3 Reasons Christian Women Need to Take a Break

It’s easy to get lost in the monotonous and mundane of life. Before long, you find yourself going through the motions with a half-hearted spirit. This is a warning sign you’re that you’re headed to exhaustion and you need to take a break. 

Yet I’ve found that Christian women often forgo the opportunity for true soul rest. Whether pride or sheer busyness gets in the way, not carving margin for rest in your schedule can actually do more harm than good.

Taking a break will restore your soul and replenish your spirit.  It’s easier to serve others with a joyful heart when your own needs are met!

Whether you carve a few hours out for Sabbath rest or plan a full retreat, breaking up the monotony will provide you the opportunity to reflect on the Lord and be still before Him.

If it’s possible, planning a trip to a Christian retreat center can be a blessing. Here you will experience true soul rest and have margin to meet with the Lord. You’ll be renewed mentally, physically and spiritually. And once you return home, you’ll be refreshed in body and spirit.

3 Reasons Christian Women Need to Take a Break

Connect with God

When life is getting hectic and busy, it is easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. But God is ready and willing to fill your soul with His goodness. You just need to be intentional about spending time with Him – even if you only have a few minutes.

Intentionally taking a break will bring you a new perspective and a renewed opportunity to pray and study the Bible. Without the noise of responsibilities, you will be able to see more clearly what God has planned for you and connect with Him in a fresh way.


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Renew Yourself

Caring for yourself is just as important as caring for those around you. I’ve discovered that I can’t love or serve others well when I’m exhausted and overwhlemed.

Taking a break is a good way to replenish your energy and spirit. Though it might feel a little bit selfish, taking this break will do good for everyone in the long run. (Trust me, a rested and satisfied woman can minister to her family better than one who’s worn and weary!)

Experience Fellowship

One of my favorite ways to restore my soul is to carve out time to spend with those that matter most.  Whether it’s a girl’s night with friends or manicures with my mom and sister, connecting through laughter and fun does wonders for a weary soul.

When you visit a retreat center, you’ll also be rewarded with Christian fellowship. The times where I have been to a retreat center, I’ve left with a new community of fellow Christians.

There I met new friends and together we prayed, studied God’s Word, and had fun. Meeting those wonderful women offered a fresh perspective on life and a chance for life-long friendships. It’s one my favorite benefits of sneaking away to a Christian retreat center!

Whether you choose to refresh your soul at home or at a retreat center, taking a break is a must for the busy Christian woman.  And once you’re intentional about resting, you’re ready to jump back into life with more gusto than ever before!

How do you revive your spirit and refresh your soul?


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