4 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About God Through Nature

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One of our greatest blessings as mothers is the privilege to teach our children about God.

It’s a weighty blessing — one that we are constantly wondering and questioning if we are getting “right.”

So we teach them the Bible stories, reinforce the “reason for the season” each holiday, pray diligently for their little hearts, and take them to all the church programs. And, yet, we still wonder if we are doing enough.

Should we homeschool? Do I need to buy them that new devotional? Make them watch Veggies Tales over Dora?

And while these are all noble questions to consider, teaching our children about God doesn’t have to come from a curriculum. Every day we are given opportunities to reinforce the Gospel and to show our children how amazing our God is. It’s as simple as pointing out how God knows the number of strands of hair on your daughters head while you’re detangling her messy mane.

With that in mind, one of my favorite places to show my kids how awesome God is is outside. The possibilities are endless, but here are four of our favorite ways to learn about God through nature.

4 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About God Through Nature

Go outside on a clear night.

Take a blanket outside with you to lie down on and look up. Share how God created every single one of those stars. And how astronomers have no idea how many stars are in the sky — way too many to count and see — but God knows.

He determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names. – Psalm 147:4

Some other ideas for discussing outer space:

  • The creation story — how God separated day from night. (Genesis 1:14-18)
  • The star the wise men followed. (Matthew 2:1-12)

Search for animals.

The next time you are outside or in the car have your children search for animals. Note the birds, bugs, animals big and small. Use this as a starting point to discuss how God created all of them and he let Adam name them. (Genesis 2:19)

Fun questions to ponder together:

  • Why do you think God made flamingos? penguins? giraffes?
  • If you were Adam what would you have named ______?
  • What kind of animal do you wish God would have made?
  • Did you know that know that out of everything God created people are his favorite?

Check out the plants.

Turn a conversation about how God gave us plants for food into a fun way to get your children to try new fruits and vegetables. Or simply, observe the different plants in your area and discuss how:

  • creative God is to have made fruit and vegetables in all different colors and flavors. (Creation story: Genesis 1:1-25)
  • God cares for us and meets our needs. (Manna: Exodus 16)
  • every plant will die, but the God’s Word is forever. (Isaiah 40:8)

Observe the land.

Whether you live in the mountains, by the oceans, or in a tiny town surrounded by cornfields, the earth makes a wonderful example to teach our kids about praising God.

Thank you, God, for these flat lands with fertile soil that we may grow food to nourish our bodies.

O, Lord, how amazing are you that you created these beautiful mountains!

Thank you for the hill we slide down. It brings us such joy.

Let your kids have fun with this. We serve a God worthy of praise!

Lead your children to a firm foundation of faith by exploring nature as a family. Here's how teaching kids about God is as simple as spending time outdoors.

What’s next?

These four ideas are simple and require little to no prep, but you can always expand on them, especially if you find your children are really interested. My little guy loves space, so we are getting a telescope to “explore” more of the heavens.

The important piece is not how elaborate your activity is. It’s teaching our kids to see everything through eyes of worship. 

You start small. You point out to your kids the awesomeness of God in nature and everywhere. And before long, both of your hearts will be changed by looking for ways to praise him.

How does nature remind you of God’s awesomeness? How will you share it with your children?

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