31 Days of Prayer for the New Year pt. 3

2015 is finally here!  Do you have high hopes and are you dreaming big? Before you start chipping away at your resolutions, stop and bow your before the Lord, asking Him guide your path this year.  The 31 Days of Prayer for the New Year will help you center your heart and dedicate it to the One who can bring about true change with His amazing grace.

31 Days of Prayer for the New Year pt. 3 Faith Along the Way

I hope as this New Year has begun, you’ve started the prayer journey with us.  If not, please hop on over to print out the prayer guides from Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

If you’re joining us a little late, please jump in where you can or start at the beginning, even if you’re behind.  There is no need for perfectionism or worrying about being perfect on this prayer schedule.

Instead, let the grace of God flood your soul as you prepare your heart in the New Year.

Jan. 21: Pray that you live with a mission and search for ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Jan. 22: Pray that you will be bold in sharing the Gospel, even in moments when you are afraid.  {For specifics on how to share your faith when you are terrified, visit here.}

Jan. 23: Pray that you will use God as your standard for living, not the world.

Jan. 24: Pray that you will live out of your comfort zone, even as God calls you to take leaps of faith.

Jan. 25: Pray that you will be bold in faith, trusting God in those moments when you can’t see what He has planned.

Jan. 26: Pray that your relationship with your spouse will be strengthened, and that God will be the center of your marriage.

Jan. 27: Pray that you’ll be empathetic to others and be ready to encourage a hurting heart.

Jan. 28: Pray that your relationship with your children will be blessed and strengthened as you teach them to grow in the Lord.

Jan. 29: Pray that you exude Christ in all you do and may His love radiate from your spirit.

Jan. 30: Pray that you’ll be ready to be used by God and open to the plans He has for you.

Jan. 31: Pray that you focus on Christ this year, and passionately pursue a deeper relationship with Him.


I’m praying for your relationship with the Lord this year and that God will stretch you and grow you according to His perfect plan.

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What prayers are heavy on your heart?  How can I pray for you!



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