7 Fall Educational Activities for Preschoolers

Fall is almost here!!! It’s my FAVORITE season and I love EVERYTHING about it!  After all, it brings pumpkins, falling leaves, sweaters, cozy blankets and football into our lives again. {Can you tell I am tiny bit excited?}

The teacher in me could not let this season pass without incorporating some fall educational activities at home.

While our crafts and activities don’t always turn out like a Pinterest post, I long ago relinquished my need to be Supermom. So embrace the imperfections and have FUN learning with your children at home!

7 Fall Activities for Preschoolers proverbs31mentor.com

1. Fall Memory Game

Using the free printable ‘Fall Activity Cards’, print it out twice on cardstock, cut out the individual squares and laminate them {if you choose}.

Arrange the cards face down in rows.

Take turns flipping the cards over and looking for matches with your child. Whoever ends up with the most matches is the winner.

You can either place them all down at one time or for younger kids, place only a few sets down at a time.  Narrowing the amount of choices will help children grasp the idea of game playing and feel successful!

Download cards here.

Fall Activity Cards proverbs31mentor.com

2. Pumpkin/Gourd Sorting

Bags of mini-pumpkins and gourds are among my favorite things about fall!  I use them everywhere, even with my kids!  Have kids sort by size {smallest to largest or largest to smallest}, by color, by shape, etc… You can even compare and contrast, using the terms, “same and different.”

3. Pumpkin/Gourd Counting

Teach numbers and counting with these adorable minis as well!  For beginning number sense, line up pumpkins and help children count while pointing to each object.  Next group a number of pumpkins together, and help children count how many in each group.

To practice number recognition, have children place the correct number card by the group of pumpkins. Print off these adorable fall numbers to help with number recognition!

Download number cards 1-5 here.

Fall # Cards proverbs31mentor.com


Download cards 6-10 here.

Fall # Cards 6-10 proverbs31mentor.com

4. Nature Walk Graphing

Head outdoors with your child and a bag to gather fall items from the ground.

Have your child collect leaves, acorns, pine cones, sticks, etc…

Once finished with exploring the great outdoors, help your child sort the items gathered on your walk and count how many of each object you found.

Grab a free blank graph from this adorable site, First Grade Garden, and help your child label and color the graph according to how many of each item was collected. {Note: This activity is a little more advanced, but some children are ready at a young age to be challenged.}

Free Printable Fall 1-10 Number Cards

5. Fall Clothing Sort

Have your child help you get fall clothes ready and organized.

Give your child a pile of clothes and have them sort by clothing type {all of the pants in one pile, all of long sleeve shirts together, all of the sweaters together} and talk about the difference between fall clothes and summer clothes and why we have to wear different clothes in different seasons.

Promote independence by encouraging your child to practice getting dressed with fall clothes, even with shoes and socks.


6. Apple Print Patterns

Cut an apple in half to use as your “stamp”. Using only fall colors, dip the apple half in a paint color and then stamp it on a paper.

Alternate colors of the stamp, making a pattern, and have your child tell you what color comes next in the pattern.

Once your child grasps this concept, have him/her stamp a pattern for you

It’s a little messy, but kids love to get their hands dirty! This is a great opportunity for color recognition and labeling color names.

{Note: you may want to have one apple stamp per color so not to get the colors murky!}

7 Fall Educational Activities for Preschoolers

7. Find the Pumpkin

The simple game encourages the use of position words and phrases; on, off, under, over, behind, in front of, below, etc….

Hide a pumpkin somewhere in the room and give your child a clue to where it is located.

Once he/she grasps the concept, have him/her hide the pumpkin and give you the clue to its location.

What fall, educational activities do you like to do with your children? Have fun and keep the camera handy!

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  1. Aw man! I LOVED the fall when I was younger. So many memories – apple picking, Halloween for the entire month of October, huge Thanksgiving parties with my entire FAMILY, lobster legs on Christmas Eve and another HUGE HUGE party on New Years Eve! Aw man! Nostalgic!

    1. SO fun! I too, have many wonderful childhood memories that involve holidays and of course, the traditional dishes to go with them! YUM!

  2. Love these ideas! I think I’ll definitely be doing the nature walk graphing. My son loves to collect things during our walks. To celebrate all things Fall we made a bucket list of everything we want to do. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love the idea of a fall bucket list and can’t wait to check out yours! Thanks for sharing and happy graphing!

  3. My two little boys aren’t thrilled that summer is leaving us but they can’t wait to go to the pumpkin farm for pumpkins! Great ideas-I love the printables, my Little Guy will love them!

    1. Have fun those sweet boys! I am thrilled that fall is here and can’t wait to experience it with my kids, too. Enjoy the printables!

  4. This is great and makes me wish I had little people. 🙂 I’m pinning, though.

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