Hope for the Weary Mom

There are seasons in every mom’s journey through motherhood that are filled with frustration, tears, and those weary days that threaten to crush our spirits.

Sometimes it’s a child’s behavior and we struggle to manage our out-of-control offspring.

Sometimes it’s learning a child is struggling in school and wondering about the future.

Sometimes it’s the day to day grind that has us worn out and in need of change.

Whatever your struggle, whatever your heartache, you’re not alone.

Weary Mom

I’m there with you, friend, in the trenches of motherhood, and know the road you are walking.

While our journeys may be different, the ache of our heart is the same.

We are weary to the core and in need of refuge from the struggles and the strife.

But on our path of child-rearing, we weren’t left to find the way by ourselves.

God provided His Word as the ultimate parenting book and hasn’t deserted the weary mom or left her fumbling on her own to figure things out.

On those days or in those seasons when your mom heart is troubled and you’re longing for rest, there’s a dash of hope and a ray of sunshine in the darkness; Jesus.

He reminds us in His Word what we as moms are up against.

We think we battle child disobedience and tantrums, yet we battle so much more.

Hope for the Weary Mom

Remember, we’re at war

I’ve never thought of parenting as a battle until recently, when IΒ read Ephesians 6: 12-18.

I was reminded how we are in a spiritual fight against evil, even in our favorite place, the home.

The evil one wants nothing more than to tear apart our family.

He greedily wants their little hearts and minds to succomb to the sin he taunts them with and makes that sin look so desireable.

He wants them disobedient and to cause conflict in the home, dividing families and hearts from the unity of Christ.

He doesn’t want us to minister to our children and lavish them with grace.

He doesn’t want us moms to find hope in the Lord on those hard days.

He wants us to live defeated, so we’re unable to and feel unqualified to point our children to Jesus.

He wants to use the sin nature of our children to test us, and wear us down.

Moms, when we live defeated on those weary days, we are giving the evil one victory in our lives and in our homes.

So, get up each day, hit your knees, and recognize that the precious members of your family are all at war.

Then put on the armor of God, ready to battle the evil one for your family, knowing that the Lord has provided eternal victory over the devil’s schemes once and for all.

Be strong in the Lord

When I’m weary and run down, it’s an instinct to curl up and retreat.

I long for rest for my tired soul and for peace in my troubled heart.

Yet God calls me to stand upon His promises of strength and to get up to fight another battle.

It’s through Him alone, I can face the disobedient child.

It’s through His strength I can show grace, instead of anger.

It’s through His strength I can speak words of kindness instead of the angry tones that rage within me.

It’s through His strength that I find the ability to keep going in those difficult times and radiate His joy to my family.

And God’s strength will never let you down or forsake you.

Believe that God is still at work

Despite the workings of the evil one, God has not abandoned His children!

He is working in the hearts and lives of our children, {and us, too!}.

He is listening to the cry of your mother’s heart.

He is working in ways we can not see, and no matter the situation, God still walks by your child’s side every day!

He knows your child’s thoughts. He formed your child before birth.

And He is still at work in their lives.

In the times my mom heart aches the most, it’s a comfort to know that God is molding and refining my children.

Don’t ever stop praying for God to grab a hold of the lives of your children and change their stubborn hearts.

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

When I lay my burdens at the foot of the cross, I find that God restores my soul, and that the tension and negativity, melts away.

What’s left is a feeling of peace, as my heart gravitates towards God’s Truth and in that Truth, is where us weary moms can all find the one thing we crave, rest.

Moms, when your heart is weary, how do you renew your spirit?


  1. Your words are so encouraging! When I’m at my lowest when worrying about my children, I cling to Him and He always draws near. It helps me to talk it out with other moms too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, yes! Motherhood is best in a community of like-minded moms!

  2. Another beautifully moving piece to encourage, inspire, and bring us closer to our beliefs. Thank you, Sarah Ann!

  3. You write so beautifully!! I love how you share from your heart

  4. These are great words of encouragement! I’m very weary at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hang in there, April! God will provide strength for those weary moments. πŸ™‚

  5. Sarah Ann, I appreciate your post even though I am not a mom. I wrote a book about spiritual battles, and it’s interesting to hear your perspective of spiritual battles happening in the home. Thank you for your encouragement. I can definitely remember it when I become a mom and use it now with family and friends. God bless you and keep you!

