Free Chalkboard Printable- Weekend Words of Wisdom #10

Happy Saturday!  I hope this weekend finds you able to sit back and relax awhile! This week I shared my heart about judgmental attitudes among women in The Women Wars:Why Must We Judge?  I am so proud of the many women that came forward and expressed a desire to change their behavior and stop judging others.  Join me on the journey to lift others up in encouragement and to extend grace where needed.

My babies have been fighting step and summer coughs, so our house has been filled with whining and irritability as they recover from their illnesses.  I confessed a time when I lost it with my kids in Surviving Mommy Meltdowns and am praying this encouraged you along the path of motherhood.

I have to admit I am in LOVE with this week’s free chalkboard printable and hope you share with those who need reminding that no matter what they have done, God will forgive and wipe the slate clean.  Thank you Lord for rescuing us exactly as you find us!



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