Spread Christmas cheer with a blessing bag & DIY Kindness Kit.
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Give the Gift of Hope with a Blessing Bag

The Christmas tunes were blaring as I rolled home from Black Friday shopping. My car was loaded with purchases for loved ones, and I was satiated in both spirit and stomach. Thus, I was feeling deeply blessed.

As I pulled to the stop light mere miles from where my warm home awaited me, I saw him. Shakily holding the sign, “Will Work for Food”, his countenance was crestfallen and full of despair. As soon I saw him, I averted my eyes and my happy attitude vanished.

However, this was not the first time we have crossed paths.  Often, I’ve looked at my phone instead of meeting his weary gaze. Other times I simply imagined I could see through him, happy and content in my own world.

But not that day. That day was different.

Shame stirred within me as realized I had become one of the masses. As a society we are too comfortable, too complacent and too at ease in our safe little bubble. Meanwhile, the outside world is desperate for hope and seeking solace from the burdens of this life.


Therefore, it’s time to extend kindness and offer hope to a world in need. Let’s pledge to extend a helping hand and bring hope to the hurting this Christmas season.

Hope is a new, warm jacket for a child in need.

Hope is an anonymous donation that will keep the heat on this winter.

Hope is the bag of groceries left on the door stoop of a bankrupt family.

Hope is a kind word and smile to a stranger suffering in silence.

Hope is visiting an elderly neighbor who has no family left.

Hope is a hand-written note to a friend giving thanks for support and encouragement.

Most importantly, hope is found at the foot of the cross, where our defeated spirits are exchanged for a heart fully restored by the grace of Jesus Christ. {Learn more about the hope of grace here.}

As you go through the hustle and bustle of the season,  I challenge you to keep your eyes open and give the gift of hope to someone in need.

For me, I am taking a simple step of faith and creating a Blessing Bag to give to the poor, weathered soul I saw down the street. It contains some basic necessities, and more importantly, a letter describing how to have a personal relationship with the one true hope, Jesus}.

My eyes and heart have been opened and my spirit awakened. Therefore, I will seek to extend hope in practical and simple ways. You have the opportunity to make a difference in your own community by creating a blessing bag or doing other random acts of kindness.

As you search for ways to bless others, remember that it doesn’t have to be to someone in your own community.

Women in India will benefit from you buying gifts from the shop, AshaBelle.  The online store allows the women of Zakhira to create pieces to sell and then generate income from their products.  This amazing ministry gives the women hope that they can help support their families in the slums. Also, it’s a tangible way to show them the beauty of Christ’s love and faithfulness. Visit this inspiring site and give the gift of stability to women around the world.

Will you join me this Christmas in spreading hope and encouragement where it’s needed? Will you look around for those who need a helping hand?  After all, the best gift of all is sharing hope with others!



    1. Heather, Thank you so much for your kindness! I so appreciate you sharing and reading. Have a wonderful night!

  1. Thanks so much for the AshaBelle love. The ladies are doing amazing work I know ladies will love!

    1. Kim,

      Your ministry is wonderful and I am happy to feature the hard of those ladies any time! Take care!

  2. This is so inspiring to me! My husband and I need to sit down with our end-of-year finances and decide on our final charitable donations for the year. Money is a lot tighter while my husband is unemployed, but we are both aware that we’re in a much better financial position than most people. While we give to different causes throughout the year, December is when we try and do one last push of charity. I’d much rather help a person in need than buy unnecessary mantle decorations or fill a stocking with silly novelty presents.

    1. Thanks, Brita! It is encouraging to know that others “get it”, and are looking for ways to sacrifice for themselves to give to others. You are so right that even though money is tight for you, you have more than most people. I am cutting back on my kids gifts to be able to bless others. Please stop by and let me know when you decide which charity you want to donate to!

  3. Sarah Ann – I love this post so incredibly much. Just this morning I was thinking about doing this same thing. I saw a post on Facebook about taking a gently used purse and filling it with items like you listed. I like the idea of using a bag (especially one that helps employ women-need!) more, though. I love your heart, friend! 🙂

    1. That’s such a great idea! I may have to try that one, too. It’s amazing how many extra purses and bags that could bless someone else.

  4. You touched my heart with this one Sarah! I also like to carry Wendy’s gift certificates in my car to pass out when needed. You are a tremendous blessing to all that read you and you give HOPE to us all! Thanks!

    1. What a fabulous idea! I’m going to try this, too! Have a wonderful New Year! You bless me!

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