Celbrate the end of summer with your family in style! These activities will help you savor this sweet season!

50 Family Activities to Do Before Summer Fades

Summer. There really is nothing like it. The days just seem so much more carefree, and they seem to last forever.

Summer is for family, summer is for fun, and summer is for capturing all those memories that seem so hard to grasp when the hustle and bustle of the school year sets in.

Whether your kids are already back to school or you’ve got some time left before those brand new school supplies are put to good use, here are 50 things your family must do before the sun fades on yet another summer season.

While you may think some of these things are just for kids, have you taken the time to just be a kid at heart this summer? If you’re like me, I’m guessing that you’ve not done that nearly enough – if at all.

Make lasting memories with the family just before summer fades. These ideas are the prefect way to say goodbye to summer!


The thing is, none of us are promised a next summer. In fact, none of us are even promised a tomorrow, which means we all need to make the most of the one we’ve got. As a family, make this summer a summer to remember…even if you are a bit late to the party!

Find pictures in the clouds

Have root beer floats for dessert

Wash the car yourself outside

Watch the sunset

Have a water balloon fight

Do some star gazing

Run through the sprinkler

Read a chapter book as a family

Make a bouquet of wildflowers


Visit the zoo

Feel the sand between your toes

Fly a kite

Have a picnic

Go out for ice cream

Head to the playground

Play hopscotch

Catch fireflies

Play a game of tag

Go for a walk in the dark with flashlights

Swing as high as the swing will take you


Play miniature golf

Visit the beach

Visit a produce stand

Have popcorn and ice cream for dinner

Have a lemonade stand

Take a family bike ride

Look through old pictures

Go roller skating

Have a family sleepover

Build an indoor fort

Celbrate the end of summer with your family in style! These activities will help you savor this sweet season!


Roast marshmallows around a campfire

Have a family game night

Dance in the rain

Have a tea party

Play dress up

Drive down the highway with all the windows down

Stay in your pajamas all day

Take a day trip somewhere fun

Have a puppet show

Finger paint


Play in the hose

Attend an outdoor concert

Paint with water on the driveway

Color with chalk on the driveway

Blow bubbles

Visit a farmer’s market

Get really, really muddy

Go fishing

Write a goofy story as a family

Pick some fresh fruit

It’s never too late to be intentional with your family, and the laid back days of summer are the perfect time to do some new things or perhaps visit some old favorites. Before the sun sets on the summer season, make some great memories together that will last a lifetime!

How is your family celebrating the end of summer?

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