How to Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals to Set Yourself Up for Success in the New Year

Do you love Black Friday deals to jump start your gift giving? Me, too! But a few years ago I discovered how Black Friday shopping can actually set me up for success in the new year and realized I not been using these crazy deals to their full potential!

In fact, once I shifted my mentality about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, these deals became a catalyst of change and improvement in my life.  And I can’t wait to share these tips with you!

How to Shop Black Friday Deals to Set Yourself Up for Success in the New Year

Before you start loading Black Friday sales into your cart and before the festivities begin, take a few minutes to dream and reflect on the year.

Think and pray through the highs and lows of where this year has taken you. Thank God for His many blessings, and His constant faithfulness.

Then, hit your knees and ask God to show you His vision for the upcoming year. Ask Him for strength to create new habits and for the diligence to seek Him in all seasons of life.

Use these simple questions to reflect on the year and start planning for the new one:

  • What were your biggest wins?
  • How can you make tweaks and minor changes to your life and habits to experience growth in the new year?
  • What are three top goals for the next year?
  • Are there tools and resources you need to help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams?
  • How would investing in your goals impact your life and the life of your family?

Then, scout out Black Friday sales that will help you achieve your goals quicker and jump start you life for the new year. 

Sometimes the rock bottom prices of courses and resources to jump start your goal setting are at the lowest of the year. So it makes sense to stock up now, even if you won’t use your purchase until after the holidays.


Which area of your life do you need guidance and direction?

Think through the following areas of your life and imagine how a little guidance could lead you to a more fruitful and abundant year.  Then, browse the Black Friday deals for the resources you need to help you thrive and make progress on your goals in the year ahead.

Get healthy

Does getting healthy top your list of goals for the new year?  Last year at this time I was just where you are now. I was headed into the holiday season tired, overweight, and longing for change.  

Yet I knew that in order to actually make this a reality, I couldn’t do it alone!  I desperately needed someone to hold me accountable and show me the way.

My friend Sara at Faithful Finish Lines, who has lost and kept off over 100 lbs, was just the person for the job!

Her Scripture based weight loss program, Faithful Finish Lines 2.0 Membership, is an interactive, video-based training that leads Christian women one step at a time through the spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of weight loss so that you can get to your goal weight…and stay there for life without fear of regaining.

I used aspects of the Faithful Finish Lines program this past year to help me jump start healthy habits, break my sugar addiction, and lose 15 lbs!

Discover how Faithful Finish Lines 2.0 can help you find freedom from food addiction at the foot of the cross.

This grace-based weight loss program is the jump start you need to finally get healthy once and for all!

Plus, this membership program is on sale this Black Friday from Friday, November 29- Monday, December 2. (Psst… this is only open for a enrollment a few times AND the price will go up in 2020!)

Learn more about Faithful Finish Lines 2.0 here

Grow in faith

Do you long to be a prayer warrior and be a woman with strong roots of faith?  Just as with other habits, creating a quiet time routine and growing in faith means taking intentional steps towards meeting with God.

Let us help you make growing in faith simple and practical in the new year!

Starting on Tuesday, November 26- Tuesday, December 3, all of our Bible studies and spiritual growth resources are deeply discounted with a Black Friday Bible Study Sale (some are even $0.99!)

Discover how these spiritual growth resources can help you:

  • Discover how to study the Bible on your own (even as a beginner)
  • Break free from messy emotions and find freedom in your identity in Christ
  • Be the prayer warrior you’ve always wanted to be and learn how to pray powerful, war room prayers

Learn more about The Black Friday Bible Study Sale here

Be more productive

Do you long to manage your time better and be more productive?  Discover how Crystal Paine, author and entrepreneur, organizes her days so she’s not sacrificing family time despite a full schedule.

If your new year needs balance, this is productivity resource may be just what you need!

Learn more about The 4 Weeks to a Productive Life

Get organized

Are you ready to conquer the chaos and finally stop living in overwhelm? Then this resource is just what you need to thrive!

This book has been a catalyst for change in my own life and has helped me discover the secret to stop living in chaos and learn to number my days well.

Plus, it’s only $8.50 in the Black Friday sale, so it’s a budget friendly option to ditching overwhelm!

Learn more about Saving Goodbye to Survival Mode

Or, do you need to shake up your morning and evening routine to set yourself up for success the next day?  I’ve LOVED my experience with Make Over Your Morning and I plan to snag Make Over Your Evening at the 50% off Black Friday Sale price!

Imagine how jump starting your daily routines can help you leave room for what matters most and help you live on purpose for the glory of God!

It’s brought so much calm to our home and we no longer scramble to find matching socks in the morning because I’ve learned to manage our life and home SO much better!

Learn more about Make Over Your Mornings and Evenings


Save money

Does a large portion of your income go to spending money on groceries? Me, too!  That’s why this year, I am looking to slash our grocery budget and save time in the kitchen (both would be a huge victory!)

First, I’m diving into the new eBook by Crystal Paine, Slash Your Grocery Bill. I picked up this book the other day and can’t wait to get started! 

Crystal is known for her creativity with her food budget and how she and her family of 5 stick to a $70 grocery bill each week. I’ve implemented a few of her tips already after listening to her podcast, and they really do work!

Learn more about Slash Your Grocery Bill here

Then, I’m checking out the Grocery Budget Make Over Course and My Freeze Easy by Erin Chase of $5 Dinners.  She’s a guru when it comes to saving your sanity and budget in the kitchen, and I can’t wait to grab this course at her discounted Black Friday prices.

She’s an expert who has been featured in many TV shows and websites as money saving ninja, and I can’t wait to see how she helps us trim our out-of-control food budget!

Learn more about The Grocery Budget Make Over



No matter what your goals are for the new year, my prayer is that you would seek the resources and tools you need to help you thrive. May you discover the power of listening to the wisdom of others and praying for the wisdom of the Lord to help you live the abundant life God has planned for you in the days ahead!

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