How to Rekindle Your Joy Through Bible Study

It was a draining season of motherhood.  My days were filled with the tantrums of an Autistic two-year old and my nights were filled with the bright-eyed baby boy who refused to sleep.  In addition to a draining mom life, my husband worked nights and breaks were few and far between. Exhausted, I was running on empty and my soul felt sucked dry. I was desperate to rekindle my joy!

As a long-time Christian, it was embarrassing to admit I did not have a regular Bible study.  In fact, my prayers were momentary pleas for help and my Bible remained closed throughout the week.

Yet I knew deep in my soul, that my troubles could be soothed with God’s Word.  I had heard that the balm for my weary heart could be found by reading and studying God’s Word.

The secret to rekindling my joy was through Bible Study, yet truthfully, I didn’t know how.

How to Rekindle Your Joy with Bible Study

Start a Quiet Time (even if it’s not perfect!)

I confess, I didn’t know where to start when reading the Bible.  At all.

Meanwhile, instead of being caught in the overwhelm or fear that I wouldn’t understand it, I simply started reading the Book of Psalms.

It was easy to identify with the suffering of the psalmist and the feelings of anxiety that haunted their hearts. Equally as important were the Psalms that praised God for His breathtaking creation and for the fragile gift of life.

It was in those early times of reading one Psalm a day, where I came face to face with a powerful and awesome God. Slowly but surely, God began to ignite a hope and ingrain acceptance of His plan for me into my heart.  Day after day He met my brokenness, and each day, restored me slightly more than the last.

Therefore, if you find yourself like I was, unsure how to grow deep roots of faith, simply start reading. Personally, I loved my novice journey through Psalms.  Also, reading the four Gospels, the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, is a fabulous place to start.  There you will learn about the holy life of Jesus, His teachings, ministry, and ultimate sacrifice for mankind.

Regardless of where you choose to start your Bible study journey, simply open God’s Word and start reading.  If it doesn’t come easy, keep going and don’t give up. God can and will reveal himself to you through His precious and holy words.


Record your readings

As I began to dig deep and hunger for time in God’s Word, I felt the urge to record what I read. Truthfully, I dusted off an old, empty journal and began to write down what God was teaching me.  It became a collection of my favorite verses, my imperfect prayers and the truth God was revealing to me about His character and purpose. Before long, one notebook was filled and then another.

As I worked my way through other books of the Bible, I began to crave a more systematic and practical way to record the lessons God was teaching me.  After some research, I found just the resources and tips I needed to dig deeper in my walk with God.

I discovered that an essential key to spiritual growth is reflecting and pondering God’s Word.  It doesn’t take root in your heart if you’re not systematically processing what you read.

Since those early days, I use the practical Bible study road map of The Quiet Time Toolkit to guide my study.  These reproducible Bible study templates help me process what I read in my Bible study in a systematic way and understand Scripture like I never have before.

Learn more about these practical Bible study templates to ignite your spiritual growth

Form a (loose and flexible) plan

The more time I spent in God’s Word, the more I craved a loose plan to use during my quiet time.  As I began to study some Bible study techniques and tricks, I realized that my time with Him didn’t have to be so haphazard.

It was possible to set a loose Bible study plan, without getting bogged down by perfection or legalistic rules. As you get started, ask yourself:

  • What time of day works best for me to have a quiet time?
  • What resources do I need to make my study easier? (I LOVE BibleGateway.com to search by topic or explore different Bible versions!)
  • Where will I have my quiet time?
  • What will I do if I get interrupted in my Bible study time?  When will I reschedule it?
  • How will I study the Scripture? (The Family Bible Study Toolkit helps me have over 10+ Bible study methods to choose from and the plan is already laid out!  That’s a win in my book!)

Once you think through these few logistics, you’re ready to get started! Don’t be surprised if like any new habit, it takes time to make your quiet time a daily and regular occurrence!

Give yourself grace in times when life happens, you fall out of routine, or you simply struggle to show up.  Expect there to be days and seasons where it just doesn’t happen (and that’s ok!)

How God’s Word Can Rekindle Your Joy

When I first started showing up to meet with God, I was angry, bitter, and wrestling with so many issues. Yet God met me in my brokenness and reminded me of these key biblical truths I had been overlooking.

God has a plan for your life. 

Even when you’re surrounded by the storms of life and you’re wrestling with sorrow and grief, God is still in control. He never left or abandoned you, even if you feel forsaken. Even when it’s painful, trust in God’s perfect plan and that He faithfully guides your path.

God is holy and worthy of praise.

No matter what you face, God is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and worthy of your praise! Learn to praise Him in the darkness for His steadfast character and unwavering strength.

God still loves you and faithfully walks by your side. 

When the darkness comes and threaten to consume you whole, cling to the promise that God always has and always will love you!  He loved you enough to send Jesus as your ultimate sacrifice and die an excruciating death in your place.  That’s the truest form of love!

Friend, even if joy feels distant, cling to these promises of Scripture. Over time, God’s light will pierce the darkness and He will rekindle your joy in His perfect presence alone!  He IS faithful!

Simply start meeting with God

Friend, God invites you spend time with Him and discover the gift of true joy and complete soul satisfaction.  Let His Scripture promises fill you with joy and discover hope in His presence.

There’s no better time like today to start seeking Him and meeting with Him. You can do it!

Let’s Connect!

How do you rekindle your joy through Bible study?  What are your favorite resources to grow in faith?

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