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11 Christian Affirmations to Break Free from Shame, Guilt, and Failure

Christian affirmations can be a powerful weapon against the ploys of the enemy and are a great way to renew your mind with God's truth. However, not ...

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How to Set Goals That Help You Live Your Identity in Christ

We often set goals for every other part of life, yet when it comes to spiritual matters, somehow goal setting stops at the door. I honestly can’t ...

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How to Change Old Habits and Set Goals a P31 Woman

Here it is, the beginning of a New Year. You long to conquer your dreams and make this the year where things finally fall into place.  Yet something ...

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How to Use a Planner to Grow in Faith and Connect with God

We plan for all types of things in life. From birthday parties to family game nights, planning is a part of life. To make things easier, most of us ...

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How to Change Your Life with a Planner (When You’ve Failed in the Past)

Using a planner to organize your life sounds like (and is!) a wonderful thing.  Wistfully, you dream of having your deadlines, appointments, and ...

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5 Truths About Faith in God That Help You Live Your Purpose

As surprising as it may be, having faith in God plays a major role in helping you live your purpose. Without it, you may find yourself trying to ...

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3 Lies That Keep You From Living Your Best Life As a Christian Woman

One of the best ways to live your best life as a Christian woman is to replace the lies of the enemy with God’s truth. We know that abundant life ...

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What Does It Mean to Live an Abundant Life in Christ and Follow God’s Best?

2020 has left us forever changed as a world and society. There's been upheaval and unrest around every turn and bend. This uncharted territory has ...

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Finding Hope in God When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned

Sitting in the hospital waiting room as a new bride, only a year and half into our marriage journey, I didn't realize that my life was about to ...

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30 Frugal Outdoor Family Adventures

What are your plans for this summer?  No matter what's on your calendar, be sure to include these outdoor family adventures on your list! It's a ...

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Intentional Living 101: How to Live with Intention as a Christian Woman

Have you ever wondered what intentional living means as a Christian woman? The truth of the matter is you’re probably already doing it. I’m ...

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