If you've struggled to mature in your walk with God, its's time to get off the sidelines and get into the game.

An Open Letter to the Complacent Christian

Dear Complacent Christian,

It’s 8:30 on a Sunday morning, as you and your family scramble to get to church on time. Not a hair out of place, your smiles give the illusion that life is near perfect.

Before you get to the car, you realize you left your Bible inside and you dash back in to grab it.  Searching high and low, you wonder where on earth you stashed it last week.  Is it under the stack of mail? Was it miraculously placed on the bookshelf where it belongs?

Mumbling more than a few curse words, you find your Bible, smashed and wrinkled in the kid’s toys. Its been unopened since you paraded the crisp, trendy version through the church hallway last week.

All week long it sat untouched, unopened, and went unnoticed.

Throughout your over-scheduled week, you haven’t thought about God, let alone had the desire to open His Holy Word.

Content to be present at church each Sunday and talk the Christian lingo over coffee and modern worship, Christianity has yet to invade every aspect of your life.

You’re comfortable to be a Sunday Christian, one who checks off an obligation to Jesus, but never truly lets Him into your life.

You’ve compartmentalized your belief in God, and by limiting His presence to one day a week, you’ve never grown or matured in faith.

If you've struggled to mature in your walk with God, its's time to get off the sidelines and get into the game.

And you’re exactly where the evil one wants you; powerless, ineffective, and not being used to further the Kingdom of God.

The enemy tempts you and lures you to live paralyzed in your faith, weak in will and blinded by the trappings of this world.

When you live comfortable and complacent, you’re no threat to his evil plans and you’re exactly the kind of Christian he loves; weak, powerless, and silent.

Yet in case you haven’t heard the latest news, Christians are at war all across the globe.  Brutally murdered in cold blood for their belief in Christ, Christians now more than ever have to be bold in faith and take a stand for their beliefs.

Friend, it’s time to get off the sidelines of Christianity and get into the game.

It’s time to determine if you truly have a relationship with Christ and what you really believe. If you have questions about your relationship with God, find a respected Christian to talk with openly and honestly. (You can also visit the post, Who is God and What Does He Have to Do With Me?, to have a few questions answered.)

If’ you’ve already accepted Christ as your Savior, it’s time to grow up in your faith.

An Open Letter to the Complacent Christian- If you've struggled to mature in faith, you're missing out on what God has planned for you. Here's why you need to get off the sidelines and start pursuing a relationship with God.


It’s time to learn the principles of God by studying His Word and developing a relationship through prayer.  No matter how long it’s been since you prayed and desired to know Him more, He is there waiting to welcome you home with open arms.

It’s time to be bold in faith, building relationships with friends and family to openly share the Gospel and lead others to Christ. Being burdened for them and not wanting them perish without knowing the Lord will give you the courage to step out in faith and share the greatest gift of all.

It’s time to fellowship with other believers who seek to glorify God.  Spur each other on to dig deep and to take steps of faith and obedience.

It’s time to be a missionary in your own backyard, showing outsiders and the less fortunate an example of Jesus’ love and acceptance.

It’s time to leave behind the idols of materialism and perfectionism, understanding that they’re used by the evil one to distract you from your true purpose. YOU have an important role in God’s plan and it’s time pray about what that looks like in your life.

It’s time to realize that life is NOT ABOUT YOU, but about proclaiming the Good News to a lost and fallen world.

It’s time to impart Truth about God’s redemption, grace, and hope, knowing that it can break the shackles of addiction, bondage to sin, and slavery to selfish desires.

Friends, God is calling YOU to leave the comforts of complacency, and to boldly proclaim that you are a follower of His, regardless of the cost.

We are at war against evil and darkness, and the army of Christ is calling YOU to take a stand in a lost and fallen world for Him.

While we don’t know the day or the hour, Jesus is coming and has commissioned His church to pave the way boldly and with urgency.

NOW is the time!

Where do YOU stand?

What will YOU sacrifice?

Will YOU be found faithful?


  1. I used to be that girl. Not anymore. My Bible is always right beside my sofa and I have some sort of study every single day.

    1. Yep, I used to be her too! It’s amazing how when God gets a hold of you, He won’t let go!

  2. Truthful and eye-opening word!!!! I believe we all get a little “complacent” and we need this reminder to get our eyes fixed on Gad and press in – I know I needed the reminder! Thanks!

    1. Amen! I’ve been there more than I care to think about, but thank goodness for grace!

    1. May they encourage and convict those that need to realign their hearts and turn back towards God.

  3. Hi Sarah! Very bold and oh so very true! I do think we all slip into complacency at some point. But we have to make faith a priority and build those daily habits to grow stronger in our relationship with God. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! It has to become a habit, even on days when we’re not “feeling it” and may not want to make it be a priority. 🙂

  4. Thank you for writing this! As I read His word daily and see Him at work all around us I’ve been feeling a sense of urgency in my heart. It’s like you’ve expressed everything that’s been on my mind and heart lately. ~Cynthia | My Rose Colored Shades

    1. Yes! Even when I’m in the Word and growing closer to God in prayer, it’s dangerous to think we’re right where we should be!

  5. Very well said! That used to be me, but I’ve learned through experience, that we are in the war whether we like it or not. Satan is coming after us so we need to be prepared. I’ve so many lives and family destroyed because of complacency. Thank you for speaking about this!

    1. Absolutely! The enemy uses complacency to rob us and to steal from us! May we recognize the face of evil and know God’s Word to be able to fight back!

  6. You are so right! It is time! This is an amazing wakeup call! Thank you for challenging us!

    1. I need the challenge and encouragement in my Christian walk as well!

  7. Excellent article Sarah. Very convicting, even for someone who hopefully isn’t a complacent Christian!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! It’s so funny how God will use my own writing to convict me, too!

  8. Sarah Ann,
    THANK YOU for shootin’ straight and sharing with us over at Coffee & Conversation! Praying that God blesses you for your courage as you encourage us all to be REAL in our faith and in our lives…

    1. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention we’ll be featuring your post as most-clicked last week!

  9. I mostly agree with this. Except one thing, I think this life IS about us. It is about our journey back to Christ. It is our challenges, our tests of faith, and our trials. It is about us each choosing our own paths. And the times where we struggle don’t make us any less Christian. Because falling away from 100% dedication to the church does not disqualify us from ever coming back.

    1. I LOVE that when we fall away God welcomes us back with open arms! I am thankful everyday for His amazing grace, yet know that while He loves us immensely, His intention was never to have life be about us. It’s about Him, in His glory and perfection, coming to Earth as Jesus to save us from our sins. 🙂 I’m thankful that He provided a way to spend eternity with Him heaven despite our missteps and choices. I love the gift of grace!

  10. Hello Sarah Ann (old friend!),
    I’m so glad to be your neighbor at Coffee for your Heart today! Oh it’s so easy to become complacent and takes much discipline to set aside the distractions to commune with God in prayer and hearing what he has to say to us. Love this challenge to continue to seek him!

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