Don't let Martyr Mom Attitude fill you with guilt and wreck your family. This prayer will help refocus your heart again!
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A Prayer for Martyr Mom Attitude

Do you find yourself struggling in mom life and with “Martyr Mom Attitude?” You’re not alone, friend!  May this prayer for weary moms help you rekindle your joy in Jesus and find hope at the foot of the cross.

Prayer for Martyr Mom Attitude

Dear Lord,

Humbly I confess that I’ve been suffering from Martyr Mom Attitude.  I recognize that my demeanor has been less than stellar as I’ve dramatically moped through my responsibilities.

Doing the dishes I groaned like it was the hardest task ever.

Then, I grumbled and complained about doing yet another load of laundry.

I sighed and gave a long list of excuses when the kids asked to paint; dreading the thought of another mess.

Truthfully Lord, I’ve snapped at my family more than I care to admit and am stagnant in my role as a homemaker, mother and wife.

Yet that’s not how I want to live.  I want to joyfully serve my family, yet there seems to be an inner tug-of-war between my mind and heart.

Forgive the attitude of my heart….

Father, forgive me for the times I take my loved ones for granted.  Help me to embrace who they are completely, despite their flaws and imperfections. Allow me to see past their quirks and give me a loving spirit even when I’m annoyed and irritable.  Above all, may my reactions be laced with your gentleness and grace instead of my shortcomings and frustration.

Forgive me for the times when I struggle to have a positive attitude about my chores and responsibilities.  Thank you for the gift of clothing, food and shelter.  May I reflect an attitude of gratitude when I mop the floors for the 3rd time in a week and fold another load of laundry.  Taking care of the blessings you’ve bestowed on us should not be a burden, yet forgive me for the times I do so with a mumble under my breath and less than a Christ-like attitude.



The real reason for my martyr mom attitude…

Lord, when I look in the mirror and come face with my bad attitude, the reflection staring back is worn and tired. My soul is in need of the true rest and restoration that only your Word can offer.

Truthfully, I’ve been so consumed with busyness and the tasks of life, that I’ve left little margin for rest and reflection. I’ve skimped or cut short our time together, quick to move on the next task instead of sitting at your feet and saturating my soul with your presence.

When I spend quality time in your Word, I draw strength and self-control from you alone.  Simply, I recognize my own flaws and shortcomings and know you are the key to a refreshed spirit.

Restoration for my weariness….

Help me to place boundaries and precautions around my heart and life.  Give me the self-control to seek you daily and establish a plan for balance and handling frustration. May I turn to you in moments of stress and struggle, admitting my need to relinquish control of my life.  Restore my soul and help me to pursue you above all else, regardless of the cost.

Father, I need your grace to move past my moments of weakness and to forgive myself of my shortcomings.  Help me not to dwell on my missteps but to accept your free gift of grace and remember that all has been washed in your precious blood.

And in my moments of frustration, may I cling to you for endurance to parent another day and mop another floor. The gift of salvation truly has set me free.


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  1. Oh, friend, the first few lines made me giggle, but then I felt a growing conviction. What a powerful way to point out our flawed thinking!
    Jen 🙂

  2. Sarah Ann! Who of us moms hasn’t felt exactly like this! Like … sometimes everyday in a week! Being a mom is exhausting … but such a privilege … I LOVE THIS in your prayer … “Above all, may my reactions be laced with your gentleness and grace instead of my shortcomings and frustration.” … Probably because it sounds a lot like my own prayer. Blessings to you as you lead and love your little ones!

  3. Wow, I feel like you described me so much in many of those written lines. I love your transparency. These truly are mom issues, troubles, difficulties, fears, and worries but we can always go to God as you did in the post. He is our redeemer and healer. Beautifully written!

  4. I love how this entire post is in the form of a prayer…and the solution you give is spot on! Thank you for this post. <3

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