The Danger of an Overwhelmed Schedule

“Hurry up!”

“I’m running late!”

“I don’t know if I can get everything done on my list.”

Those phrases are a glimpse into my inner monologue for the past six months, and my life has been chaotic and frazzled as a result.

About a month ago, I felt my soul cry out for peace and balance. I was longing for margin and a chance to have my weary spirit refreshed.

In the busy moments of summer, I felt my façade of strength and endurance crumble, leaving me vulnerable and with the need to simplify every area of my life.

As I surveyed the damage, I realized the danger of an overwhelmed schedule is greater than I could have imagined.

Danger of an Overwhelmed Schedule Faith Along the Way

When you live in chaotic busyness, always rushing from one obligation to the next, your relationship with the Lord can suffer.

While it’s true that He never abandons or forsakes, when we focus on the busyness instead of Him, it creates a distance between us and God.

As we strive for the things of the world and try to fulfill our earthly desires, we miss His precious promises of peace and guidance, thus creating feelings of panic and anxiety.

Foolishly, we let go of the anchor that keeps our heart afloat. God.

And in those moments of recognition where we see the error of our wandering ways, the answer is obvious.

We must readjust our schedules to make God the #1 priority, even above our family and careers.

We weren’t meant to live so stretched thin that God becomes an obligation and a chore to check off our to-do list.

The Danger of an Overwhelmed Schedule Faith Along the Way

Pursuing a relationship with Him isn’t just ‘one more thing’ to do.

Living for Him is THE thing that we were created for and only in pursuing Him, will the noise and obligations of this world become silenced.

When our eyes are fixed on our to-do-list, we’re not focused on what He wants us to accomplish for His Kingdom.

We miss the chance to bless someone’s life because we are too focused on our own.

We ignore a prompting to step out in faith because our mind is occupied with our next task.

We miss the gentle reminder of God’s presence throughout the day, simply because we’re too busy to notice.

And when we’re cut off from God, left to navigate life on our own, it’s there we truly feel the burdens and trappings of this world.

Without His peace we feel panicked, and without His rest, we’re exhausted to the core.

Without God at the center of our lives, it’s not long before we burn out and live defeated.

We were made to seek Him wholeheartedly, not to give Him the leftovers of a weary spirit at the end of the day.

While it’s tempting to see your schedule as full and without minutes to spare, adjust your priorities, juggle your schedule, and plan time everyday to sit at the feet of Jesus.

And when you make room for Him, you’ll leave that encounter, refreshed, renewed, and a little lighter, knowing that He supplies strength to the weary and the ability to fight another day.

Stay tuned later this week as we simplify our schedules with a FREE schedule printable.  It will be the easiest schedule you’ll ever use!

How do you make God a priority in your life?  

How do you plan to spend time with Him in your busy schedule?

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  1. It’s so easy to get too busy before you realize what you have done. Having a great relationship with God is the most important thing, and it’s just too easy to shove Him aside. Thanks for another reminder of this.

  2. I think the greatest thing is that the Lord sometimes prompts me to slow down. And sometimes that means not even participating in ministry activities. You need to recharge your soul too with rest!

    1. Absolutely! It’s hard to serve when we are ragged and broken!

  3. These are great words of encouragement that so many of us need to be reminded of. I especially appreciated “We miss the chance to bless someone’s life because we are too focused on our own.”

    1. I’ve been there and have to admit that this week has been less than great in our house, and I am there! Best wishes to you!

  4. Oh yes! When we rush through our over packed schedules the first thing to get pushed aside is our time with the Lord. Its super easy to fall into the trap of “I can do it later today.” Yet that time never seems to happen. Can’t wait to see the next post!

  5. My life is so busy with 4 kiddos. The only way I can have time with the Lord is if I get up before the kids in the morning. It’s become a habit now and I crave time in His word with my cup of coffee lol. I do have to be careful with social media and not let that take over my time!

    1. That is my favorite time of the day! I have never been a morning person until I started blogging, and it’s been such a blessing. I cherish my coffee and Bible time to start my day. I recently overslept and was off the rest of the day.

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