How to Speed Clean Your House Like a Pro

If you’re seeking some helpful tips on how you can complete household chores in mere minutes per day, you’ve arrived at the right place! These pro tips will help you speed clean like a pro and have your home sparkling like new in no time at all! 

Cleaning…the one word that can stop each and every one of us in our tracks. How in the world is it possible that a house can get so messy, so quickly? Seriously, it’s amazing. (or not…depending on just how messy it is!)

Here’s how you can learn to speed clean and thrive in homemaking in just minutes per day!

How to Speed Clean Like a Pro

I used to think that in order to have a clean house, I had to spend a lot of time cleaning. (Umm… no thanks!)

Truthfully, I don’t have large blocks of time to clean and I bet you don’t either. While I always tried to use my time wisely, it wasn’t until I started speed cleaning that it finally realized I was waayyy over complicating things!

I didn’t have to spend hours and hours cleaning my home. All I needed was better and more intentional time management strategies to help me keep the clutter at bay and learn to finally stop drowning in the mess.

This homemaking strategy is super simple, too!

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose an area of home you need to deep clean or declutter (I love to start with the kitchen first)
  • Then, decide how much time you can devote to cleaning and clearing the clutter as fast as you can
  • Grab your phone or a timer and set it for your desired number of minutes (30 minutes is the absolute max I personally spend on these tasks)
  • Clean and/pick up the area as fast as you can (I am almost racing when I do this and my heart rate increases.  That counts as a workout, right?!)
  • Or instead of planning to clean for an allotted time, simply use your wait time or in-between time to see how many cleaning tasks you can do in a given time (Think: What can I quickly clean while the microwave is cooking or the kids play in the tub?)

How to Complete Household Chores in 1 minute/5 minutes/10 minutes/30 minutes

Let’s start by breaking it down per room. That way, you can look at the list and decide just how much time you can allot to clean.

How to clean your kitchen

Don’t let the picture above fool you!  It wasn’t until I learned how to speed clean, that my kitchen was always a hot, cluttered mess. A mess in the kitchen can quickly spiral out of control, so it’s time to be concise and make cleaning simple in this important room.

I now look for pockets of time I can clean the kitchen using this cleaning method, including:

  • While dinner is cooking
  • While the microwave is on
  • As I’m waiting for the toaster

If you have 1 minute, here are areas in your kitchen to clean:

  • wipe down the counters
  • sweep the floors
  • quickly load the dishwasher
  • wipe down the front of the fridge
  • take out the trash

If you have 5 minutes, try these kitchen cleaning tips instead:

  • unloading the dishwasher
  • scrubbing out and disinfecting the kitchen sink
  • wiping down the front doors and handles of the cabinets
  • quickly rummaging through your “junk drawer” and decluttering

In 10 minutes, you can tackle these areas of your kitchen:

  • mopping the floor
  • throwing out expired items in your fridge
  • organizing your spices
  • wiping out spills in your cabinets

And if you happen to have 30 minutes, you can even do these kitchen cleaning tips:

  • empty out and deep clean your fridge
  • reorganize your pantry
  • clean off and declutter the top of your fridge
  • minimize your dishes and cups

Now that you know it’s possible to break cleaning tasks up into doable sections, let’s move on to another room in the home…


How to clean your bathroom

Don’t let the thought of cleaning your bathroom overwhelm you! This cleaning can easily be done in small pockets of time and without much headache. I love to clean while my kids are in the tub, wipe the shower down while I’m in it, or after getting ready each morning.

Plus, each time you speed clean, your bathroom will be easier to clean for the next time.

Believe it or not, you can clean these areas of your bathroom in less than a minute:

  • scrub the inside of the toilet
  • wipe down the counter of the sink
  • spray some Windex and clean the mirror
  • sweep up the floor
  • remove old towels and hang up new ones
  • restock toilet paper and other necessities
  • take out the trash

If you have 5 minutes, try these bathroom cleaning tips:

  • wipe down the outside and base of your toilet
  • mop the bathroom floor
  • disinfect the door handles and light fixtures
  • replace any burnt out lights
  • fold and replace with fresh towels
  • swap out floor mats with fresh ones

In 10 minutes, you can do a lot of cleaning in your bathroom:

  • scrub and wipe down the walls
  • organize the bathroom cabinets
  • throw away or remove anything from the bathroom area that doesn’t belong there

And if you have 30 minutes, it’s time to roll up your sleeves:

  • scrub or steam clean your bathtub or shower
  • do a bit of touch up paintwork on the walls

One of the other areas that get a ton of foot traffic is your living room/dining room area. These cleaning tips will work there, too!


How to clean your living room/dining room

Every minute of cleaning helps you thrive at home and intentional choose to spend your time on more important things since your household chores will already be done.

It’s amazing how a quick speed cleaning session can add up to big results. For the living room and dining room, I will quickly clean during commercials, while my kids are playing, or as I’m walking by and see something out of place.

Areas to clean in your living room when you have 1 minute to spare:

  • pick up any items laying on the floor
  • remove items that don’t belong in that room and move them to their correct location
  • wipe down tabletops
  • open up the blinds to let in sunlight (helps with a room looking cleaner!)
  • light a candle/use air diffuser for better-smelling air
  • plump pillows and fold up blankets

In 5 minutes, you can do these tasks to clean your living space:

  • vacuum the carpet areas
  • sweep your hardwood floors
  • spot wipe down any spills on the floor that are visible
  • grab Windex and clean off any fingerprints on windows/doors

With 10 minutes to spare, try these cleaning tips:

  • go through piles of books and magazines and declutter
  • vacuum your furniture to remove crumbs, etc.
  • wipe down your ceiling fan blades and lampshades

And if you have 30 minutes, you’ve got time to tackle these:

  • wipe down the baseboards
  • clean your windows and wipe down your blinds
  • lift up your furniture and vacuum underneath
  • pull out all the cushions and vacuum

And last but not least…don’t forget about the bedrooms!

How to Clean Your Bedroom

You may be surprised just how quickly you can get the bedroom back into tip-top shape! Then, it becomes a haven in which you’re truly able to relax and unwind.

In just 1 moment of time, you can clean these items in a bedroom:

  • remove all dirty clothes and put in the hamper
  • pick up items off the floor
  • remove any dirty dishes
  • spray air freshener/light candles, essential oils, etc.
  • close the closet door to hide that mess
  • put shoes in your closet and out of the way
  • make your bed
  • take out the trash

With 5 minutes, you can tidy up these areas of your bedroom:

  • organize toy bins
  • fold up clean laundry and put away
  • wipe down mirrors
  • wipe down and declutter nightstands/desks

If you have 10 minutes to spare, put your focus on these areas:

  • vacuum or sweep the floor
  • change out the sheets

And if you have 30 minutes, you can even do these items:

  • organize and declutter your closets and dresser drawers
  • wipe down windows shades
  • clean baseboards
  • clean out from underneath your bed

With these simple tips to tackle cleaning your home, it’s possible that you can tackle something each and every day! Remember, every minute helps every day, so chipping away at the never-ending cleaning list can happen by taking a few stolen minutes to speed clean here and there!

Grab your speed cleaning cheat sheet

Do you want to implement a few speed cleaning techniques at your home? Join the Proverbs 31 Mentor community above to grab your own copy of this handy cleaning checklist.

Consider laminating it for durability and keeping it with your cleaning supplies!  Enjoy!

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