3 Simple Ways to Create a Warm & Inviting Home

The goal of most homemakers is to create an atmosphere that’s full of warmth and welcomes friends with open doors.  As wonderful as that sounds, when life gets busy and days are packed with hurried activity, those lofty ideals for the home can fall by the wayside.

Even in seasons of busyness, it is possible for the hurried homemaker to create an environment that’s warm and inviting.

Create a Warm & Inviting Home

Simplify belongings and purchase pieces with meaning

Even careful and diligent homemakers can quickly find themselves playing the role of a Clutter Queen and dealing with unnecessary items. While you may gravitate towards stock piling and accumulating clutter (don’t worry, I’m there!), I find I am more relaxed at home when everything has a place.

Getting rid of the distractions of extra “treasures” will create a more inviting space and a hostess will be more willing to open her doors regularly to friends and family.

As a guideline, only purchase items you truly love, have meaning or add value to your life. Filling a home with less but more meaningful treasures helps create an atmosphere that’s special and uniquely yours.

This piece by Darren Gygi’s collection, has truly become a cornerstone piece that my family will treasure for years to come.

Darren G

Not only does it coordinate beautifully with my decor, the quality of this 9X9 canvas is superior to anything I’ve owned or seen in stores.  With a wide variety of design choices, the options are endless on how to use these gallery pieces in a home.

Currently, it makes me smile every time I walk past this grouping on my mantel, but there are many areas of my home where this versatile piece would be a welcome addition.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, canvases from Darren Gygi make a thoughtful and simple gift that will quickly become a cherished heirloom.

Plus, you can purchase this collection at a discount using the code sarah10 and receive free shipping as well. (You know I love a bargain!)

3 Ways to Create a Warm & Inviting Home

Focus on the tone of the home, not your possessions

I’ve been in homes that were near perfect, with polished floors and Pinterest-worthy decor, yet the atmosphere was not inviting.

I’ve been in homes where there were toys strewn on the floor, cereal bits on couch, yet it was a place of love and laughter, and all who entered were instant family.

The difference was the tone of the home and how welcoming those that lived there were to the guests that graced their doors.  When the tone of the home is one of warmth and genuine hospitality, emphasis is not on the decor, even if it looks like a Pottery Barn show room.

Setting your eyes on the Lord will help radiate a loving and joy-filled peace that will envelope your home, regardless of the decor.  All who enter feel the joy of the family and feel welcomed in a atmosphere that’s warm and inviting.

Let go of perfection

While a homemaker’s main goal is to have a neat and tidy living space (I can just breathe better in a clean home, so I understand!), letting go of the need to be perfect creates a more relaxed atmosphere.  Don’t wait to entertain simply because your home isn’t perfectly organized or spotlessly clean.

Instead, be thankful for the furnishings God has blessed you with and welcome guests with a head held high, even if you’re sporting stained carpets and toys that overtake the living area.  Letting go of the need to impress will free you to enjoy your home and your guests more than ever before!

How do you create an atmosphere that’s warm and inviting in your home?

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  1. These are great ways to create a home that is warm and inviting. It is hard to come into a home that is the replica of a magazine cover because it can feel cold and too staged. I enjoy homes that are lived in but maintained. It is not about perfection it is about enjoying your home and being a good steward of the gift God has given us in having a home. The picture is beautiful! I like to keep my home warm with pictures of family and candles.

    1. Thank you! I agree that I am most comfortable in homes that are well maintained but perfect. I love your ways to keep your home inviting! Those are some of my favorites, too!

  2. Such awesome tips! Have a warm and inviting home is a goal of mine. I’m glad to hear it doesn’t have to be perfect to be a haven! I’ve always hoped that was really true. 😉

    Sharing on fb!

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