How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life in 5 Steps

Do you long to have a powerful prayer life and be a woman who battles life’s challenges on her knees? These powerful prayer ideas will help you cultivate the effective prayer life you crave, even as a beginner. It’s time to discover God’s power through a meaningful prayer habit!

Does your prayer life feel lackluster?

Confession. When I’m desperate for solace from the hustle and bustle of life, I cry out to God more than usual. Yet when all is going my way, I can become stagnant in my prayer life and push aside my need to talk with God throughout the day. (Can you relate to my struggle?)

However, He doesn’t want me to wait until I am completely empty of His presence and devoid of His spirit to cry out to Him. God wants my prayers to to be a crucial part of my day and to long to connect with Him, not just as a help in time of need. A healthy prayer life is cornerstone for a deep and life-changing relationship with God!

My prayers need to be second-nature, a life-line and anchor for my soul.

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What Does Scripture Say About Having a Powerful Prayer Life?

Through the grace poured out for us at the cross, God invites us to experience the joy of regular communication with Him through prayer.

In our journey to connect with God, Scripture lays a solid foundation about why daily prayer should be a cornerstone in our lives.

The importance of prayer includes these major reasons:

Having a deep connection with God through prayer wasn’t meant to be difficult or hard.  You can start, anytime and anywhere, to experience the beauty of a deep prayer life.

There’s no prerequisite or criteria we have to meet. The first step is to simply start talking with the Lord and share your heart with Him. Below we’ll explore other elements of powerful prayer.

woman reading a yellow book in a white shirt

Best Prayer Strategies for a Strong Prayer Life

In our quest to pray life-changing prayer, sometimes it’s helpful to have a guide. Using a prayer strategy can help us stay on track when our mind wanders and help us have a consistent personal prayer life.

However, a prayer strategy isn’t about a rigid or a right way to pray. Instead, it’s a good thing to help you establish a consistent habit and to feel confident in how you approach the Lord. Personally, it keeps me focused on making sure I’m not just praying intercessory prayers, but spending time repenting and praising the Lord.

Prayer strategies, such the ACTS prayer method or integrating Scripture into our prayers, serve as just a few ways to organize the flow of your prayers.  Both of these models serve as a beacon, guiding us to a more profound and dynamic walk with God. By choosing to adopt these methods, we are not merely reciting words but entering into a more meaningful conversation with our Heavenly Father.

Pray Scripture

We learn from the Word of God that prayer stands as a cornerstone in our spiritual journey. It’s our direct line to the Father, allowing us to echo His mighty words back to Him. Interweaving Scripture into our prayers not only magnifies their strength but aligns our hearts with God’s plans.

Beginning this process may seem daunting at first. Yet, it could start with something as simple as the Lord’s Prayer. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, modeled this prayer for us, teaching us the essence of powerful intercession.

From there, we might advance to incorporating verses that speak to our specific prayer requests or the weakest areas of our lives. Scriptural prayers point us to truth, affirm to our Creator, and help us stand on His promises for faith in prayer.

​It may be helpful to use Scripture prayer cards as a handy reference for praying Scripture.

Scripture prayer cards for endurance using the Bible verses on perseverance and endurance

I also love to keep a list of “anchor verses”, where I write down Bible verses that speak to me as a I study the Bible. Then, I use them as a ready-made prayer list and pray them back to the Lord. This act of devotion not only intensifies our prayers but embeds God’s truth deeper within us, fostering even stronger faith.

Use the ACTS Prayer Method

Embracing the ACTS prayer method has been a helpful tool for having a structured yet deeply personal dialogue with our Creator. This approach helps ensure we cover all vital aspects of communication with Him.

Adoration allows us to begin our prayers by recognizing God’s majesty and love. Here, we marvel at His creation and express our awe for His endless grace.

Confession follows, where we acknowledge our shortcomings, seeking forgiveness and restoring our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thanksgiving is our opportunity to express gratitude for God’s blessingsno matter how big or small they may be.

Supplication closes our prayer, as we present our specific requests to God, aligning our desires with God’s plans.

This prayer method doesn’t just guide us; it opens our hearts to hear God’s voice encourages us to fully trust Him.

But don’t take my word for it! Try it for yourself using this free ACTS prayer template!

5 Ways to Experience a Powerful Prayer Life

Be honest with God, always.

He already knows your heart, your mind and your desires, so be 100% honest with Him.  You don’t have to guard your words and only tell Him what you think He wants to hear.

He can shoulder our burdens, our cries and our anger.  To know Him and experience Him more, let your guard down and be vulnerable. (Psalm 143:1)

Even if it’s been a long time since you’ve prayed, trust that the God of the Universe is ready and waiting to hear from you!

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Thank Him for everything!  On some days, when the sun is shining, the kids are behaving and all is right with the world, that’s easy to do.

But in the muck and mire of life, in the dark places of grief and sorrow, being thankful can be painful.  On some days, it may seem there is nothing to be thankful for.  Yet in the darkness, thank Him that He is holy, perfect and graciously loved you when you were drowning in the depths of sin. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Be yourself and don’t be intimidated!

