Getting to the Root of Your Clutter Crisis

Clutter.  It’s the nemesis of every homemaker, yet in seasons of busyness and rushing through hectic schedules, at times it seems unavoidable.

“I’ll just stack the mail here until I can go through it later.”

“I ran out of time to put away the laundry, so I’ll leave it in the basket for another time.”

“Hurry!  The guests will be here soon, so hide this stuff where they can’t see it. “

Even the neatest and cleanest of homemakers have battled piles of forgotten “treasures” and have marveled at how quickly the kid’s toys have overtaken the house.

Root of clutter crisis

Yet if you’re like me, a homemaker struggling to keep things clean, you can identify how clutter can take on a life of its own and creates a crisis that overwhelms to the very core. {You can read about my failed homemaker attempts here, and catch a glimpse of my homemaking struggles in action.}

But why can’t we seem to conquer the clutter for good?

Why do some seem to have it all together, while us Clutter Queens endlessly battle mess and piles of stuff?

It’s time to examine our hearts and to identify the source of the problem.  May these questions help you get to the root of your own clutter crisis once and for all.

*Warning- these questions just might step on your toes and make you uncomfortable. I hold no responsibility for feelings of conviction!*

Are you content with the belongings that you have?

When we are truly thankful for the blessings that God has bestowed on us, it changes us to the core.

Viewing our belongings as gifts from the Lord keeps us from being discontent with what we have and dreaming about the latest gadgets and toys.

We can love our old home because the Lord provided a roof over our head.

We are thankful for the never ending piles of laundry because we are blessed with the clothes on our backs.

When we are truly grateful for what God has given us, we are more motivated to take better care of our belongings and to be good stewards of the resources He’s provided.

Is homemaking and controlling the clutter a priority for you?

One reason I struggle with clutter is that in some seasons, it’s simply not a priority for me. When life gets busy, it’s easy to forget about the laundry piling up or that it’s time to scrub the floors again.

In the day to day busyness it may seem like a good idea to push aside the laundry basket to tackle another item on the to-do-list, but in reality, the mess hinders more than we can imagine.

When clutter surrounds, it’s hard to focus on the task at hand without feeling overwhelmed by all that there is to do in the home.

Finding a way to make the clutter a priority frees us to explore our God-given passions instead of being burdened with overflowing junk drawers and baskets of mismatched socks.

Getting to the Root of Your Clutter Crisis

Are you choosing to be idle instead of being diligent in your homemaking?

Ouch.  Maybe it’s just me, but this question is hard to ask.  While I like to think I have clutter because I’m busy and don’t have time to tackle organization, often clutter overtakes because I have been idle in my homemaking by choice.

I am all for rest and relaxation, but when clutter removal is a priority, the rest is better and I feel more relaxed .  Isn’t it more rewarding to relax after you’ve worked hard, than to rest with a guilty heart knowing that the home should have been a priority, too?

Are you clinging to and hoarding belongings, instead of clinging to the promises of God?

As you look around your home, you may think you have an issue with organization and home management.  While it may be helpful to find an organization system that works for you, often clutter is the symptom of a bigger issue.

Maybe you’re searching for the things of this world to fill you, instead of finding comfort and strength in the presence of the Lord.

Maybe you feel restless in spirit and compulsively buying helps you feel in control.

Maybe you’re paralyzed by the state of your home, but it’s really a reflection of the state of your spiritual life.

Friends, whatever the reason you’re holding on to your clutter or accumulating belongings, it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Jesus has already paid the price for every single one of your sins and is inviting you to experience true freedom and grace at the foot of the cross.  His ultimate sacrifice has set you free from the bondage of clutter and the feelings of despair that come from managing the piles in our lives.

Use these questions to examine the root of your clutter crisis and let today be the day you let His grace set you free from the bondage of clutter once and for all.

What is the root of your clutter crisis? 


    1. Oh, I bet that is SO hard! My hubby is a pack rat and it is very hard to get him on board with letting go of things. I can only imagine 9 others like him… 🙂

      1. I have downsized and I still have a lot of clutter. Also, married a gadget man. But your posting has hit me on the mark for being a idle person. Thank you so much for the posting.

        1. Sarah Ann says:

          I can completely relate to this, Debra! I’m finding more and more that it’s a state of the heart that battles clutter!

  1. My problem is it seems like I’m the only one who is bothered by the clutter!

    1. I’m there, too! Keep your head up and give yourself lots of grace on the way!

  2. I have moved a lot…some of my homes or schools are no longer standing some places or people I may never see again…so I have trouble letting to because it is a tangible part of my past…a past I won’t get back…and though I LOVE pictures they just aren’t the same thing…

    1. I understand! That’s not clutter, then, those are memories! It’s good to know the difference and it’s ok to let those memories stay as an active part of your life. Enjoy!

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