How Siblings Become Best Friends

I would guess that all parents want their children to become each other’s best friends. The question is how do siblings become best friends?  

As the mother of 6 children ages 26 through 15 that consider their siblings their best friends I have gone straight to them and asked them how exactly did their brothers and sisters become their best friends?  I gave them all a survey which I frequently do just to keep tabs on how everyone is doing.  This is  what they said…

sibling love


  • I think that because we spent so much time together throughout our whole growing up years it forced us to become close.  We were homeschooled, didn’t do very many extra-curricular activities, and were always shown how important family is.
  • My siblings have seen the worst part of me and still love me no matter what.  We trust each other and have a lot of common ground.
  • Our parents always had encouraging words for us and taught us what the Bible said about family and siblings.
  • We don’t argue very much but when we do we usually have to walk away from each other and pray.  We are all very stubborn and don’t give up an argument very easily so it’s best to spend some time with God when it get’s out of hand.

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  • We spend a lot of time with each other by choice.  We aren’t forced to spend time with each other but we genuinely enjoy being together.  Places that we might have gone with friends we have chosen to go to together.  I think a lot of our friendship has to do with the older siblings embracing us.
  • My parents constantly instilled the value of family in us.  If we couldn’t play nicely together then we were not  allowed to play with friends.
  • My favorite thing to do with my brothers and sisters is to sit around and talk.  We always end up laughing, they are the coolest people I know!  They are also super encouraging and are always showing me the importance of Christ in their own lives.
  • All my siblings have taken a personal interest in me like what I am good at and my natural abilities.

I want to add a little disclaimer.  For my part, I give credit to God for working in each one of my children’s lives and bringing about a home culture that fostered siblings becoming best friends.  

How do you promote sibling bonds in your family?


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janelleJanelle is the grateful wife of Michael, homeschooling mother of six amazing children and author of the book Chosen: One Family’s Journey With Autism  Please join her at The Peaceful Haven, where you will find inspiration for your home, family and faith!


  1. Great post, Janelle, and moms need to hear it from one who succeeded! This was always one of my biggest goals too. Our big thing was always “family first”, just like you. Even when we were the unpopular parents for voting down birthday parties or sleepovers in light of family time, we became popular with them later in life. And now, they are all BFFs!

    Sharing today with my Fb readers!

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