You don’t have to be a Bible scholar or even a “good person” to pray.  Your words don’t have to be fancy or clever. Simply be yourself and talk with Him the way you would your best friend. A humbled heart matters more than smooth talk or wise words.  (Matthew 6:5)

Listen to Him.

Are you quick to speak in your time with God, trying to fill up the silence with your words and thoughts?  Yet He longs for us to rest in Him, be still and listen.

Being in a relationship with anyone involves a mutual ebb and flow in conversation, just as your time with Him.  So let your words be few and your heart be open. Be ready to hear from the One True God as He sheds light on His plan for your life.

You may not hear Him with words, but you can trust He still speaks and guides His children.  Be ready. (Psalm 50:7)

Try this if you have a hard time pausing to listen for God’s voice.

Commit to praying for others and really do it.

“I’m praying for you” has become a catch-phrase of the Christian community.  It’s something we say and mean, yet often forget to do. To help you remember who you are praying for, carry a small notebook.  You can easily jot down who you need to pray for and reference it later. Or even use the notes section of your phone as a great way to write down your prayer requests on the go.

Keeping a prayer journal is another simple way to record your prayers and praises.  As you experience God through prayer, your journal will be a keepsake of how God has moved in your life. (James 5:16)

Best Prayer Ideas to Strengthen Your Prayer Life

​There are few practical resources and ideas that continually help me go deeper in my prayer life. Choose one or two you’d like to try and start small.

Use a Prayer Journal

Starting a prayer journal was one the best things I did to enhance my prayer life and is one of my favorite things in my quiet time. It captures our heartfelt conversations with the Lord and is a record of His faithfulness.

Scripture writing in a prayer journal

Have you ever noticed that when life is extra busy, a prayer request or a remembrance of God’s blessings can easily slip our mind? Yet through a prayer journal, those moments are always at our fingertips and can be instrumental in helping us draw near to the Lord.

A prayer journal is a way to remember God’s handiwork as we see how specific prayer requests are answered or we reflect on those small God moments throughout the day.

Start simply, including:

  • dating journal entries (I love to know when I was praying for something and when God answered)
  • writing your prayer requests
  • journaling Scripture and Bible study notes that speak to you during your prayer time.
  • reflecting on daily gratitude

Over time, this journal will evolve into a tangible testament of God’s unwavering presence and power in our lives. It will remind us of His love and our journey towards a deeper relationship with Him.

Take a Prayer Walk

Stepping outside for a prayer walk merges the spiritual with the physical in a profound way. When we find ourselves moving through God’s creation, we should consider lifting our hearts and minds in prayer. This act transforms allows us to intercede for our communities, friends, and families on the move.

It turns the ordinary paths we tread into holy ground where we can encounter the presence of our Heavenly Father. Choosing a route that brings us closer to the beauty of nature can make this time even more reflective and meaningful.

Here, amidst the tranquility of God’s handiwork, we can focus more deeply on His Word, the needs of those around us, and the whispers of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s make prayer walking a regular part of our spiritual routine, inviting the Lord into every step we take.

Have a set prayer time and prayer place

Dedicating specific, regular times to pray establishes a foundation for a vibrant prayer life. It sets the stage for spiritual growth and a deeper connection with our Heavenly Father because we’re consistent.

For many of us, integrating prayer into our routines might seem challenging at first. Yet, finding a quiet place of prayer each morning or taking time during a lunch break can become sacred moments spent with the Creator.

Using alarms or reminders can be helpful in developing this daily habit. It reminds us to pause, focus on the Lord, and spend quality time in prayer. Whether it’s a notification on our phones or a note on the fridge, these prompts serve as beckoning calls to engage with God regularly.

They remind us that, in our busiest days or our direst needs, turning to the Lord is the best thing we can do.

Meet with a prayer group or prayer place

As you deepen your prayer life, don’t overlook the communal power of prayer. Joining a prayer group or establishing a dedicated prayer place brings us closer not just to our Heavenly Father, but also to each other.

Such gatherings allow us to share our deepest concerns, triumphs, and how God is moving in our lives. By coming together in prayer, we create a sacred space where the Holy Spirit moves among us, fostering a deep sense of unity. They can be a source of support in a difficult situation, too.

Finding a prayer partner or forming prayer groups may seem daunting at first. Yet, a simple call to friends, a post on social media, or even asking at church can help you find those may also be a part of your group.

Whether it’s within the quiet walls of a church’s prayer room or a peaceful corner dedicated in one’s home, it becomes a safe space. It allows the member to be vulnerable and ask for prayer about what’s really going on in their own lives.

Then watch as you bloom into a prayer warrior, seeking the throne of grace on behalf of others.

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. James 5:16

Use a Prayer Board

Having a prayer board serves as a visual reminder of our conversations with our Heavenly Father. It’s a tangible reminder to pray for your prayer requests and rejoice at God’s blessings.

First, we must choose a location for this prayer wall that we’ll see often.

