If these signs sound familiar, your family Bible study plan needs an overhaul. Here's the free resource you need to take back your family Bible study.
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10 Signs Your Family Bible Study Plan Needs an Overhaul

You had every intention of growing your children in faith through sweet, family devotional time.  Loving the Lord yourself, you planned to raise your children with the same devotion to God and to love studying His Word.  Fast forward a few years, and if you’re honest, having a solid family Bible study plan can be a struggle.  Life certainly can get in the way of the best parenting plans!

In fact, if these situations below describe your family devotion time, it might be time for a change!

If your family needs to grow deeper in faith, here are the 10 signs that your may need to change up your family Bible study plan.

10 signs your family Bible study plan needs an overhaul

  1. It’s hard to find time for family devotions.
  2. Prayers are hasty and mainly said before meals.
  3. You’re not sure what Bible stories to study or read.
  4. Your devotional time is inconsistent.
  5. It’s boring and dull!
  6. It’s hard to wrangle the family for some quiet time.
  7. The kids aren’t remembering what you discuss.
  8. There’s no evidence of heart change in your family.
  9. You feel inadequate to teach your kids about God.
  10. It’s a struggle to find simple and practical resources.

Friend, if these situations hit home, you don’t have to settle for status any longer!  You can change the course of your family’s spiritual life by revamping your family Bible study plan.  And I promise, there’s nothing hard or overwhelming about leading your family to a growing relationship with God.

Plus, I’ve made it easy for families to grow deep roots of faith with the FREE e-Course, Make Over Your Family Bible Study Challenge.  

This FREE 5 day workshop offers practical Bible study tips and techniques for the whole family.  This mini-e-course will help you:

> Evaluate your current personal and family Bible study with an easy assessment tool

> Learn EASY and QUICK  Bible study techniques for both personal and family Bible study

> Determine the secret to consistent Bible study and prayer (even for families!)

> Explore creative and FUN ways to grow in faith (for kids, too!)

> Create a practical Bible study plan for the whole family

Also,  course will help even the busiest families build a firm foundation of faith by igniting a relationship with the Lord.



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  1. Hi Sarah, I am your neighbor today at By His Grace!Family Devotion time is so important, thanks for sharing. I know this will encourage many families!

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