5 Truths About Faith in God That Help You Live Your Purpose

As surprising as it may be, having faith in God plays a major role in helping you live your purpose. Without it, you may find yourself trying to journey through life on your own terms, and attempting to be in control of things that only bring temporary gain. (Guilty!) If there’s one thing that’s for sure, the enemy would love to paint pretty lies when it comes to faith in God and what it means to have an abundant life. But that ends today! Together we’ll explore how these biblical truths about faith in God can helps you live an abundant life in Christ.


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5 truths about faith in God that help you boldly live your purpose

God has a plan for your life

The fact that you are alive today is the number one indicator that your life isn’t an accident and that God has purpose and meaning designed specifically for you. When we have faith in God and seek the Lord for His best for us, we can begin to see clearly how to live on purpose.

Although it would make life seem much easier, this isn’t something that happens overnight. We must pursue the Lord and seek to have a relationship with Him. These come through reading His Word and devoting ourselves to communicating with Him in prayer. In the midst of these we can see what God wants for us. He will begin to reveal how the journey we are on is the best life He has planned.  

More than anything, He wants you to have a personal relationship with Him. Think in terms of how you’ve built your relationship with your spouse, or even your best friend. You don’t call them once and now all of a sudden you know everything about them and the benefits of being yoked with them.

Nope. You build that relationship with ongoing communication and seeking to know and love them. It is then that you see and reap the benefits of that friendship/relationship. Keep this in mind-

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


God loves you and longs for you to experience an abundant life in Him

Thoughts of living an abundant life can often get bombarded with lies from the enemy to keep you from experiencing real freedom from shame, guilt, and failure. The truth is, God is a good Father who wants what’s best for you. Just like the image of how we love our children, forgiving them time and time again… so too does the Father see you that way.

He is the key to finding joy in hardship, hope in the hard times, and freedom from lies of the enemy attempting to get us to believe anything contrary to God’s Word. We can begin experiencing this abundant life by surrendering our dreams to Him and trusting Him for complete soul satisfaction.

The biggest reality check is knowing that God knows His plans are best and He holds the future in His hands, not us. As much as we’d like to control our lives, determine the outcomes, and everything in between – we simply don’t have what it takes to do that. We should be thankful that God doesn’t want us to handle all the fine details. 

While He gives us strength through Jesus to do all that needs to be done, it is through a personal relationship with Him where true joy is found!

God wants you to live generously

Living generously isn’t always attached to the worldly things like a new car or a fancy vacation. Instead, He blesses us so we can be a blessing to others. Remember what is mentioned in Luke… give and it will be given to you. This doesn’t mean to give out of wanting something in return. Instead, it is to keep our focus on the One who gives.

In the same light, we need to hold our lives and material possessions with open hands, trusting God will provide. Even in those moments when He doesn’t seem to show up, He is working on our behalf, and He usually comes through in a mighty way. Being generous also says that you trust Him enough to sacrifice the way He’s generously given to you, with no strings attached.

Your life should be lived as an overflow of the freedom and grace you experienced at the cross. As daughters of the King, we are to hold this world with open hands and trust God in all seasons, even in times that are lean.

God wants you to seek His will and follow Him

Part of seeking God’s will is surrendering your hopes and dreams at His feet. It’s coming to the point where you know that without Him your purpose cannot fully be fulfilled. Become dependent on praying for wisdom and discernment as to not be persuaded to the right or to the left.

When you’re in a position of seeking and following God, you are able to take leaps of faith and trust that where He leads is exactly where you need to be. Always remember that although we can’t see the beginning from the end, He can, so we can trust Him even when life doesn’t turn out as planned.

God wants you to share the Good News 

One of the greatest commissions that we as Christians have ever received is to share the Good News with others. I, and others that I know, have often made mention of feeling the most fulfilled when we are telling others our testimony and how a relationship with Jesus is what sustains us. 

This may not seem easy for you at first, but you can pray for the confidence to boldly share the Gospel and eventually disciple others to do the same. By doing so, you are laying your own desires down to make your life’s purpose about making Him known and sharing the Good News of Jesus.

May these five truths richly bless you and help you to have faith in God so that you can live out your purpose!

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