Simple Hacks to Take the Stress Out of Moving

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We’re in a season of transition  in our family. For the past few months, we’ve been preparing to move to closer to my husband’s job. (If I’m honest, though, our status on the move should currently read, “It’s complicated.” ) While  we’re in a season of planning and packing, we’re also busy praying that God will fill us with His wisdom as we embark on this journey. 

Are you in season of packing and preparing, too? Are you stressed and anxious about what’s on the horizon?  I can SO relate!

While you may be excited about the prospect of brand new home, you’re probably not excited about the preparations necessary to make that happen. (Me neither!)  There seems to be a never ending to do list to get ready. There’s a lot to be done, and you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. (Me, too!) 

Can you relate, friend? If you’re in a season of transition, may these hacks take the stress out of moving and help make this a smoother transition for all.

Simple Hacks to Take the Stress Out of Moving

Declutter your house from top to bottom

When you’re moving house, you should start by sorting out your existing house. While it’s not a fun task, this will help you streamline your belongings, which will be more appealing to potential buyer.  

Start in one room and work your way through it before moving on to another room.  When I first started the “big purge”, I went through every drawer, closet, and cabinet.  My goal was to have the storage spaces in our small home appear bigger and that we had no problem fitting our belongings in there.

Plus, this is a chance to go into our new home with more efficient systems than in our existing one. If you plan on moving, you should declutter so that you bring fewer belongings with you and start off more organized than before.

Once you’re done decluttering, call a charity that will come pick it up your discards. But since we decided to box up some items while our house is on the market,  we need to find storage near me to take our extra belongings before we move. 

Does the thought of moving seem overwhelming? These simple hacks will help take the stress out of moving and stay organized in the process. moving tips I moving I moving tips packing I organization I homemaking II Faith Along the Way #moving #organize #homemakingtiips

Be wise when packing boxes

The first time we moved, my boxes were a disaster! This time around, I vowed to put more thought and effort into how we packed.

First, keep all your packing materials in one place for easy access.  Consider filling a tote bag filled with tape, scissors, a marker, and bubble wrap to transport from room to room as you pack.

Then, be sure to overestimate the amount of boxes you’ll need.  Ask around for free boxes from friends and even local business.  Use boxes that are sturdy and roomy, however, don’t use boxes that are too large or they will be unwieldy.

As you’re packing, use towels and washcloths to wrap around breakables to save on bubble wrap. And as you close each box, label it with a brief description of the contents and the room it will go in in the new house.

Set up utilities and sevices before moving

The transition between two homes can be stressful. But planning to  set up utilities before you move into your new home will help.  This will take the stress out of your move by knowing you will come home to working power, plumbing, and internet.

Be forewarned, a lot of these services can take a few weeks to get set up. You don’t want to move into your new home and find that you have to wait weeks for those services, right?! (I *might* have done this before!)

Pack a “moving day” suitcase

A lot of thought has to go into the packing process. And that doesn’t just mean packing things on the moving truck – it means that you have to decide what not to put on the moving truck. 

Keep in mind that there could be delays on the journey to your new house . (Can you imagine the movers getting there hours after you?)

Additionally, you don’t want to have to root around in boxes for the essentials on day one. You want to minimize stress and settle in as much as possible. A suitcase full of clothes, toiletries, and other immediate necessities will help to make the transition a little smoother. (Don’t forget clothes for the kids, too!) Plus, you might want to consider sleeping bags if the beds aren’t sorted yet either.

While relocating can be stressful, using these hacks to take the stress out of moving can be such a lifesaver!

What are your favorite ways to prepare to move?

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