7 Best Summer Organization Tips & Tricks

Be honest, friend. Are you really ready to thrive this summer with the kids at home? Just in case you could use some moral support, I’ve gathered my favorite summer organization tips to help you sail into this short season.

Whether you’re a naturally gifted organizer or if you’re ok with a few things askew in your home as long as they are clean(ish) {me!}, these simple summer organization tips will help even the busiest of women balance the extra seasonal “stuff”.

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Color code your summer essentials

You see a towel laying pool side, and question if it belongs to you. Then, you wonder which member of your family left the towel laying on the floor, again.

You find kids cups and plates scattered around the house as remnants of snack time and you’re wondering who they belong to.

Those questions would be answered in a heartbeat if your summer essentials were color coded.

By color coding towels, suits, cups, and other summer essentials, it holds family members accountable for the care of their belongings. Plus, it’s an easy way to distinguish who’s at fault for leaving their things behind or not cleaning up after themselves.

This summer organization tip is one of my favorites and has been a game-changer in our house!

Girl at Pool Side Holding Pink Rubber Ducks for summer organization tips

Create a picnic station

I don’t know about you, but in the summer months, dishes are the last thing I want to do after a long day.  By creating a picnic station, all paper goods will be kept in one place, ready to use in a moment’s notice.

My picnic station is kept in a basket, filled with paper plates, cups, silverware, and napkins.  Anything we need for an at home picnic night is ready to be used and makes clean up a snap. Plus, it’s great to have on hand for an impromptu BBQ or play date.

This will also help foster independence since kids can learn to grab a plate and napkin on their own when the picnic station is kept within reach. That’s a win for sure!


Summer Organization Tips Faith Along the Way

Have a flexible routine and schedule

While summer is time to relax and unwind, it can also be chaotic without any sort of routine. Creating a loose, flexible routine and schedule helps the kids know what to expect and you keep your sanity.

To start the day off strong, I love to dive in Scripture and restore my weary soul at the foot of the cross. Then, I’m able to pour into the lives of my children with more grace, compassion, and love than ever before.

When you start the day before the kids with a healthy morning routine, you’re able focus on the tasks of the day and increase productivity, therefore leaving you more time to be mom.

Need some inspiration? Revamping your morning routine has never been easier with Make Over Your Mornings! This 14 week video course was designed to help you start your day fresh, focused and ready to be productive, even in the busy summer months.

Setting aside 15 minutes a day to dedicate to this series, will help you change and organize your life in ways you never thought possible.  For more information, visit here.

Organize quiet time boxes and activities for the kids

Being a work at home mom has it’s challenges during the summer.  When we’re not having an adventure together, I need to be diligent with my time and my kids have independent play time.  One of my favorite ways to keep them occupied without electronics is by making quiet boxes for each child.

They are filled with inexpensive items (free or from the Dollar Tree) that are high interest to them.  The boxes are used only during down time or a time when I need to focus on work so the kids don’t get overly tired of what’s inside.  I also rotate the contents to keep them interested, too.

Open silver suitcase with clothing isolated on white as a summer organization tip

Stock up on extra snacks and have simple meal ingredients on hand

With warm weather, often comes extra company and impromptu gatherings. Having extra snacks, drinks, and meal ideas on hands makes it easy to invite others over for some last minute fun.

Prepackage snacks to grab and go quickly

Costco is one of my favorite places on earth {seriously}, and buying in bulk makes summer snacking affordable! To have a stash of grab and go snacks, we simply divide up the food into bags after bringing it home. This simple habit makes life on the go easier to manage!

Boy (10-12) unloading air mattress from car full of beach accessories for summer organization

Create a Warm Weather Essentials Kit

Don’t spend time digging for summer essentials!  Instead, create a Warm Weather Essentials Kit as storage for all of the summer must-haves.   Including sun screen, hand sanitizer, kleenex, band-aids, lip balm, and bug spray, will alleviate the last minute search for products.

Grab your copy of the FREE e-book, Mom’s Summer Survival Guide, above to help you thrive this summer!

How do you manage organization and the extra summer stuff?


  1. Yes! We have a picnic station too – and I keep paper plates on hand for rainy days I don’t want to do dishes. When it’s hot outside, it has to be easy or I get grumpy. Great ideas!

    1. I’m just learning to organize myself, too! 🙂 It’s been a long struggle of mine!

  2. I love this! I always do my best to be and stay organized but sometimes I fail. I especially love the revamp your morning routine.

    1. I fail all the time at organization, and completely understand! We are works in progress! 🙂

  3. Mandy, I am SO glad you shared this! When my kids were younger I always had a summer schedule, but it went by the wayside…

    With me working this summer (yes, writing at the computer can be aLOT of work!)(but you know that already…) I’m thinking this is not a bad idea to resurrect…

    Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Writing with the kids around can be overwhelming and sometimes I wonder if I am even making sense. 🙂 Have a wonderful summer with your family!

  4. Great tips! I love organizational tips! Thanks so much! Visiting from Coffee and conversation Link up! Have a great summer!

  5. The weather-specific wellness kit is a great idea! Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. It has been a lifesaver for me and so easy to just grab and go. 🙂

    1. Oh Clare! I am laughing because I am not organized, but just happened to stumble upon a few great ideas!

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