through chores and groaned at the thought of doing “one more thing” for other people.


By exploring the Fruits of the Spirit, I’ve discovered that living these principles is the SECRET TO FREEDOM in everyday life.

When praying through and implementing the Fruits of the Spirit, I experienced:

A greater joy for life & those around me

Freedom from

messy emotions

A gentle spirit which calmed my home & family

Breathing room to love myself well

A stronger relationship 

with my family

A deeper understanding of God's love

The secret to lasting change

In my desire to live the Fruit of the Spirit, I realized it wasn't enough to wish I was this way.

There was no magic formula that would instantly transform me into a gentle and patient  woman.

Truthfully, without a strategy and intentional action, it's easy to stay stuck and never conquer these issues.

It's not enough for us to try harder or do better. We need the power of the Lord to transform our lives and bring about permanent heart change.

Like any journey, implementing the right strategies and using the proper tools can make a world of difference in the final outcome and whether or not we achieve lasting change. 

Without intentional steps, this can quickly become an area of defeat. (And who wants to look back in 6 months and realize you're still struggling with the same old issues?)

But the answer is easier than you think....

The simple and practical solution

I've found, that in order to finally achieve lasting change, one needs a strategy for exploring, understanding, and praying the Scriptures.

The Living the Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Kit is a practical and systematic resource to make living these principles a reality!

The Living the
Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Kit

The  Living the Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Kit will help you:

  • 1
    Conquer messy emotions with a specific prayer strategy & biblical truths.  
  • 2
    Harness God's strength to shine His love to those you love most.
  • 3
    Implement biblical strategies for lasting change.

What others are saying...

"Living the Fruit of the Spirit” is beautifully streamlined to guide the believer to cultivate and harvest spiritual fruit"

“From bold purple hues to muted sage tones, this colorful workbook with its vast array of tools offers both charm to the eye and inspiration to the soul.  The encouraging devotions and thought-provoking questions spark the reader to actively craft a plan for applying the Fruits of the Spirit to everyday situations.  This thorough study will motivate discouraged souls to walk victoriously in the Spirit, experiencing true freedom from bondage. 

"I long to live a life filled with love, joy, peace, and patience. But, I have struggled to know how to grow in these areas.... (until now!)"

"That's why I am thrilled to have discovered Sarah Ann's beautiful Bible study! It is helping me learn exactly what the Fruit of the Spirit should look like in my life as I dig into God's Word and claim His promises. The simple format and short reading assignments are easy to complete even on busy days, while the reflection and prayer pages are helping me to apply what I am learning and pray with passion and purpose. I am so thankful to have this Bible study. I highly recommend it to every woman who desires to cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit in her life!"

Ruthie Gray

Writer, Ruthie

Anna Joy

Writer, Path Through the Narrow

What's inside

Scripture Guides & Devotionals

Explore biblical truths through a devotion and 10 Scripture readings for each Fruit of the Spirit. 

Daily Reflections 

Process & understand your time in God's Word with these helpful reflection pages.

Topic Reflections

Ponder your Scripture readings and meditate on God's Truth for each Fruit of the Spirit.

Prayer & Journal Calendar

These prayer and journal prompts make it simple to reflect on each of the Fruits of the Spirit.

Bible Journaling Templates 

Worship the Lord through art with these practical Bible journaling templates or decorate them & use as a book mark.

Scripture Cards

Stay connected to God by placing these Scripture Cards in a prominent place.

Journal Pages

These lined pages make it simple and practical to record your findings as you read through the Scripture Guides. 

Prayer Request Journal 

Use this journal to document your prayer requests & praises.  Keep these as a symbol of God's faithfulness! 

My Action Plan

These insightful questions will help you create an action plan for living the Fruit of the Spirit in your everyday life.

Stay connected to God
throughout the day with
The Fruit of The Spirit
Bible Study Bundle

It includes:

The Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Kit

With this 90 day journey through Scripture, you'll explore the Fruit of the Spirit and learn how to apply these principles and experience victory in everyday life. 

The Fruit of the Spirit 

Scripture Art Prints

Stay connected to God's promises throughout the day with these elegant Scripture Art Prints. 

These 9 prints serve as a tangible reminder of how God is faithful to provide a way to thrive in messy moments, too.(And make cute home decor, too!)

The Fruit of the Spirit 

Phone Screensavers

Keep the Fruits of the Spirit at the front of your mind with these adorable nine screensavers. 

These practical tools will remind you of God's promise to help you live a fruitful and abundant life (which is perfect for life's messy moments!)


Who is the Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Kit for?

The Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Kit is for any woman who's ever failed to reflect God's love to those she loves most.

It's perfect for the woman who's ready to take practical steps towards lasting change and let God refine her thoughts, actions, and words.

What is the format of the kit?

This is a digital resource (no physical product will be sent) designed to be printed. However, it comes with instructions for writing and saving your thoughts on the original PDF.

How long does this Bible study take?

This resource is a 90+ day journey through Scripture.  A sample schedule is included, which recommends spending at least two weeks in each of the Fruits of the Spirit).

The time is NOW to break free

If you're ready to break free from messy emotions,NOW is the time to take practical steps towards lasting change.  And you don't have to wander aimlessly through this journey alone!

Let the Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Kit lead YOU towards freedom from frustration, irritation, anger, and those emotions that weigh you down.

With God's help and the right resource, you CAN do it!!

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