How to Strengthen Your Faith When God Seems Distant

There are times in my faith when God felt distant and far away. Whether I battled a secret sin I hid in shame or was simply struggling with life, feeling distant from God rattles me to the core.

Yet I’ve found that reconnecting with the Lord doesn’t have to be as hard or dramatic as I make it. Over the years I’ve learned that there are simple and intentional things we all can do to strengthen our faith when God feels distant. 

How to Strengthen Your Faith When God Feels Distant

Read the Bible (even if you don’t feel like it!)

If I am honest, when I feel distant from God, the last thing I want to do is read my Bible.  (Is that too transparent?!)

Yet I’ve learned that Bible study gives you a way to strengthen your faith, even if you are wrestling with God.  God is faithful to supply self-control, which helps me read my Bible even in seasons of struggling.

The next time that God feels distant, I challenge you to open His Word anyways.  Commit to soaking in the Scriptures for at least 10 minutes and watch your heart begin to soften.

After all, reading the Bible reminds you of Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross and how He came to redeem your wayward soul. Submersing yourself in Scripture is a practical way to mend your relationship with God and help you reconnect.

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Make time for prayer and honest communication with God

When I am in a season of wrestling with God, I make can make ANY excuse not to make time for prayer! 

Yet prayer is the ultimate conversation with God, and even when He feels distant, don’t avoid communicating with Him.

Instead, pour out your sorrows and struggles before Him.  Don’t be bashful or afraid to tell Him your true feelings.  After all, the King of Kings hears your cries and bear your burdens. He’s a loving and compassionate Shepherd who comforts His hurting flock.

And friend, there’s no prayer that shocks Him or takes Him off guard! He won’t be stunned by your true and honest feelings, so go ahead and share your heart openly.

The next time God feels distant, take a few minutes to chat with your Heavenly Father. Having open and honest dialogue with Him will help you reconnect once again.


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Get involved with your church community

Connecting with people who share your faith is an excellent way of strengthening it. If you haven’t already found a church home, seek out a God-centered church body to further your spiritual growth. 

If you’re searching for a church body, make sure biblically sound preaching is at the core. Once you have a church home,  there are lots of ways you can get involved with your church community. 

Not only will you bless others, being a servant will help strengthen your faith and receive blessings in return.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and find creative ways to use your talents for the Lord.

As you serve others in His name, you’ll find it strengthens your faith and helps you reconnect with God.

Go on a spiritual retreat

If you find yourself in a deep rut, a spiritual retreat is one of the most interesting ways you can strengthen your faith. Organizations like the Cenacle Sisters offer retreat events that are designed to help you reignite and strengthen your faith.

Besides taking a break from life’s responsibilities, you’ll spend time praying and reflecting in a beautiful nature setting. Plus,  you can find a range of different activities to help strengthen your faith and reconnect with God. You’ll leave refreshed and revived in your personal walk with the Lord.

Don’t forget…

No matter the reason you feel God is distant, the truth is, He’s never left your side.  He’s waiting for you to return to Him and experience fellowship with Him once again.

You don’t have to be a stay stuck, friend!

Simply reach out to God and He will be faithful to make His presence known to you!

How do you strengthen your faith when God feels distant?


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