How to Refresh Your Heart and Home: Free Decluttering Challenge

Every once and awhile, I realize how the stress of life has made me weary and worn. Then, I look around and see our once neat home is also in desperate need of TLC. It’s easy to let the chaos of life get our home and spiritual life off track, isn’t it? Yet we don’t have to stay stuck!  Together, let’s take intentional steps to refresh our heart and home with a de-cluttering challenge! (Yep, we need to clear the heart clutter as much as we need to clear the clutter in our closets!)


How to refresh your heart and home

When you realize that your life needs a reset and a clean slate, it’s easy to want immediate change and to have instant results. (Or is that just, me?!)

But our current situation didn’t happen overnight, and we shouldn’t expect immediate gratification, either. Don’t set out to change your life in a day!  That sets you up for failure and invites disappointment when you struggle to keep going.

Instead, take small, intentional steps to overcome the chaos. Just 15 minutes of intentional action can spark small steps to lasting change!

Each day, whether you feel like it or not, spend a small amount of time refreshing your heart in God’s promises and tending to your home. These simple actions will keep both your heart and home in check and thriving despite life’s busyness.

Refresh Your Heart

When weariness sets in, we can trust God to renew our soul with His rest and peace. Simply carve out time (even 10 minutes a day) and be still at His perfect presence.

This will renew your mind with biblical truths and overflow the love of Jesus to those in your life.  Trust me, you can’t serve and live as a godly woman if your cup is empty and your soul feels dry.


  1. Invite God to be the cornerstone of your life and pray for His strength to refresh your weary soul.
  2. Read a short verse or Scripture passage, then write that verse or passage out.  Focus your heart on that truth as you go about your day.  Personally, I love to write it on a sticky note and keep it in my planner to revisit in tough moments.
  3. Make it a priority to connect with God through prayer throughout the day, too. Focus on praising God for His blessings, steadfast character, and guidance and wisdom.

Or when you’re ready to take your quiet time to the next level, discover how to have a thriving quiet time and jump start your fellowship with God.

Refresh Your Home

When you’re ready to clear the clutter and do deep cleaning, it’s tempting to start tearing apart an entire room or closet.  However, once you need to stop, it’s impossible to put it all away and you’re left with an even bigger mess! (Ask me how I know!!)

So to avoid giant messes, tackle each task in 15 minutes at a time. Set a timer and work quickly, being careful to put the discarded items away quickly.

As you work, give yourself loads of grace and do these tasks without perfection. Don’t get bogged down in the details or get overwhelmed by the little things.

Trust me, done is better than perfect!


  1. Choose one area to declutter at a time.  Keep a bag for trash and a box for giveaway items near by. Set a timer and stick to your time limit, even if you’re not done.
  2. Deep clean your home in the areas that are often neglected or overlooked. Some of these tasks are larger than others, and may need to continue over a few days.  That’s ok!  Simply pick back up where you left off!


The Heart & Home Decluttering Challenge

This challenge is low pressure and filled with grace!  Simply spend 15 minutes a day doing one heart challenge and one home challenge item. That’s it!

How to work through the challenge

  • Work at your own pace– if you have time for more than one 15 minute task, feel free to do it.  If you get behind, give yourself grace and just start again.
  • Do it imperfectly– everything doesn’t have to be done or completely perfect before you move on to the next task.
  • Do these tasks in any order or adapt them to meet your own needs

Bible Reading Challenge Scriptures

Read the verse(s), write out the passage, and reflect on the Scripture throughout the day.

  1. Romans 5:13
  2. Psalm 23:1-3
  3. Psalm 51:10-12
  4. Matthew 5:13-16
  5. Matthew 11:28-30
  6. 1 John 1: 5-10
  7. Isaiah 58:11
  8. Jeremiah 31:25
  9. Ephesians 3: 14-19
  10. Deuteronomy 7:9
  11. Ezekiel 11:19
  12. Ephesians 4:22
  13. Romans 12: 2
  14. 1 Peter 1: 3-5
  15. Romans 15:13
  16. Isaiah 41:10

Prayer Challenge Prompts

Pray through each prayer prompt as a focus in your prayer time or while you’re on the go. Consider praying throughout the day and press into the Lord for strength in stressful moments.

  1. Pray that God will revive your weariness in Him
  2. Pray that the Lord will renew any broken relationships
  3. Pray that God will help you stand firm in temptation
  4. Pray for salvation for those in your home and in your life
  5. Pray for guidance and that the Lord will guide your path
  6. Pray that you will serve others as a family
  7. Pray that words of life and kindness will be spoken in your home
  8. Pray that your family will serve each other well
  9. Pray for a strong family bond to form in your family
  10. Pray that your family members know and apply God’s Word to their life
  11. Pray that God will use your home to minister to others
  12. Pray for healing of those who live in your home 
  13. Pray for laughter and a strong family bond to occur
  14. Pray that those who live in the home to obey God’s commands
  15. Pray for spiritual revival in your home and family
  16. Pray for conviction of those who live in the home

Cleaning Challenge Tasks

Quickly clean through each item on the list. Let go of perfectionism and don’t worry if you don’t get it all done in 15 minutes. Simply continue with this task the next time you clean.

  1. Clean the fridge (throw away old food and wipe down the shelves)
  2. Clean the stove (wipe it down quickly!0
  3. Clean the microwave
  4. Spot treat any carpet stains
  5. Wash any throw blankets or pillows
  6. Wipe down the baseboards in the kitchen 
  7. Wipe down the baseboards in the bathroom
  8. Check the air filter and change if needed
  9. Wash and change the sheets 
  10. Clean the inside window panes (start with one room at a time)
  11. Wipe down stair railings and door knobs with cleaner
  12. Clean out freezer and throw away freezer burned items
  13. Dust the ceiling fan blades 
  14. Dust and/or wipe down the blinds
  15. Wash small area rugs and/or bath mats
  16. Dust and/or wash curtains

Decluttering Challenge Tasks

Set a timer for 15 minutes and quickly go through each task. Don’t be afraid to let go of old items and enjoy the blessing of a cleaner and neater home!

  1. Expired products in your pantry
  2. Kitchen appliances you never use
  3. Junk drawers (kitchen and bathroom)
  4. Expired products in your fridge
  5. Plastic containers with missing lids
  6. Expired beauty products
  7. Clothes and shoes that are too small
  8. Socks without a partner
  9. Worn out shoes, purses. & bags
  10. Old books and magazines
  11. Craft supplies you won’t use
  12. Non-essential paperwork and paperwork older than 7 years
  13. Plastic bags for recycling
  14. Out of date medication
  15. Old receipts and invoices
  16. DVDs you’ll never watch again

Grab your Heart & Home Challenge Guides

If your heart and home need a refresh, join us as we seek to honor God in all areas of life. We trust that God supplies us with strength, joy, and wisdom, whether we’re mopping floors or spending time in the Word.

He IS FAITHFUL to refresh in our weariness and weakness!  Whew!

Make this challenge simple and grab your copy of the four FREE Heart & Home Challenge Guides!

Join the challenge here

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