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Saturday Soiree Blog Party #5 + Printable


Hello weekend, when did you arrive?  I don’t know about your week, but mine was INSANE!  I started back to teaching, Joy came down with strep and a 107 fever (SO SCARY!), we visited Bubs’ new preschool, all while trying to squeeze in some writing time. Whew! I am exhausted but am so glad it is time for the gathering that refreshes my spirit and points me back to the Lord; the Saturday Soiree Blog Party!

Week in Review

I continued sharing my teacher’s heart in Building a Bond with Your Child’s Teacher and What I REALLY Hope My Students Learn. Parents, take advantage of the insight into the teacher mind and if you missed these posts, hop on over to help your child have the best school year possible! Don’t forget to join the community of parents praying for the new school year.  It’s not too late to follow along with this free prayer calendar!



 Last Week’s Party

I LOVE the posts that are being shared here every week!  I LOVE that those posts are growing more varied!  I LOVE that every week new bloggers are finding our blossoming community!  Those featured from last week’s fun are posted on my Pinterest board- Blog Love. Be sure to follow all my boards for terrific tips, ridiculously good recipes and enlightening encouragement.

Most Viewed


 Bind My Wandering Heart: Beginnings

Must Read

LeeAnn G. Taylor: When God Wakes You Up: A New Approach to Mornings

Full of Inspiration


A Harvest Reaped: My Son Was Stillborn: His Birth Story

Today’s Blog Party

Please link-up your posts that encourage, inspire and celebrate life.

Topics are flexible, but please be sure they are free from vulgar and offensive content (they will be removed without notice) and may include:

 faith, family, children, homeschooling, blogging, organization, DIY, recipes, friendship, Bible study, special needs parenting and more!


    1. Me too, Sarah! I’m hoping next week looks better than this one health-wise. Enjoy your weekend!

  1. So sorry to hear your daughter has been so sick – That is so hard to watch them go through too! Sure hope your weekend is easier and a time of rest & refreshment!

    1. Thanks, Sybil! I am praying we can stay healthy for awhile! I so appreciate you joining the Saturday Soiree Blog Party!

  2. Sorry to hear your little girly has been so poorly. Praying for healing and that the rest of you keep well.

    Thank you for hosting the party again this weekend, looking forward to reading them all!

    Aww I was so excited to be most viewed last week, thank you so much for letting me take part! 🙂

  3. Sarah Ann,
    Praying for a beautiful year of school for you! It must be exciting every year to influence the next generation. Thanks for hosting us again this week in the midst of your busy week!

    1. Sierra and Faith,

      Thanks so much for joining our community! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Found you through the Mommy Moments link up. I added a new party to your Blog Party Directory (Motivational Monday). Hope you have a great week!

    1. So glad you found me! I will be sure to link with you tomorrow! Great to connect with you!

  5. I want to say thank you for following your heart and coming over from SITS Sharefest to my blog and participating. I am very happy that we have connected. Thank you also for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in the Saturday Soiree Blog Party. God works in wonderful ways to get His plan and purpose fulfilled in the earth through His people. I am now a new follower. God bless you. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Yvonne! It has been a joy to connect with you and I look forward to following you and seeing how God uses you. Many blessings!

  6. OK, your week makes me tired just reading about it. And Joy – 107?? You must have been so scared! Hopefully she is doing much better.

    I wish you the very best start to the new school year. It’s been a long time since I had boys in school, but this time of year I always think about it. Prayers for the teachers (you) and for the students. For what we learn in school is so much more than book knowledge. Lives are being shaped, and character formed. May God richly empower you to do both!


  7. Thank you so much for sharing the mornings post as a “must read”. I truly hope it blesses some women and encourages them to reevaluate their morning time to make it intentional time to connect with God. Blessings!

    1. Lee Ann,

      Thank you for sharing these great tips! I need to trust that God will wake me up and go to bed at an early hour so I can rise well rested. 🙂

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