Motherhood Myths vs. Reality

Motherhood Myths vs. Reality Faith Along the Way

Oh, Motherhood, how I had grand plans for you!  I just KNEW I had you all figured out and would be a mother for the history books once I was finally blessed with children.  I had it all planned. I would lovingly discipline my children and we would spend long hours learning and laughing through homeschooling.  Their bellies would full of made-from-scratch food, and we would be happier than most families, simply because I knew how blessed I was to have been given my children through the beauty of adoption.

Looking back I want to laugh out loud at my oh-so naive self!  Unless you’re in a Disney movie, that’s just not reality.  At least that’s not my reality! {If your reality is this way, what’s the magic secret?}

As much as I love motherhood, it’s not what I daydreamed it would be while I was praying for my babies.  Here’s my look back at the myths I believed before I became a mom and now that I am no longer a rookie, a glimpse into my everyday reality.

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Myth– When I am a mother, I will be fulfilled and satisfied.

Reality– Friends, no matter how much I love and cherish my children, motherhood does not and can not completely fill a person.  You may LOVE motherhood and know mothering is exactly what you should be doing, like me,  but it can’t satisfy that craving in your soul.  That questioning and wondering why motherhood doesn’t fill the void in your soul is simple.  Motherhood was never designed to fulfill you and to be your everything.  That’s God’s job; to satisfy that longing gnawing at your soul with his love and peace.  His love will overflow your heart until you are filled with his goodness and radiate his joy.


Myth– Once I become a mother, it will force me to be more organized.

Reality– Pardon me as I laugh out loud {HAHAHAHA!!!!} Not only did I not become more organized, I now have two tiny people consistently undoing my hard work. I am diligent to clean up after them, while they go behind me and destroy it all. I am learning, though, to go with the flow and know I will miss tripping over toys and seeing crayon filled walls when they are grown.



Myth– Once the babies start sleeping through the night, I will be well-rested.

Reality– I’m pretty sure I won’t be well rested until my kids go to college! I am exhausted most of time, often due to Joy’s middle of the night party in her bed or Bubs’ random crying out in his sleep.  Then when I do wake, like most moms, I hit the ground running and often don’t sit down until the kids are in bed.  While my gigantic to-do-list will probably never be complete, I am learning to function on much less sleep than I ever imagined!


Myth– I can’t handle puke. At. All.

Reality– I CAN handle puke, although I truly do hate it.  I am still grossed out and sometimes gag, but I am proud that I have been forced to conquer my life long fear of vomit!

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Myth– I won’t yell at my kids.

Reality- I have REALLY missed the mark on this one, because I yell more than I care to admit.  I am, however, a work in progress and God has started to tap me on the shoulder when I’m raising my voice.. I then try to change the tone of my voice and how I am approaching this situation.  Ironically, my children respond better to a calm, controlled mommy than a screaming, irate mommy on most days!


Myth- My kids kids won’t watch TV.

Reality– While my kids are not huge TV watchers now {Joy actually doesn’t enjoy TV}, there is something about shows such as Thomas the Train or Bob the Builder that will rivet Bubs and capture his full attention for maybe 15 minutes.  In those 15 minutes our house is quieter, there is only one child I need to keep out of trouble, and I might be able to get something done, maybe.

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Myth– Motherhood will be one never ending play date where we are often surrounded by friends.

Reality– Motherhood can be lonely.  Sometimes I feel like an island, in which I am not truly connecting with other moms.  Sometimes I feel as though our family watches from the outside, while others live life together and are constantly together doing fun things.  I long for a connection with moms who are in the same stage of life and can understand how overwhelming this journey through motherhood can be.


Myth– I will love my kids.

Reality– I adore my kids!  I love them more than I could ever imagine and am humbled to be chosen to be their mom!  I crave their snuggles and on a bad day, ignoring the dishes and the laundry to play with them for a long period of time, helps ground me and bring me back to reality!


What motherhood myths vs. realities have you experienced?  Can you identify with any of mine? Please share what has surprised you about motherhood and know you are not alone on this wild adventure of raising children!

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  1. This made me smile. I can ascribe to many of the same myths debunked and proven in my history as a mom. Here is one I knew long before and though it is a reality and it is true, I still struggle with the depth. I knew I was supposed to be a mom, but there were some days I wondered if I as the right mom. The reality is that God is fully in control and whether or not I was on board with this train he is the one in charge and He has given me so much in this journey as a mom. Myth: I will get it all together when I am a mom. Reality: Not! I realized just how NOT Together I was. And then I thew homeschooling on top of it. Oy! I have been learning about sanctification in many wonderful ways! 🙂

    1. I am laughing at this!!! I’m SO glad I am not the only one!!! Love that I am not the only who was surprised that I didn’t have it all together and the more I parent, the more I don’t think I ever will. Thank goodness God is bigger than my shortcomings!!!

  2. The reality is always so much different than the fantasy. These myths die hard though and I still find myself being surprised that they aren’t all true! 🙂

    1. YES! The funny thing is, some days I really think I have it all together! HA! I’m so glad I am not alone in this!

  3. Nice.

    The puke thing? Ew. I can also handle it, but I gag as I’m cleaning it. It takes me a long time to clean that up.

    1. Me too! If my hubby is home, that is automatically his job! My kids will not stop getting car sick so that’s another issue to battle! Oh the beauty of motherhood!

  4. I am with you! I too struggle with being lonely. I have family close by but no one in the same stage of life that I am in and or no one who is truly a great friend to spend time with.

    1. It’s bad we don’t live in the same area to keep each other company! I feel your pain, my friend!

  5. Motherhood teaches a lot, doesn’t it? My kids’ puke doesn’t even really bother me anymore. (Fortunately, no one has done it in a while.) That doesn’t go for other people’s, though! 😀

    1. Ha! Yes, totally understand about other people’s vomit! Such a blessing to connect with you!

  6. This is a fabulous post! It should be required reading for all Moms –experienced or new. Thank you so much. I loved the way you addressed all of these myths. One myth I struggled with the myth that as a mom I will always know what to do. Thanks again for this wonderful post!

    1. Haha! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I too, am left clueless sometimes and I find that motherhood keeps me on my knees more than I ever thought. 🙂

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