On my prayer board, I like to include:

  •  prayer requests you want to pray for regularly
  • Scriptures verses that you’re praying or that speak to you
  • answered prayers and God-moments (ways God has revealed himself to you)

Picture of my DIY prayer wall with prayer board and hanging prayer requests, Scripture art print, and a vase of flowers

The beauty of a prayer board is it’s a constant invitation to be still in God’s presence and to rejoice at His faithfulness.

Start your own DIY Prayer Wall, here

Listen to Worship Music

Music has always been a staple in my quiet time. I find that worship songs carry the power of God’s Word, melodies weaving Scripture into the fabric of our souls. They remind us of God’s plans, His goodness, and His unfailing love.

Integrating worship music into our personal prayer routines can be a game-changer, especially during times when words fail us or when distractions cloud our focus. It’s in these moments, amidst chords and choruses, that we often renew our strength in the hope of God.

Plus, the act of worship through music helps us fix our eyes on the Creator of the Universe and takes our eyes off our current struggles.

I invite you to make worship music a staple in your daily prayer life and watch how it helps you pray in a fresh way. Start by including your favorite worship tracks, the ones that have stirred your spirit and touched your heart in the past.

Yet, don’t shy away from exploring new songs. The contemporary Christian music scene is vibrant, with powerful anthems of faith being released regularly. These songs could hold the words you’ve been longing to say or the reassurance your heart needs to hear. They can anchor you in God’s truth and propel you toward a more intimate and dynamic walk with Him.

woman in morning prayer time resting on her Bible

Resources to jump start your prayer life

​Free Scripture prayer cards

Use these free Scripture prayer cards to help you pray God’s Word back to Him. Scripture is a life-life to God’s hope and these cards will help you pray Scripture, even in impossible situations.

Free Scripture Prayer Cards

Or check out our collection of S.O.S. Scripture Prayer Cards. The Scripture Over Stress Prayer Cards are an invitation to pray Scripture and remain steadfast in God, even in dire situations.

​Be Still: Daily Prayer Journal

Make prayer journaling a cornerstone in your prayer life with this digital prayer journal. It will help you cultivate a rich and full prayer life, as you draw near to the heart of God through prayer.

Examine Your Heart

If you realize you’ve strayed from or need to start experiencing a powerful prayer life, there’s no better time like the present to start.

Simply start communicating with God again, no matter how long its been.  Trust that His grace will meet you where you are and that He’s waiting for you with open arms!

Life is a lonely place without regular prayers to the Lord. No matter which kind of prayer is right for you, today is a great day to experience prayer once again!


  1. Sarah Ann,

    I am visiting from Holley’s link up. I am grateful for these reminders to listen more than I talk and keep the conversation open throughout the day. I am new in my salvation and Jesus feels very close for me, but I don’t always “hear” His voice. So thanks for the encouragement!

    I wrote a post on my blog about saying those overused words, “I’m praying for you,” and then forgetting to actually do it. Here’s the link if you are interested. Lovely to hang out today!

    1. I am so glad you stopped by! I’m so thankful this encouraged you in your faith! I look forward to checking out your post!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It is great advice. I love all 5 ways.

    1. I’m so glad you found these helpful! I hope you are doing well!

  3. Great tips, especially the red lights. Genius! 🙂
    I struggle with the listening part, but keep trying every day. Gotta strengthen those muscles!

    1. Hahaa! I am so not a genius but I love something practical I can do to grow in my relationship with the Lord.

  4. Great tips Sarah Ann. I stop to pray right when I hear a prayer request. If I just say I’m going to pray, it’s too easy to forget. So, I stop what I’m doing and say a quiet prayer immediately. I also liked your reminder to be honest before God. Thanks so much for linking up at CMB.

    1. Great idea, Deb! I will have to start doing that right away, too.

  5. Found you through SITS. This post is absolutely beautiful and encouraging. It took me some time to be grateful for the hard times, but I now thank Him everyday for them. Without the trying times we may not have the good ones.

    1. Thank you so much! It’s true that once the storms of our lives clear and we see God’s hand upon the situation, we can express gratitude like never before. So glad you found me via #SITS!

  6. Love your post and it’s a reminder that prayer is not a crisis management technique (or at least not ONLY a crisis management technique)!

  7. Sarah Ann, thank you. I know that I have been guilty of only sincerely praying when I felt desperate or in need. Now, I find that I need to kneel down and that helps me develop great sincerity, plus I work to always have a prayer in my heart. I love the stop sign idea. There are so many of those moments in our lives that could be spent in prayer. I also love to pray when we are grateful. I have been working on that one, and it really makes a difference!

  8. Hi! I’m a new blogger (as of two days ago!) and ran across your blog. This was a much needed post after the day I had with my very, strong-willed child (who is only 2!). Thanks for the reminder to pray continually!

    1. Congrats on your blog, Erin! I completely understand strong-willed children! I have two of them and prayer is the ONLY thing that gets me through!

  9. I learned in one of the sermons in our local Church that prayer is an intercommunication. Meaning it is not just a one way communication. We are talking to our creator and God is responding to us.

    Very insightful article! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Listening to the Lord is just as important as praying and often so overlooked!

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