The Ultimate List of Bible Games for Kids and Fun Spiritual Growth Activities

Children, especially younger ones, may find it hard to understand the Bible. This is where Bible games for kids are so important!  By incorporating hands-on and engaging activities into your child’s study time, they’ll find that learning Scripture and Bible principles can be fun. 

Let the Bible fun begin!


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The Ultimate List of Bible Games for Kids and Fun Spiritual Growth Activities

Bible Games for a Bible Story or Scripture Passage

Bible stories and passages offer a lot of principles and understanding that are good for children to learn at an early age. The games listed below bring a practical approach to any story or passage your child is studying.

  1. Make a sock puppet of a Bible character in your story and act it out.
  2. Act out a scene from their Bible story. 
  3. Create a video explaining the passage to a friend. 
  4. Make up a song about their Bible story.
  5. Use a Bible Activity Jar- Create a jar filled with simple Bible study activity cards. After reading a passage of Scripture, choose an activity out of the jar. Then, watch the fun begin!

  1. Do Bible journaling of a verse from their passage.
  2. Make Bible story stones about their story link to.
  3. Use Bible character clip art to make stick puppets of the characters in your story and retell it.
  4. Draw a cartoon strip of your story.
  5. Use Bible study templates for kids: Bible study templates for kids are a simple way to help kids understand what they read in God’s Word and develop a firm foundation of faith on their own. Plus, teaching kids to study the Bible will help them unlock God’s Word even through adulthood.

  1. Retelling bag: Gather 5 items from your house that have to do with your Bible story. Retell it to an adult using the items in the bag to help you tell the story.
  2. Build the setting out of Legos or blocks and act out a scene from the passage.
  3. Act out the story using stuffed animals.

Bible Activities to Practice Memory Verse

Memorizing Scripture is one of the best ways to help children hide the Word of God in their heart. If they can remember it, they will have more of a chance of living it out in everyday life. 

Check out the activities below for ideas to help with memory verse practice: 

  1. Make up hand motions to retell their Bible verse.
  2. Create a puzzle out of their Scripture memory verse and see how fast they can put it together.
  3. Race cars over a Bible verse race track.
  4. Create an art collage of your verse.
  5. Make a banner of your verse by putting one word on a card and stringing it together.
  6. Verse unscramble: cut apart the verse and use a timer to see how fast you can unscramble it.
  7. Dominos of the verse activity- put each word of the verse on a domino. Have the kids line them up in order and then have fun watching it fall.
  8. Scripture hunt: cut apart the words of your verse and have someone hide them for you in a room of your house. See how fast you can find all the words and then put them in the correct order of your verse.
  9. Bible verse tag: Partner up and take turns reciting verses. The other person will check the reference to make sure it’s right.
  10. Use silly voices to practice the verse. Consider using different accents and tone of voice to make this experience fun!

Online Bible Games

Almost every home has access to some kind of computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you have these, consider the following Bible games that can be found online (or in the app store):

  1. Adventure Bible
  2. Bible Activities Zone
  3. The Beginner’s Bible
  4. Deeper Kidmin
  5. Superbook Kids Bible App
  6. The Bible Word Match Game (app)

Miscellaneous Bible Activities

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with coloring pages, crafts, and puzzles. Below are a few free printables that you can conveniently download, print, and incorporate into your child’s Bible study time:

  1. Bible coloring pages
  2. Crafts for Kids
  3. Printable jigsaw puzzles
  4. Bible mazes

With this ultimate list of Bible games and activities for kids, your children will have a fun time learning Scripture, biblical principles, and more. Be sure to bookmark this page as I’ll be adding more to this list!

CHIME IN: What are some Bible games and activities you’ve used with your kids. Share in the comments below.

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