These truths will change your parenting, even on the hard days.
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5 Truths that will Transform Your Parenting

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It’s the greatest blessing wrapped into one messy and sleep-deprived adventure.

From reading books to bandaging knees, motherhood is filled with moments of pure joy and precious memories to treasure for a lifetime.

But I found out early in my parenting, after my daughter was diagnosed with Autism, that I was making motherhood more difficult than it needed to be.

In my desire to be a “good mom”, I was wrapping myself in a cocoon of stress rather than savoring those sweet memories of her childhood.

It was then, wondering how my role as mom would change as we charted this new territory, that my view of parenting shifted and was changed forever.

The gift of clarity that came from learning about my child’s condition lifted the fog from my eyes and I learned savor what motherhood was about.  These simple truths can transform your parenting, too.

When you view parenting through these truths, your perspective will shift forever!


1. You’re not perfect. 

As moms, we try to feign some resemblance of perfection.  We are so desperate for other women to think we excel at motherhood, and we put on a mask of perfection that prohibits others from seeing our true selves.

When we take off the mask and expose ourselves for who we are, moms that fumble through life and sometimes struggle to stay afloat, we create unity and transparency with others.

Our fellow moms who watch us juggle life from the outside, will be thrilled to see the reality of our parenting woes. Not ruled by mean ambition or ill-will, others will be relieved that we’re human and that we struggle at times, too.

Underneath our shrouds of perfection, we’re terrified of messing up our kids and praying that our best will be good enough in the end, even though as moms, sometimes we struggle with managing our own feelings, including mom anger.

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2. Parenthood is not a competition or a Pinterest post.

From over the top birthday parties to elaborate vacation plans, moms unknowingly compete to be the best and have the best.

Instead of building others up, moms tend to disdainfully judge every aspect of another family’s life.

Yet that’s not what wants God from us.

He call us to show love by being respectful, no matter how another chooses to parent or whether or not she feeds her family an all organic diet.

What is right for your family may not be right for another, so call off the cavalry and stop competing with each other!

3. A season of difficulty does not define your child or your parenting.

When in a season where your child has let you down {if they haven’t yet- they will!}, remember that this does not define your child or your ability to parent.

There will be moments and seasons of struggle, disobedience, and rebellion as he/she finds their way in the world.

Hit your knees and pray for guidance; trusting that God will be faithful to reveal your next steps on your journey through parenthood.

Draw strength and peace from His Word alone, trusting that He is working in the heart and life of your child.

Allow yourself to grow as a parent and for God to refine your character through this trial as well.

These truths will change your parenting, even on the hard days.

4. Give more grace to your child than they deserve.

It’s human nature to want to hold a grudge and to turn a cold shoulder to those who have hurt or wronged us in some way.

Parenting is no different, and it can be tempting to carry around anger and resentment against a child who has consistently done wrong.

Instead of acting in the flesh, give more grace to your little offender than he/she deserves.

Be gracious to your child when they stumble, modeling the grace offered freely at the cross to you.  After all, your child is a sinner, too, and it’s your job to point them to Jesus in action and in words.

5. God gave your child to YOU for a reason.

In those times your parenting journey is tough and overwhelming, it can be easy to question what God is doing.

Remember, He hand-picked YOU to be your child’s parent and has equipped YOU to thrive in that role.

Grab your Bible, the greatest parenting book of all, and pray specifically for strength, wisdom, and grace to to penetrate every fiber of your being.

May you learn to radiate the love of Jesus to your child, and to be an example of the hands and feet of Jesus as you trust that God does not make mistakes.


May He who placed you with your family members lavish you with joy on the journey of parenthood, today and always.

What truth grounds your parenting and reminds you to stay strong on your path? How do you keep your powerful mom feelings in check?




  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. These are words of truth that we all need to hear repeatedly as parents!

  2. What a great reminder – that God gives us OUR children to US for a reason… I think so many mothers need to hear that… I know I do! Encouraging word!

  3. children are a gift from God – that last point is SO important… 😀

  4. Spot on! I keep reminding myself of the last one, God gave me my children for a reason and made ME their mother for a reason. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know it can be hard to remember, but they are part of your plan and vice versa. 🙂

  5. Wow! These are beautiful truths! They are so needed for pretty much all parents! <3

  6. These are all great truths, but #5 is key and so, so important to remember! Beautifully written!

  7. Love this, Sarah Ann! A few of them I have had to learn the hard way, especially number 3. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. 🙂

  8. Thanks for your beautiful post. We all need these reminders. The most important thing is that we love our kids and don’t give up.

    1. Absolutely! It’s easy to want to throw in the towel after a rough season or day, but God does give us the strength to keep going.

  9. This is so wonderful. When my boys were little (they are now 9 & 10), I really needed this – especially #3. With two high energy boys, I felt very defined by how difficult everything was. I so wish I had known that that season would quickly pass. My daughter is now 2 1/2 and I’m enjoying every moment with her. I know the “terrible twos” will pass and this makes it so much easier to stay relaxed.

    1. I have a high energy boy and often repeat these last 3 over and over. It’s great that you’ve learned how to enjoy every season after some challenging ones with your boys.

  10. WOW! This is such a great post! Parenting is such a tricky subject and you handled this gracefully and informatively! Thank you so much for sharing your tips!

    1. Thank you for your kindness. 🙂 Parenting is not for the faint of heart, but God gives us the strength to face each new day!

  11. Love this!! Thanks for sharing!! Number four is so important to remember!!

  12. All these are an everyday reminder. I need to somehow stick them on my wall! 😀 With homeschooling, I am finding times where its crazy and other times where it works, and figuring out who I am in the process, as well as who my kids are. A lot of what you wrote applies to what I have been struggling with and I thank God that change is possible or we would all be going crazy. 😉 Thank God for grace extended and help us to love our kids the way He loves our kids. Did any of that make sense? lol Tired baby brain.

  13. What a great post! These are reminders that all moms need from time to time…especially that we aren’t perfect and it isn’t a competition! Thank you!

    1. These truths have helped a ton on my journey through motherhood!

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