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Mom’s Back-to-School Printable Pack

Make Back to School SIMPLE!

Mom's Back to School Printable Pack will help you ease  back into routine and make back to school easier. Whew!

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As we celebrate the close of summer, I am amazed how these days have flown by!  While we’ve had wonderful family times together and I’ve snapped enough pictures to clog an entire iPhone, I think I am ready to head back-to-school and have a set routine again. My kids crave routine, too!

As I’ve thought and prayed about the transition back to school, I’ve designed printables to make my life easier and run a little more smoothly.

It's almost time for back to school! Make the transition to a school routine simple and easy with Mom's Back to School Printable Pack! Plus, the 30 Days of Prayer for the New School Year printables included will help you prepare your child's heart for the journey ahead.

Knowing that I couldn’t keep my knowledge of the education world and my new printables to myself, I created Mom’s Back-to-School Printable Pack, exclusively for my beloved blog subscribers!

The printable pack contains over 10 printables to help ease you back into routine and make your life a little easier. It’s also packed with advice and strategies I’ve acquired in my 15+ years of teaching.

The pack includes:

Grab the NEW 30 Days of Prayer printable prayer guide and prepare your child's heart for the journey ahead!

30 Days of Prayer for the New School Year

The prayer guide to help you lift your child in specific prayer for 30 days as school begins.  For more details about this community of prayer warriors, visit the post 30 Days of Prayer for the New School Year.


Lunch Box Love Notes

Sweet Treat Bag Toppers

Simply fill a goody bag with your favorite sweet treat, attach the bag topper, and you’ll dazzle the new teacher with your thoughtfulness.

The printable pack also includes:

– A Lunch Calendar

– Back-to-School Conversation Cards

– 20 Strategies for a Successful School Year

– How to Help Your Child Learn at Home

– Colossians 3:23- an encouraging sign to remind students to work to glorify God, not man.



  1. This is awesome! My little guy is still way too young for school, but I’m pinning these for future reference. How encouraging for your kids!

    1. Thanks for pinning! It’s never to early to start praying for your kids!

  2. Thank you. I’ve been pushing thinking about “back to school” off til August 1st, but here we are in the last week of July and the thoughts have crashed in. So your post is timely and much appreciated 🙂 For us school starts August 18 and I plan to enjoy squeezing all the summer I can until August 17!

  3. School is starting SO early this year! I can’t believe my kiddos are going back next week. I just found your blog today! I love the 30 prayers for the school year. I’m ashamed to admit I never thought to pray for the school year like this. Thank you so much for the resource. I will be back to see what other wonderful things you have! Thanks!

    1. Happy back to school to you! It’s amazing how quickly time flies and I pray your kids have a wonderful school year. 🙂

    2. Thank you! Love this
      FYI I got the 30 days of praying for your child from our school and the day 1 has spiritually spelled wrong.

  4. You always do such a great job. Thanks for all your time and energy putting together these posts. Thanks for the great printables.

  5. I love these! My kids are grown but two of them still live at home. I’m so tempted to print them out anyway and slip them to my grown kids (college age) once in awhile. 🙂

    1. I think that’s a great idea to use on grown kids! Fabulous idea!

  6. I am having trouble finding where to print this. Can someone help me? I have already subscribed.

    1. Thank you so much for subscribing! The link to where to print this was sent in an email after you confirmed your subscription. You may need to check your spam or “other” folders to be sure it wasn’t sent there. After this, please let me know if you are still having trouble. 🙂 Blessings!

  7. Krista Maness says:

    Hello! How do I download these? I can’t seem to get to them … and when I try to subscribe to the email list, I get an error message.


    1. Hi Krista, I JUST switched email providers and will send you an email with details. I am in the process of fixing all my posts, but you beat me to it. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

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