Watch Frozen and Other Family Friendly Movies NOT on Netflix for CHEAP!

{Please note, this is a sponsored post and I did receive compensation, although the opinions expressed are my own.}

We love family movie night in our house, but if we’re honest, sometimes our movie selection gets old and stale.  I was THRILLED to find VidAngel, which has revolutionized how we watch our favorite family friendly movies!  The movie selection is fabulous, and includes many titles not on Netflix, such as our favorite, Frozen!

Not on Netflix

Being the cheapskate frugal mom I am, I don’t want to pay a lot for movies my family may not like or worse, expose my family to inappropriate content.

Even though we are big fans of Netflix, they don’t have as many new releases as I would like, and it can take forever for an anticipated movie to finally make its way there.

Plus, some of the kid’s movies are too mature, filled with monsters or have content I won’t show to my children. Why are most kid’s movies geared toward older audiences these days?

I’m thankful that VidAngel allows the viewing of popular movies without offensive language and has a parent filter that gives me control over what they see and hear.

Watch Family Friendly Movies NOT on Netflix CHEAP!

The Kid’s Movie Favorites 

kids picks

Favorites such as Frozen, The Lego Movie, and The Secretariat can be streamed instantly (thus no crying and whining while we wait) and these favorites are not on Netflix.

Mom’s Movie Picks

Once the kids are in bed, I enjoy propping my feet up to watch the latest chic flicks without inappropriate language, and love the ability to stream them into my home without much effort. I’m thankful that I don’t have to run to Redbox in my pajamas anymore!

My favorite VidAngel movies include Pitch Perfect 2, Divergent, and Labor Day, all which aren’t on Netflix.

Date Night Favorites 

Stay at home date nights are a breeze and we no longer bicker about what to watch or worry about an inappropriate scene unexpectedly will appear before our eyes.

filtered movies

We’ve enjoyed these favorites on the couch together, and for the low price of $1 per movie, we have stopped going to the movie theater, and wait to watch the new releases in our pajamas, all through a family friendly filter.  The average VidAngel customer saves about $300 per year, and that makes my frugal heart do a dance for joy!

How would the parent filter change your movie viewing experience?


  1. This looks awesome, I had never heard of them before. Great Article, clicked through to check them out and shared them with my twitter followers.

  2. Thanks for sharing! This sounds awesome. I have a question-do you get to stream the movie right away? I saw the part about selling the movie back and I didn’t know if that meant that they were mailing the movies.

  3. Yes, you can watch it right away. They have to “rent” you the movie to be able to edit it. That way you’re only editing your copy, not everyone’s (which isn’t legal). That’s how I understand it!


    1. Yes, thanks for the insight, Janet. I just love the options this brings to families!

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