20+ Simple Prayer Ideas for When You Don’t Have Time to Pray

Do you struggle to find time to pray when life is busy? Prayer isn’t meant to be an obligation or duty but rather a privilege and opportunity for fellowship with the Lord. These simple prayer ideas will help you create a daily prayer habit, even when life is busy.

Benefits of using simple prayer ideas

Some days and seasons of life, can feel hectic and overwhelming. Yet it doesn’t mean that you have to skip your daily prayer time.

These creative prayer ideas can help you find unconventional times and places to pray, but keep you talking with your Heavenly Father.

Incorporating these simple prayer ideas into your daily routine helps you make prayer a priority, regardless of what’s going on around you.

They also help you cultivate a heart that is continually seeking God and inviting Him into your everyday moments.

As a result, you train yourself to be more aware of God’s presence and more attuned to His voice amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

Plus, they teach the children in your life the value of a thriving prayer life, setting a foundation for a lifelong relationship with God.

Ultimately, these practices help keep your eyes on Jesus, encourage you to look for His blessings in your life, and foster a deeper connection with Him.


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Simple Prayer Ideas for When Life is Busy

When you don’t have time for your regular prayer routine, these simple prayer ideas will help you still spend time with God.

5-minute morning prayer

There’s nothing sweeter than starting the day with the Lord.

It sets the tone for my day, aligning my thoughts and actions with God’s will. This sacred time of connection fuels me with a sense of peace, helping me to navigate life’s challenges with God’s strength, instead of my own.

Morning prayer doesn’t have to be long or elaborate, either. Start off small and try praying just five minutes.

You can even do this while doing a part of your morning routine, such as getting dressed or making breakfast.

When I’m praying on-the-go, the ACTS prayer method helps me stay focused as I pray. The simple acronym of:

  • Adoration
  • Confession
  • Thanksgiving
  • Supplication

helps me run through my prayer list mentally, instead of not spending time with God at all.

Need more prayer prompts to start your day? This ultimate list of morning prayer points will help you focus your heart on Jesus all day long.

Starting my day with prayer, I am reminded of God’s unwavering love and grace, inspiring me to follow Him wholeheartedly throughout the day. I know it will do the same for you!

Pray your list

When you see someone’s name on your cell phone or social media list, take a moment to pause and offer a prayer for them.

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or acquaintance, each name represents a soul in need of God’s love and grace.

Pray for their well-being, for any challenges they may be facing, and for God’s guidance and provision in their lives.

Use this simple act of seeing a name as a prompt to intercede on their behalf, knowing that your prayers have the power to make a difference in their lives.

Pray Scripture

A good way to start your day is by reading a short Bible verse or passage of Scripture. Then, turn it into a prayer by praying those words back to God. (This will help you start praying Scripture with confidence).

Need a place to start? These calming Bible verses for stress, worry, and anxiety will help you cling to God’s truth in times of overwhelm.

Consider writing one of these Scriptures in your planner to mediate on God’s Word all day long and to pray it when you’re feeling stressed.

Whenever you hear a siren

When first responders are going to a call, sirens blaring, that usually means someone is in trouble.

The siren is an auditory reminder that someone is in need and could use some extra strength and prayer. So whenever you hear a siren, take a moment to say a prayer for whoever is in need and the people in need in your own life.

Mealtime gratitude

Turn mealtime into a regular part of your prayer routine by beginning each meal with gratitude and prayer.

Pause to thank God for the food before you, the hands that prepared it, and the nourishment it provides for your body. Use this time to also pray for those who are hungry and in need around the world.

It’s a great time to pause and praise God for His steadfast character. Plus, it helps you reflect on God’s blessings and give thanks for His faithfulness in your life.

As the Holy Spirit prompts

Have you ever just had the urge to reach pray for someone or a certain situation? The Holy Spirit could be moving you to do this and prompting you to pray.

Don’t ignore the prompting, but pause to pray silently or with those you’re around. Learning to listen to God’s voice will help you recognize when He’s leading you to pray.

Home blessing prayers

As I clean my home and care for my family, I love to pray over my home. I try to pray Scripture over each room of my home as I enter it.

Then, I like to invite God’s presence to fill this room and for the person who uses it most. I ask the Lord to lead and guide that person according to His perfect will.

These Scripture prayer cards for your home are a great place to start praying home blessing prayers.

Set a reminder on your phone

Most people have phones on them, and setting an alarm to pray is a positive way to use technology. Try setting an alarm or setting an alarm interval to help you remember to pray throughout the day.

When it goes off, take a quick moment to pause, pray, and praise the Lord.  It’s a simple reminder to be still before the Lord as your day unfolds.

Use a prayer app

To help make regular prayer part of your daily routine, try downloading a free prayer app.

An app like The Daily Prayer App, provides users with prayers each day based on their particular concerns or needs. It also prompts you to pray about something specific at any given moment.

It can also be used as a prayer journal where you write out your thoughts and prayers for the day.

