When Fear Invades Your Family

Fear is sneaky. Frequently used as a tool of the evil one, fear threatens to destroy a family’s foundation of faith and trust. And there he lurks, ready to let fear damage relationships and overwhelm hearts.

Fear invades the thoughts of a wife as she worries about her husband’s fidelity.

It grips the heart of a child fearful of not fitting in and being accepted.

It paralyzes a father trying to make ends meet and wondering how they’ll survive.

Doubt of God’s faithfulness keeps believers distant and struggling to trust His promises when haunted by fear. Yet paralyzed with uncertainty, there is only one hope for heart restoration and peace.

The simple way to combat is fear is Truth.

On the days when fear has gripped your heart and wrestling with the unknown is more than you care bear, seek God’s Word for His truth and promises. It will permeate your heart and soothe the panic that presses in and takes root.

Establish a simple family Bible study routine as a repellent for fear and to submerse your entire family in God’s promises. As you learn and grow in faith together, the truth of God’s character and sacrifice will begin to eclipse your fearful moments.  In times of distress, remembering God’s promises will bring you all to a place of comfort and peace.

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Biblical promises about fear

When those hard days come and you’re seeking solace from the storm, there’s no better refuge than the comfort of Scripture.


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