    1. Katy,
      Your book sounds fascinating! I would love to check it out. It helps put things in perspective when we remember what is really the root of wrong behavior and disobedience.

  6. Very nicely put and very, very encouraging – my kid are grown – but certainly been there, done that!!!!! You give us all hope! Thanks for this post!

    1. Thank you, Clare! I’m realizing that motherhood can be daunting in every stage of life!

  7. I love mommy bloggers who post such honest things, like this article. Thanks for sharing/posting. Xoxo giraffe mom

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I tend to over share, so it’s nice to have some encouragement. πŸ™‚

  8. I needed this today because it has been one of “those weeks.” Thank you for the reminder and the encouragement.

    1. I understand! Sometimes it’s seasons, not just a bad day that has us down!

  9. Amen! I agree that it’s totally a battle! What we need to learn is that we’re not fighting our children and our children aren’t fighting us. It’s really against the enemy and his work in our home! Thank you for sharing!

    1. When we keep this in perspective, it can change our hearts and our homes!

  10. Thanks so much for this. I have had a TOUGH week. God has given me much peace and strength, and as you say, it comes from being in His Word. I am so glad for God’s grace and wisdom.

    1. I know those weeks well! Hang in there, Caroline! You’re on the right track clinging to God for hope and comfort!

  11. This is encouraging even for “non-moms” like me. πŸ™‚

    Stay blessed, Sarah.

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful! I think as women, we are just weary!

  12. Leaning on the strength of God is the only way I can keep going in this journey of motherhood! I thought the baby years were tough, until I hit the new challenges of preschool. Now onto new challenges and struggles with elementary aged kids. Each stage brings its own challenges. I’m not as sleep deprived, but the stakes are getting higher as they grow and face tougher life challenges.

    1. I agree! Each stage brings it’s own challenges and just when I get this parenting thing all figured out, life changes again! Ha!

  13. Great reminder!
    It’s easy to get caught up in what is going on in the moment and lose sight of the big picture. Thanks for your wise, inspiring words.

    1. Absolutely! In reality, the time when our kids are small and with us are few. That helps me keep things in perspective!

  14. Sarah, I just love your blog. I love how honest you are and how all of your words are based in the truth of scripture. It makes me wish that my blog was more about my faith so I could regularly put out posts like this because I am who I am by the grace of God and the blood of Jesus. I believe that I am writing what I am called to write to reach the people I am working to reach with TRUTH (even though I leave out the scripture references, every post I write is grounded in truth from scripture). Watch out girl, you might just get an e-mail from me one day with a post that I simply HAD TO WRITE but is better suited to your blog than my own.

    1. Awww…. thank you, Sarah! You are welcome here anytime! Seriously, anytime you want to post, just let me know! Much love to you!

  15. Sarah Ann, I just love you. This is such hope giving, life beathing, real post. Thank you!

    1. Much love to you, my friend! πŸ™‚ Thanks for your encouragement!

  16. Sarah Ann, Great encouragement. We do need to remember who is truly in charge, and that we are never, ever alone! Thank you for the reminder.

    1. I’m so glad it encouraged you! Parenting can be tough, but hang in there! πŸ™‚ God is in control!

  17. I love this article!It’s easy to feel like a failure as a parent when you spend so much of the time on your knees seeking God’s help, but, truly, that is one of the musts for a good parent.

    Parenting is hard and I appreciate your article that doesn’t gloss over that fact! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree! It is hard and we don’t have to stay overwhelmed by that fact, but recognize where our strength comes from. πŸ™‚

  18. Some seasons are so difficult and weary. What a great reminder that we are in a battle–especially in parenting–for the hearts of our children. I think of how spiritual battles in the Bible took their toll, so it’s no surprise that there are times we question ourselves, second-guessing each parenting choice and wonder whether we are cut out for this. Perhaps it means we are doing exactly what we should be doing. πŸ™‚

    1. Absolutely! It’s refreshing to think that even the most godly men and women struggled at times. I think the evil one uses our doubts and our struggles to attack us at our weak moments.

  19. thank you so much for this post. it’s as if you wrote it to me. i am so thankful for women like you that share your heart and encouragement and remind others that we are not alone in this journey. i needed these truths so much today.

    1. I’m so glad it encouraged you! Motherhood is more exhausting than I ever thought it would be, but hang in there! Those rough patches will pass.

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