Easy Ways to Share the Gospel as a Family

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Before we adopted our two precious children, I had grand visions of how life would be.  We would be the family that spent our nights digging into God’s Word, rarely watched TV and spoke only words laced with kindness.

Fast forward 6 years and two special needs diagnosis’ later, and I laugh thinking about my original vision.  While reality can be messy, I realize that as a family we can still find practical ways to learn and share the Gospel together. In fact, helping my family grow strong roots of faith and live it out loud is my biggest priority as a mom.

The more we discover God’s word, the more we’re drawn to sharing His message of hope. We’re learning that building intentional friendships and relationships is a simple way to share the good news of Jesus as a family.

Build relationships and community

As Christians, it’s easy to stay in our comfort zone and not get to know those who aren’t in our church circle.  Yet Jesus befriended imperfect people, and more importantly, invited them into His life.  He didn’t shy away from those who were different, but sought to build community even with those rejected by men.

As a family, think of those you know who aren’t in your close circle of friends and that may need to hear the good news of the Gospel. Take intentional steps to get to know them and start to build a relationship with them.  Consider them your “mission family”.  Be sure, though, to keep your intentions authentic as you seek to build a bond of friendship with this family.

To get to know them, you may wish to:

– Host a dinner

– Invest in neighbor relationships by holding a block party

– Host a family movie night

– Invite your mission family over for game night

As you get to know these new friends, your goal should be to lay a foundation of trust which can later lead to conversations about Jesus.  Through your authentic relationship, you have the opportunity to plant seeds of the Gospel and to cultivate a bond based on trust.

Serve others

Teaching your children to serve is a wonderful way to instill character and teach the value of Christ-like service. Plus, it will solidify new relationships and show your “mission family” how much you care.  Nothing shows the tangible love of Jesus like doing an act of service!

Some service ideas include:

  • Cutting the grass for a neighbor
  • Baking a treat to give to your “mission family”
  • Babysitting a friend’s child
  • Taking a meal to someone in need
  • Sending a card to show you care

Visit 20 Service Projects for All Ages for idea on how to get the whole family serving together. 

Be respectful of differing views

While it may be common to argue over differing viewpoints in today’s world, vow to avoid confrontation about social issues.  As you’re building a relationship with your mission family, avoid preaching or handing out judgment as they share their views. 

The Bible takes a clear stand on many sensitive topics, and while you’re trying to build a bond of trust, tough subjects need to be handled with grace and understanding.  Be gentle in correction and with your response to issues of the world.

Be different

In connection and community with another family, you have the perfect opportunity to let Jesus shine with your words and actions.  Be bold, be empowered and dare to live differently than the world.  Again, do so in love and grace, but don’t be afraid to set boundaries on your family and time based on your biblical beliefs.  Your mission family IS watching!

Be a safe place to land

As hardships come, be a support and encouragement to your mission family. Since you have invested in their lives and built a bond of trust, look for opportunities to share the hope of Jesus.  It won’t be forced or awkward since it will be an honest and heartfelt conversation between friends. Your opinion will be sought, welcomed and considered by your newest, trusted friend.  

The Grace & Truth Linkup

In 8 Ways to Pray for Our World, by Life Along the Way, we are encouraged to reach out and pray for our world. May we learn to live missionally as a family, too, and teach our children to be the light in a darkened world!

That each person would see how they can best love their neighbor, like Jesus talked about in Mark 12:31. If we want to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, we will be doing more than just feeling pity for people in hard situations. We have so many opportunities to help provide in some way for neighbors, people in our community, and even people in other parts of the world.  – Life Along the Way   (Read the full post here)

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