Bedtime blessings

Before you go to sleep, spend some time praying and reading the Bible. Even if it’s for five minutes, this can help you renew your mind with truth before you say goodnight.

Saying your prayers before bed can be calming for the mind and help you trust God to shoulder your burdens so you can rest.

Sensory prayer walk

Take a prayer walk outdoors and engage all your senses in the experience. Notice the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and even tastes around you.

With each sensation, offer a corresponding prayer, expressing gratitude for God’s creation and seeking His presence in the world around you.

Prayer board

Create a visual prayer board or collage using images, words, and symbols that represent your prayers and intentions.

This can be a physical board on your wall or a digital collage on your phone or computer.

Spend a few moments each day looking at your prayer board, offering up each image or word as a prayer to God.

Or as you walk by it, choose one request off the board to lift up in a quick prayer.

Here’s a picture of my simple prayer wall and the prayer wall toolkit I used to create it.

Picture of my DIY prayer wall with prayer board and hanging prayer requests, Scripture art print, and a vase of flowers

Breath prayers

Integrate brief, heartfelt prayers into your daily breathing pattern.

With each inhale, offer a silent plea like “Lord, grant me peace,” and with every exhale, utter another petition such as “Guide my steps.”

This straightforward method can be seamlessly woven into your day, even amidst the hustle and bustle.

Kitchen prayers

Turn meal preparation into a sacred time by offering prayers as you cook. As you chop vegetables or stir a pot, express your gratitude for the food, pray for those who will eat it, and invite God’s presence into your home.

Let the act of cooking become a form of worship and connection with God.

Commute conversations with God

Use your commute time, whether driving, walking, or using public transportation, as an opportunity for prayer.

Instead of listening to music or podcasts, engage in conversation with God. Share your thoughts, worries, and hopes with Him, and listen for His guidance and presence during your commute.

Prayer post-its

Place sticky notes with prayer prompts or verses around your home or workspace. Each time you encounter one of these notes, take a moment to pause and pray.

These visual reminders can help you stay connected to God throughout the day, even when you’re busy with other tasks.

Nature prayers

Take advantage of moments spent outdoors, even if it’s just a few minutes in your backyard or a nearby park, to engage in nature-based prayer.

Marvel at God’s creation, whether it’s the beauty of a flower or the vastness of the sky, and offer prayers of awe, gratitude, and praise.

Music meditation

Choose a piece of instrumental music that speaks to your soul and creates a calming atmosphere.

Sit in silence, allowing the music to guide your thoughts and help you unwind in God’s presence.

Use this time to offer prayers of thanksgiving, confession, and supplication, allowing the music to deepen your connection with God.

Artistic expression

Tap into your creative side by using art as a form of prayer.

Whether you enjoy painting, drawing, coloring, or crafting, allow your artistic expression to become a means of communication with God.

Let your artwork convey your thoughts, emotions, and prayers to Him in a visual and tangible way.

Not artistic? No worries! Give Bible journaling a try or even doodle your prayers as a simple way to pray through creative expression.

Scripture soaking

Choose a short passage of Scripture that resonates with you and meditate on its truth. Read the passage slowly, allowing each word to sink in.

Reflect on its meaning and relevance to your life, and offer prayers inspired by the message of the Scripture. Allow God’s Word to shape your thoughts and prayers.

Prayer stones

Collect small stones or pebbles and assign each one a specific prayer intention or person to pray for.

Keep these prayer stones in your pocket or purse, and whenever you touch them, offer a quick prayer for the intention associated with that stone. Let the tactile experience serve as a reminder to lift up prayers throughout the day.

Prayer partnerships

Pair up with a friend, family member, or coworker and commit to praying for each other regularly. Set aside time to meet or communicate virtually to share prayer requests, encourage one another, and lift each other up in prayer.

Knowing that someone else is praying for you can be a source of great comfort and support.

If you’re pressed for time, consider having a friend with whom you text prayer requests to spur each other on with biblical truth.

Sabbath moments

Incorporate moments of Sabbath rest into your day, even if you can’t take a full day off. Set aside brief periods of time to rest, reflect, and recharge your spirit.

Use these moments to connect with God through prayer, Scripture reading, or simply being still in His presence.

woman praying on the bed

Getting started with these prayer ideas

When life is busy, these prayer ideas will help you draw near to the Lord and make seeking His face a reality.

Keep this list of prayer ideas with your Bible study materials or download it to your phone for quick access.

Printable list of Simple Prayer Ideas

To get started:

  • Choose one concept from the list of prayer ideas above that you want to try.
  • Try to implement it for one week and intentionally make this idea a reality in your day.
  • Then, when that becomes a habit or you’re ready to try something else, choose a different one.
  • Give yourself grace if you skip a day or fall out of practice. Remember, there’s no perfection or to-do list in prayer! What matters is a humble heart that is willing to run back to the Lord time and time again.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

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