As a busy parent, don't miss this FUN way to teach kids character and history in an exciting way.

The FUN Way to Teach Children Godly Character & History

As a parent, I consistently search for fun ways to teach my children about godly character.  It’s also my goal to sneak learning into everyday play so they don’t know they are learning.  I pride myself on being sneaky with my teaching methods!

As a veteran teacher,  I know that often history curriculum is filled with gaps and holes. It’s not uncommon to have texts where godly truths and principles are left out or glossed over. Surprisingly, many publishers edit history according to their own political agendas and viewpoints. Scary!

When I found Heirloom Audio Productions, I knew this was the perfect solution for a family seeking to enrich their children’s knowledge of accurate, historical information and godly character.  Below are a few questions I asked as I explored this resource.

As a busy parent, don't miss this FUN way to teach kids character and history in an exciting way.

What is Heirloom Audio Productions?

Do you remember the fabulous audio dramas from Adventures in Odyssey?  Those precious audio dramas helped me learn about God’s character and how to live like Christ as a child.

Now, the makers of Adventures in Odyssey bring families an accurate and entertaining historical experience right in their own home.

These adventure-packed dramas bring real moments in history to life. Packed with meaningful characters and edge-of-your-seat excitement, children (and adults!) of all ages will enjoy learning history in this new way.

Not only will these dramas enhance any curriculum, it will fill the gaps of history books and weave godly character traits throughout each episode!

What do the dramas teach?

Expect your children to come away with an in-depth look at key roles in history, such as William Wallace, Sir Francis Drake and Robert E. Lee . Each drama revolves around a central event in history and has been thoroughly researched for accuracy. Its unbiased viewpoint will not omit reliance on God or quests for religious freedom.  Finally, students will have a godly view of history and understand the important role that God played in it all.

The dramas also teach godly character traits, such as perseverance and reliance on the Lord. Biblical traits are carefully woven into each message, and provide a foundation for Christ-like character.

Guiding your kids towards godly character and a faith-filled view on history has never been more FUN! Enjoy your family time learning together while experiencing edge- of- your- seat excitement!

How can my family have FUN with the dramas?

Using known actors, including Kirk Cameron and Sean Austin, the stories are intense and exciting!  The options for family fun are endless and can be enjoyed by all. Together you can:

  • Use the study guide to ask questions after and during the drama. Keep track of the winner or use this as an assessment for homeschool families.
  • Go on a “character trait” hunt as you’re listening.  See who can find the most character traits as you’re listening.
  • Rewrite parts of history.  After the drama, discuss what life would be like if that event had a different outcome.
  • Illustrate your favorite scenes from the drama together.
  • Do an action every time you hear a certain word throughout the episode.  For example, when you hear the word ‘warrior’, flex your muscles. Come up with a few key words and see who can listen closely and do the action once the word is said.

Where can I find out more information about Heirloom Audio Productions?

If you’re like me, I couldn’t wait to find out more about these dramas and thought they’d be a great match for my family.  To learn more about this incredible resource, visit here and be prepared to get excited.  I just know you’ll love the biblical way they bring history to life!

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