6 Habits of a Strong Family

If you turn on the news or scroll your Facebook feed, you cringe and wonder how a strong family can survive these turbulent times. With kids and adults bombarded by immoral behavior and ungodly world views, the family that desires to grow its roots deep in biblical values has mighty battle ahead of them.

But hope, my friends, is not lost.

When the habits of a strong family are purposeful, intentional and bathed in prayer, they can combat the trappings of this world and remain a fortress for both children and adults alike.

Habits of a Strong Family


Spend time distraction-free time together on a regular basis

As much as I love social media and connecting with my Faith Along the Way community, I admit that it can be a distraction from our time as a family. I’ve learned the hard way that to protect our precious time, the devices must be put away and focus needs to be on connecting with each other in person.

Make it a priority to break out of your rut and plan fun activities designed to make memories. They don’t have to be expensive or elaborate, either. Simply chatting over a family game of basketball or reminiscing over home movies, will help make memories to last a lifetime.

Pray and study the Bible together

Strong families are rooted in faith and grounded in biblical truth.  While it can be intimidating (and maybe a little awkward) to start family devotionals, nothing cements the hearts of a family more than worshiping the Lord and experiencing His character together.

I promise you don’t have to be a Bible scholar or have the answers to guide your family’s hearts towards God’s Truth. This time also makes a perfect platform to share a biblical worldview and lay a lifelong foundation rooted in godly principles in your children’s lives.

Make laughter an everyday occasion

Inside family jokes are the best way to let down your guard and get to know each family member at a deeper lever. Kids love to reminisce about fun times or silly experiences you shared together, too.

6 Habits of a Strong Family

Share your heart openly and honestly

Make your home a haven for honest and deep conversations with your entire family.  Creating a warm, loving environment fosters open conversations and frees individuals to share joys and disappointments, struggles and success. Plus, having deep communication will allow parents to interject godly principles and values into the lives of their children.

Place boundaries around your family’s time and activities

Life can quickly spiral out of control with responsibilities and activities if you let it.  By limiting the number of activities family members join, you are protecting your time together and placing value on your family relationships.

Practice respect

Often I’m convicted of the tone of voice I use with my children, and know that as the parent, I set the tone of my home. While children may be required to show respect to adults, children deserve respect, too.  There is no better way to encourage respectfulness than to model it and show it in action.

This summer, make your family a priority and join the Strong Family Project for encouragement and inspiration for all things family.

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How do you and your family “stay strong” in midst of a changing culture and world?  

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  1. Hi Sarah! Your post is full of wisdom! I also remember being convicted with my tone, and it was after seeing that very tone mirrored in one of my children. Thankfully God’s grace covers our gaps and gives us the strength and insight to change patterns. Parenting takes intense passion and relentless intention! I would love for you to share your message today on #FreshMarket Friday:) Visiting from Grace & Truth and happy to connect with you and your message!

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